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Sunday, March 18, 2018

CARVDB - Revolutionizing the Automotive World Using Blockchain & Smart Contracts Technology

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Hello Everyone,

CarVDB: The First Decentralized End-to-End Blockchain Platform for the Automotive World!

Vehicle Trade
Vehicle Auctions
Vehicle insurance
Vehicle Maintenance & Repair:
They will never be the same after CarVDB!

What is CarVDB?
CarVDB is a new generation of decentralized platform aimed at revolutionizing the automotive world using Blockchain & Smart Contracts technology.

The platform is designed around four core modules:

Free to use & transparent
Available for both personal and professional sellers
Sell ​​all types of vehicles
Buy all types of vehicles
Rent all types of vehicles
Personal deals and dealerships are available
Offer vehicles at a fixed price or with an offer option
Send and receive deposit for vehicle
Safe to pay for vehicle in Token Mobil
Check your vehicle history (maintenance, accidents, mileage, etc.)
Offer and get warranty for the vehicle
Possibility to make secure purchases via Smart Contract or offline
Special Features available to professional sellers and Dealers.

Free to use & transparent
Available for both personal and professional sellers
Auto insurance calculator
Offer or buy vehicle insurance
Personal insurance quotes are based on historical data
Reminder expiration
Control panel to manage policies, assess risk and control costs
Targeting features for customers that may require insurance
The fully automated process - from citation to claim
Physical signature is available
Easy data exchange with other insurance systems
Accept payments in Car Tokens and FIAT currency
Possibility to make secure purchases via Smart Contract or offline.

Free to use & transparent
Available for both personal and professional sellers
Timely and Live webcast offers
Organize one or more auctions at a time for multiple items
Real time, high quality video and audio
Possibility to put autobid
Possibility to use Buy Now feature (Fixed Price)
Auction sniping
Automatic relisting
Real time updates for all bidders
Automatic handling to end the auction
Accept payments in Car Tokens and FIAT currency
All auction & purchase bids are secured through Smart Contracts.

Free to use & transparent
Available to vehicle owners and Service Centers
Full vehicle history available - maintenance, accidents, mileage
Reminder for upcoming maintenance to owner & Service Center
Owners can manually schedule vehicle maintenance
Available Rpair manual and step by step instructions are available
Easy bidding & invoice management from order to completion
Targeting features for customers who need maintenance services
Analytics features to analyze the duration of work and resource utilization
Optimization of manpower and resource planning
Automatic invoice process
Automated bookkeeping - tracking revenue, expenses & profits
Supply Management Features - view the number of historical orders, track purchases & inventory, create orders, pay invoices
Track and manage work related to insurance events
Accept payments in Car Tokens and FIAT currency
All maintenance work is secured through Smart Contracts.

Examples of new car purchase flows on the CarVDB Platform:

Where is CarVDB available?
The CarVDB platform is currently available in the United States and Spain through two separate portals:

We are targeting for worldwide implementation in accordance with the map below:

CarVDB Growth Projection
The graph below represents our growth projections worldwide over the next 5 years:

ICO will be held in seven waves according to the table below:

Use of Funds

46% - Product Development - nearly half of ICO funds will be invested directly in further product development to meet platform design specifications and functionalities.
20% - User Marketing and Acquisitions - the amount dedicated to marketing purposes is set at a fifth of the total funds because we estimate the amount needed to achieve a steady and increasing user base which in turn will enable further platform growth.
16% - Operational Capital - some of the funds raised will be used to cover operational costs associated with platform services such as insurance quotes, backlog, vehicle warranty, etc.
10% - Capital Reserves - A tenth of the collected funds will be held as reserves in case of unexpected events during the first two years of the post-ICO project.
8% - ICO related costs - Approximately 8% of the amount collected during ICO (pre-ICO) will be used to cover all costs for ICO events.

Distribution of Car Tokens

50% (49,978,560) will be distributed during ICO.
36% (36,000,000) tokens will be reserved for CarVDB pools. The evidence in this pool will be distributed within one year to the first CarVDB user free of charge in accordance with its contribution in terms of content and quality.
14% (14,000,000) tokens will be provided to founding members, development teams, initial employees and advisors.
1% (21,440) custom tokens will be reserved for gift campaigns during ICO and also for community members who add value to platforms during or after ICO.

For More Information:

The bitcointalk name :Aray80

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