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DATAREUM - Decentralized Markets That Allow Individuals to Monetize Their Personal Data

Greetings Community,

Datareum is a decentralized marketplace that will enable individuals to monetize their personal data, selling it directly to researchers, companies, and other interested parties.

Decentralized Data Market Datareum
The Datareum platform provides the market for high quality data. Data Providers continually obtain DTN because the data they provide will be resold. Data Applicants pay for customized data, which can be resold for profit.

You will love our Eco System
Liquid market for DTN is achieved: Data Provider may sell DTN received on the open market or resell the Data Applicant to purchase goods and services.


Token Distribution & Usage
Our sales crowd will be audited twice with all evidence stored in escrow and returned to buyer if softcap is not reached

Release Coming Soon
Road Map

Nov 17: Research & concept development
Mar 18: Completion of alpha survey system
Apr 18: DTN Pre-Sale
May 18: Public Sales Whitelist
Jun 18: DTN Public Sale
Jul 18: Tokens issued after KYC
Aug 18: Tokens listed in exchanges
Q4 2018: Completion of Smart contract payment and data exchange services
Q4 2018: Wallet system
Q1 2019: Launch of Provider & Requester web portals
Q1 2019: Launch of IOS and Android app for both Providers & Requesters
Q3 2019: Continue strategic acquisitions and investments to support the adoption and growth of Bitcoin, Blockchain and FinTech globally.
Q4 2019: Launch of Data Marketplace
Q1 2020: E-commerce platform to list products from requesters, payable in DTN
Q2 2020: Launch Marketing campaigns across Europe and United States
Q3 2020: Launch Marketing campaigns in Asia

Team Members

To find the relevant details of the current Datareum project please follow the following links:

The bitcointalk name: Aray80

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