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CRYPTOKAMI - Providing Ecosystem Infrastructure For Third Party And End User Applications

Hello Everyone,

CryptoKami - Decentralized Backup System
The New 3rd Generation Blockchain Infrastructure for Global Financial Services

The concept of DAICO Vitalik Buterin and CryptoKami platform Hiroshi Kobayashi for ICO has the same goal in terms of increasing the strength of the contributing community over ICO, thereby reducing the risk of fraud or inadequate effort by the development team. Their goals are quite similar but both solutions have different features.


Implementation of all ICOs on the Crypto platformWe must adhere to the Mandatory Reserves Mechanism under the Supreme Algorithm through regulatory contracts to effectively protect project owners and donor communities throughout the lifetime of a company or organization.


DAICO's Interest Mechanism Compared With Our CryptoKami Mandatory Reserve Mechanism.
Cardano open source (Ouroboros proof of post algorithm) + Mandatory Reserve Mechanism + Highest Algorithm (CryptoKami discovery) + Contract Regulation (CryptoKami discovery) = third generation blockchain from CryptoKami
While all "Blue Chips" like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Cardano, Stellar ... focus on transaction processing, CryptoWe focus on the automated regulation of crypto streams in their ecosystems by the Mandatory Reserves mechanism (Comreme Algorithm) through Managing CryptoKami Technology contracts together with OUR tokens will rebuild the regulated balance for the crypto market in the Wild-West industry.


CryptoWe issued and arranged our limited OUR 210M tokens based on the Mandatory Reserves Mechanism under the Highest Algorithm Through the Regulatory Contract, so WE token SUPPLY declines in the future.

Further, third-party ICO owners and end users as contributors, holders, merchants, users of banking services should use OUR evidence for their need to use many functions so as to make greater demands on the future of WE proof.

Accordingly, in accordance with the rules of SUPPLY and DEMAND, CryptoKami has created a strong and sustainable Self-GROWTO ENGINEERING FOR OUR proofs in both the short, medium and long term.



Opens at 11:59 am UTC on March 20 th, 2018 and ends at 11:59 am UTC on April 5 th, 2018, or when all of the public pre-sale tokens have been sold, whichever occurs first.
Total supply 10,000,000.00 WE tokens + 200,000,000.00 KAMIs tokens
Price: 1 ETH = 800 WE or 1 BTC = 11,000 WE + bonus 20 KAMIs / WE
Minimum Contribute: 0.3 ETH or 0.023 BTC
Maximum Contribute: 60 ETH or 5 BTC


Opens at 11:59 am UTC on April 20 th, 2018 and ends at 11:59 am UTC on May 20 th, 2018, or when all of the public crowd-sale tokens have been sold, whichever occurs first.
Total supply 32,840,000.00 WE tokens + 492,600,000.00 KAMIs tokens
Price: 1 ETH = 600 WE or 1 BTC = 8,000 WE + bonus 15 KAMIs / WE
OUR MIN tokens / account: 500
Maximum Contribute: 60 ETH or 5 BTC
Hardcap: private pre-sale + public pre-sale + public crowd-sale = 1.100M + 10M + 49.26M = 60.36 million USD
Softcap: 10 million USD

Purchase Currency: ETH and BTC are the only currency, which will be accepted for purchases. We will provide you with the address to which ETH, BTC payments must be sent, after you complete the pre-registration process. Please note: You must send ETH, BTC from a wallet in which you own the private key. DO NOT send BTC, ETH from an exchange.

If the ICO does not reach the softcap, we will refund to the contributors



Analysis of the blockchain industry.
R & D of the global economy base on blockchain infrastructure.
Study of the blockchain of Ethereum, Iota, Cardano, Ripple, Stellar, Neo, IBM, Microsoft, Oracle.
Choose Cardano open source as base.
Two invention of CryptoWe was born - Compulsory Reserve Mechanism base on the Comcast Algorithm through Regulate Contract.
Development of system concept and architecture of 3rd blockchain of CryptoKami.
Develop a web platform for users and third party project owners.
ICO in cryptocurrencies (BTC, ETH, BCH).
DDOS attack + security protection.
Complete Whitepaper.

January 2018
Begin Develop CryptoKami Blockchain Network ver 1.0.
Build CryptoKami's developer community.
Find sponsors.
Complete website, landing page.
February 2018
Web wallet complete.
Promotion and bounty program.
Build CryptoKami's contributor community.
Start ICO campaign.
March 2018
ICO Campaign In Progress.
Test-net launch.
April 2018
ICO Campaign In Progress.
Acquire Strategic Partners to develop Futures Contract Trading under Compulsory Reserve Mechanism base on Comrade Algorithm through Regulate Contract on CryptoKami's 3rd Generation Blockchain Infrastructure.
May 2018
ICO Campaign Close.
End user can invest to financial third party that launch ICOs on CryptoKami.
Go live "Blue chip" Coins Futures Contract Trading Exchange under Compulsory Reserve Mechanism base on the Comcast Algorithm through Regulate Contract.
Mass marketing campaigns.
iOS / Android wallet launch.
June 2018
List on Coin Directory - Coinmarketcap / List on cryptocurrency exchanges (Cryptopia, YoBit,,, Livecoin, etc ...).
Launch CryptoWe Blockchain Network 1.0 Beta (WE Blockchain Explorer).
Start WE Staking.
Begin Development CryptoWe Blockchain Network ver 2.0.
Go live Cross-chain crypto Exchange under Compulsory Reserve Mechanism base on the Comcast Algorithm through Regulate Contract.
August 2018
Issuance of Visa / MasterCard cards for cryptocurrency payments.
Complete API + SDK + Docs for third party financial institutes.
October 2018
Mass marketing campaigns.
Mass media campaigns.
December 2018
List on different exchange.
Go Beta banking services for end user.

January 2019
Run banking services under Compulsory Reserve Mechanism base on Comam Algorithm through Regulate Contract.
Cryptocurrency deposits.
Cryptocurrency repo credit.
February 2019
Cross-Chain payment.
Crypto-Fiat payment.
CryptoKami 2.0 Beta.
March 2019
Official CryptoKami 2.0 Launching.
Mass media campaigns.
Mass marketing campaigns.

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The bitcointalk name :Aray80

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