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Wednesday, March 21, 2018

BUY&SELL - Total Global Market For Secrets Web Sites Over $ 18 Billion

Greetings Community,


BUY&SELL is the first international online classified website the uses blockchain
technology. Private and business ads for goods and services will be posted on the website in the near term. The total global market for classified websites is over $ 18 billion. 

Day-to-day goods will be placed on this platform, which can be purchased for internal tokens at the current market rate. Users all over the world will be able to change tokens for goods with the future delivery through the International services.
A distinctive feature of classified advertising is the high profit margin. According to the report by the Norwegian media group named Schibsted, the EBITDA margin is 68% for French classified advertising (Leboncoin.fr), 51% for Sweden's Blockset.se, and 41% for the Norwegian Finn.no. 


To create a new economic and financial system for the people.
To enable e-commerce without intermediaries, and payments without bankers.
Using blockchain technology to create social responsibility that actively prevents illegal activity.
To build a safe, efficient, decentralized online classification platform, where individuals trade directly with others, and not with multinational corporations.
To use currencies based on mathematics and technology, rather than trust in the central government, and interact in the monetary system.
To give anyone a chance to find any product on the internet, find which stores, merchants, or manufacturers can be purchased, and compare them with prices, quality, and terms, and also buy any product for crypto currency.
To give anyone a chance to find any product on the internet, find which stores, merchants, or manufacturers can be purchased, and compare them with prices, quality, and terms, and also buy any product for crypto currency.


Initial access to platform testing.
Discount from manufacturer.
Total token release = 120,000,000, 90,000,000 tokens released are in the hands of investors.
Benefits of obtaining BAS tokens - difference in BAS token costs in basic ICO and PRA-ICO periods = 100% ($ 0.2 and $ 0.1 respectively).
Added bonus in the form of a free token when purchased during major ICO and PRE-ICO = 10-40%.
Additional bonuses that can be filled in the form of a free token when earned during major ICO and PRE-ICO, depending on the purchase amount (amount of payment).
Growth of BAS token value on the exchange.
Increased cost of tokens with increased number of users and product offerings in the system = from 500% per year.
Increased profit holder of BAS-Token (investor) due to the collection of operating costs by the platform of each transaction in the amount of 2%.
We offer built-in escrow services, we do not use third parties and our escrow / payment process has been developed from the ground up and always maintained to add additional features and make them more secure as we grow and expand.
Ability to exchange other crypto currencies at any time.
Opportunities to be part of the company and contribute to the development of Internet marketing.


Free publicity for your goods and services.
Reduce service costs through technological innovation.
Facilitate interaction between sellers and buyers without intermediaries.
Minimize recruitment and staffing time.
Help to find workers.
Procurement of goods and services directly.
Subscribe to the latest offers.
Choose your own outlet.
Special placement of own branch.
Update field priorities.
Get platform analysis.
Buy and sell goods.
Buying Ads.
Create and promote your own online store and trading platform.
Communicate with other users (seller \ buyer \ advertisers) using BUY & SELL a Socian network.
Select and upgrade your account status and version on social networks.
Buy and sell token to other participants on the BUY & SELL platform.
Buy and sell BAS token on the stock exchange.
Get a BAS token, which helps in the development and promotion of BUY & SELL platforms.

The total number of tokens = 120,000,000


In order to build the test version of the PLATFORM BUY & SELL, there has been an advertising process conducted, aimed at the attraction of the basic investments.
R & D STAGE - 2016
Research of competitors
Finding a branch in the market
Developing a strategy
Determining the functional structure of the Platform

Investigation of the service and customers requirements
Trial launching of an affair on the global mart
Calling in the first members to collaboration
Developing the tactics to transfer the business to the global mart
Design creation of the market platform
The first outset of stores on the global mart
Implementation of the logistics scheme
Development of the deposit services

Creation of the first model of the Platform
Implementation of a blockchain technology in business
White-paper projecting
Customer's beta testing of the platform
Development of a multifunctional store constructor for the merchants
Designing a range of Product Categories and Classes
Adding the principal market options to the Platform
Processors gate connection for the first model of the Platform
Functional preparations for the blockchain technology realization in the project
Creation of the White-paper
Attracting more customers for the platform trials
Designing a store constructor for the customers
Developing of a range of Product Categories and Classes
Improving the principal market options of the Platform
Setting up the payment gate for the crypto-currencies
Checking of the functions of blocking technology in the project
Creation of the language versions of the White-paper
Final platform testing by merchants and customers
Improving a store constructor
Enhancing the range of Product Categories and Classes
Adding more e-commerce functions to the Platform
Re-connection of the improved payment-gate

Demonstration of the main functionality of the Platform
Opening an internal social network for the members
Opening a deposit service
Launching of a system for data analysis
Opening a choice assistance system for the members
Organization of the symposia for the members
Project releases for the token holders
Global presentation of the project to foreign token holders
Product's beta-version
Product model

Development of the advertising tools
Creation of the mobile app
Language adaptation of the project (15 languages)
Initiating an inner CPA network
Adding more functionality & association with the third-party services
Digitamonetizationl contract for Github
preading on the Chinese Market
Spreading on the European Market
Spreading on the Indian Market
Spreading on the North American market
Spreading on the rest of Asian markets
Spreading on the markets of the CIS countries.

For More Information:

Bitcointalk username : Aray80

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