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CONN3X - Decentralized Payments Unit

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Smart Work Solutions

Why Conn3x?
Conn3x strives to be a leading company in the job market thanks to the latest blockchain technology and the use of AI modules, similar to Siri (Apple) or Alexa (Amazon). We analyze the strengths and weaknesses of existing providers and are very confident that we can optimize the search and payment process with the possibilities that exist for us.

What is Conn3x?

Our Conn3x platform consists of two parts:

Decentralized payments unit "Conn3x Coin" and his partner
User database, which is based on X11 algorithm and supports smart contract
Companies and applicants can store and manage their profiles, and also customize their privacy settings in the user interface. Therefore, the individual as anonymous as you wish.

What is james AI

Thanks to its own and simple AI applications through voice control, Conn3x allows for the management of job requests or complete job offers. For the applicant use James and download from

Conn3x ecosystem

1. Develop a platform
2. Make AI "James"
3. Building B2B and B2C Communities
4. Provide your own card
5. Provide your own mining hardware for SMEs

Facts About Presale & ICO Presale we are sold out!
30'000'001 to 40'000'000 - C3X / 0.10 $
40'000'001 to 50'000'000 - C3X / 0.20 $
50'000'001 to 60'000'000 - C3X / 0.30 $
60'000'001 to 70'000'000 - C3X / 0.50 $
70'000'001 to 80'000'000 - C3X / 0.70 $
80'000'001 to 90'000'000 - C3X / 0.90 $
90'000'001 to 100'000'000 - C3X / 1.00 $

 Our caps


Start Website   roadmap_icon 12.02.18 16.02.18  roadmap_icon  Start Registration
Start Presale   roadmap_icon 22.02.18
27.03.18  roadmap_icon  Start ICO Mining, Staking and Masternodes. Wallets for Android, IOS, Linux, Github Code - Start Reward Pool   roadmap_icon 14.04.18
Apr 18 - May 18  roadmap_icon  Listing on exchanges
Internal exchange and additonial external exchange Marketing campaign, Social Media, Adverts, media buying ads   roadmap_icon May 18 - Jun 18 Jun 18 - Jun 19  roadmap_icon  Decentralized and open-source Development Conn3x plattform and KI application “James” Integration Database of the Network partners from Ico   roadmap_icon Jun 19 - Sep 19 Sep 19 - Apr 20  roadmap_icon  Advertising of plattform and marketing campaign: social media, agency campaign, adverts , media buying ads App IOS and Android for candidats Conn3x Prepaid Card private and enterprise   roadmap_icon Apr 20 - Nov 20 May 20 - Jul 20  roadmap_icon  TV campaign for enterprises and candidates.

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The bitcointalk name :Aray80

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