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Thursday, March 15, 2018

CULTURAL - Platforms That Connect Visitors, Institutions, Artists, Content Creators And Donors

Greetings Community,

About Us

Cultural Place Ecosystem

About Cultural Place

Culture Place is the first holistic platform in the cultural sector that connects visitors, institutions, artists, content creators and donors. Cultural venues will disrupt the cultural sector as it changes relationships between all stakeholders and creates new business opportunities. The bottom line is its own crypto currency - Coin Culture - based on blockchain technology. It re-creates and simplifies cultural financing, sponsorship and ticketing.

About Oroundo

The Cultural Place was created, developed and run by Oroundo. Oroundo is a successful international start with a vision to create the greatest social network and the most famous cultural and tourism partner. The company is headquartered in Vienna, Austria - a fortress of European art and music. Oroundo operates in 6 countries with 4 offices, more than 30 employees and 34

Culture Place - Features

Crypto ticket smart, funds and payments are many
Less cost for customers and institutions
Security and transparency through crypto-token (blockchain)
Various offerings and services (content, mobile guides, store items, etc.)
Easy to use: Tickets and wallets on smartphone (refund or resale)
Coin culture
Easy to buy: in any currency - even crypto currency (BC, ET, Coin Culture)
The eco-cultural system benefits from several award programs (as well as small institutions and artists)
Connect and target all participants in the cultural world


Structure of Cultural Volume & Distribution Coin
Of the 1.5 billion Culture Coins generated 900 million Culture Coins (60%) will be offered to the public within ICO. The Culture Coins that are not in demand will be burned after April 5, 2018. 10% (150 Miles) Cultural Coins will be placed in the stability pool. 2% (30 Miles) Cultural Coins will be reserved for bounty programs. 5% (75 Miles) will be distributed among shareholders of Oroundo Mobile GmbH Cultural Place. 23% (345 Miles) Culture Coins will refrain from equipping all partners, team members, advisors and early investors with Culture Coins. The retaining parts are subject to vesting periods until 2019.

Distribusi Koin Budaya

Timeline ICO
5 Stage to get the Culture Coins

This is how we do it

Opportunity Program
1% of all expenses in Cultural Venues will be transferred to all Coin Culture holders. This is the reward of the Cultural Places ecosystem and makes a vision a reality. Cultural Coins arising from the opportunity program will be distributed on a regular basis based on the number of Culture Coins held by users in their wallets.

Customer Loyalty Program
1% of user spending on Cultural Venues (eg from ticket sales and store sales) will be transferred back to users in our loyalty program as Koinkourrency Cultural Coins - Culture Place 'itself. Therefore, users will collect Culture Coins, similar to frequent travel programs, to better utilize them in reducing ticket rewards, donate in cultural projects or buy location-based content. Loyalty program awards will be instantly transferred to the User Culture wallet in Cultural Coins.

Institutional Royalty Program
1% of all expenses in Cultural Venues will be included in the pot of royalty program for all participating institutions. Each Cultural Institution partner institution will receive inner Culture Coins, which depend on their turnover rate, their simple participation with their profile and novelty to the platform. This raises the motivation for new institutions to participate in Cultural Places and offer content to the visitors. Distribution will occur on a regular basis.

Project Solidarity Program for Crowdfunding
1% Cultural Coins collected for the crowdfunding project will be distributed to all other projects at Cultural venues. This gives smaller or specific opportunities to project opportunities to achieve their funding objectives more easily leads to offers of richer cultural activities supported by Cultural Venues.

For More Information:

The bitcointalk name :Aray80

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