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Monday, March 5, 2018

CROBYTE - Utilizing All Factors That Facilitate Use Of Spreads Both Locally And Internationally

Greetings Community,



Fast & Reliable
By utilizing blockchain technology, we aim to take advantage of all the factors that facilitate the use of both local and international spreads. To encourage the adoption of merchants, we chose to use the Evidence system at a very low cost as well as quick block time to make transactions quickly and efficiently.

Some Supported Platforms
CroByte uses the x11 algorithm as well as DGW's difficult targeting system to allow for fair and distributed mining operations. The wallet will be released and available for download on launch day offering Windows / Mac / Linux and Android support.


Investment Opportunities
CroByte intends to raise 350 ETH from Whitelist and ICO Public for further development, development, marketing, and repurchased coins. It is a total of 20 million CroBytes that will be distributed to buyers during Whitelist and ICO.

Distribution Strategy
Funds accumulated at ICO will be used to scale the platform even further, creating powerful media through marketing campaigns and by repurchasing coins once launched to balance general distribution and increase coin rates for ease of use.


Strong & Intelligent Environment
To spread usage and adoption in general, we have established a powerful marketing campaign consisting of gifts, incentives, water appearances, events and aims to take the crypto market in storms by providing real-time opportunities. By raising awareness of local communities and supporting general distribution, we aim to create a perfectly developed environment for the CroByte system.

Merchant incentives
CroByte has set aside 20% of General Distribution funds to help merchants and adopters create a free, open and profitable marketplace.

For more information and join Crobyte social media today please follow the following links:

Name bitcointalk; Aray80

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