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Wednesday, March 21, 2018

CEYRON - Unify the Financial and Technological Expertise of Revolutionary Blockchain Technology

Foto Ceyron.

Hello Everyone,

Ceyron Finance Ltd (hereinafter referred to as "CFL"), intends to unite the financial industry and technology expertise of revolutionary blockchain.

You can send Ceyron as easy as e-mail. No matter where you live, you can send and receive Ceyron in seconds.

We use a decentralized blockchain technology, so no third party is centralized to be trusted. Transactions are made directly between users.

Ceyron will only supply 250 million coins. So prices tend to rise, when demand is high and the amount of coins remaining does not increase.


The CEY Token is a smart functional utility contract within the Fund. The CEY Token is non-refundable. The CEY Token is not for speculative investment. No appointments of future performance or value will be made in respect of the CEY Token, including the absence of an inherent value pledge, no promise to resume payment, and there is no guarantee that the CEY Token will have any value. The CEY token is not a security and is not a participation in the Company. The CEY Token has no rights in the Company.

The CEY Token is a digital token to be issued to the investor (s) and represents the interests of a lucrative shareholding in a separate class of non-voting equity shares in Ceyron. The official title of the tokens will be trusted by the Loyal Agency & Trust Corp ("LATC" or "Nominee") for the token holder, and the token holder will provide a favorable interest at Ceyron Finance Ltd. Nominee is independent and is not involved in the management or operation of the Fund or Fund Manager described below.

Offering: Token CEY - Digital token-based smart ethere contracts representing lucrative holdings in non-voting shares in CEY, to be held by Loyal Agency & Trust Corp. to trust holders of CEY Tokens.

Token Name: Ceyron
Token Symbol: CEY
Contract Address: 0xebc71036a37451e87cc43af8ae7ac123aa750dcb
Decimal: 8
Price Per Token: $ 0.10 USD per CEY Token
Number of Tokens Sold: 250,000,000
Start of Token Pre-Sale: 2/16/18
End of Token Pre-Sale: 3/15/18
Discount Pre-Discount: 25%, 15%, 5%
Start of Token Sale: 3/16/18
Soft Cap: 2 Million USD
Cap Hard: 45 Million USD
Starting from Bounty Registration: 02/15/2018
End of Sale Token: When Hard cap is reached
Accepted Currency: BTC, ETH, LTC, PayPal and Credit / Debit card
PS: Any time and date in the above schedule may change at absolute CFL discretion.



The moment you acquire CEY, the world opens to you.

The dedicated Ceyron exchange site allows you to buy and sell your CEY and other crypto currency.

Life without fees. Your card will always be treated as a local currency card and you will get perfect interbank exchange rates, whenever you are.

Anyone can run the wallet and transact with the same anonymity as Bitcoin.

Just like Bitcoin, it can be sent anywhere, whenever and wherever you want.

Send & receive international payments without any third party involvement.


The CEY Card will be a physical, virtual, and debit MasterCard with mobile application which will allow for the use of twenty (20) foreign currencies from a single card. In the marketplace for similar lifestyle cards, in addition to a per transaction fee, most cards charge a percentage of the market rate of the spread of the currency exchange. Customers who travel to multiple countries with various forms of currency inevitably run into the “Cash Withdrawal Fee” and “Currency Transaction Fee.” These charges are often a percentage of the transaction plus a flat fee, industry-leading fees are between 2.75% – 2.99%.


Our cards are issued with CHIP capability, most of them with Contactless technology, too. What does this mean?

CHIP (also called EMV) is a technology of making your debit card far more secure and very hard to copy or clone. With CHIP cards your confidential information is far safer than with old-fashioned magnetic stripe technology and card authorisations, such as when you buy something, are faster, more reliable and far more secure. This technology is standardised worldwide and your CHIP enabled debit card can be used and is compatible everywhere (where Mastercard is accepted).

Contactless (formerly called paypass) is a card technology that allows for quick payment for small personal purchases in shops etc. by just tapping or waving the card at a card terminal. No PIN or signature is needed for small amount purchases. There are protections against accidental or double payments. Contactless replaces cash for small payments.

The CEY Token funds will be used to provide funding for the following:


Period Milestones/ Targets
Q1 2018 ICO starts
Q4 2018 Listing on crypto exchanges
Q1 2019
• Build a secured credit portfolio with the Fund;
• Expand CEY Debit Card plan and capabilities, integrate strategic partner Debit Cards with CEY Debit Card and extend the local fiat debit card capabilities including crypto wallets;
• Hire engineers for integrating to build out cryptocurrency exchange and Debit Card features.
• Launch of the CEY Debit Card Program, in which CEY intends to open approximately fifteen thousand (15,000) to twenty thousand (20,000) cards worldwide.
Q2 2019 Complete the cryptocurrency exchange and include cross exchange trading capabilities, increase the tokens listed on such exchange to other ERC20 tokens, and complete seamless integration of these exchange platforms to debit cards.
Q1 2020 Build decentralized applications to solve for complex banking needs, like smart contracts to facilitate the payment of sales tax at point of sale terminals.

For More Information:

Bitcointalk username : Aray80

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