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Sunday, March 18, 2018

BLOK - Revolutionizing Global On-Demand Workforce Through Blockchain

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Greetings Community,

Executive Summary

Market opportunity

Working nine to five for a single employer runs counter to the way a significant share of the workforce makes a living today. The strategy for millions of people is to compile various income streams and working independently rather than in structured payroll jobs. With the emergence of technology and workflow applications, escaping the cubicle is within reach for millions of workers. The common struggles are lack of transparency, the efficiency of payments times, and connecting workers with buyers of their services.
Furthermore, contingent or independent workers need to be looked at as more than a passing trend as the global workforce continues to change and grow. The rise of the so-called, “gig economy” is helping organizations address needs in the modern workforce. It was only a matter of time before technology altered the structure of how we work.

Blok Solution

Blok leverages blockchain technology to connect employers and workers across the globe, simplify and shorten the complexities of payments, and ensure transparency and trust amongst groups. The Blok platform uses smart contracts to eliminate friction in terms of time, cost, quality, and transparency in matching workers and companies. Blok seeks to empower workers and companies in the gig economy to efficiently optimize how they reach their goals, setting them up for sustained success. By improving efficiencies for workers and companies, Blok provides a better and faster solution in fulfilling consumer needs in the on-demand economy. The Blok platform allows consumers, companies, and workers all to benefit from blockchain technology.


Token Generation Event

The Blok team will be issuing 360,000,000 Blok tokens (BLK) on Ethereum blockchain to facilitate paying contractors and freelancers (blokpreneurs) for small tasks like ridesharing, delivering groceries, transcribing receipts, answering support calls or more complex ones like designing graphics, providing financial advice or answering medical queries. Out of 360,000,000 tokens issued, 64% will be sold in an initial token generation event, and 85% of all proceeds will be used for further Blok platform development, marketing & business development, and operational expenses.


A total of 360,000,000 tokens will be printed
65% of token or 230,400,000 BLO
Will be sold during the initial token offer, in several stages.
18% of token or 64,800,000 BLO

Will be maintained by Block Inc. as reserves for sale to the company in case when the open market can not meet the immediate needs of the given company.

13% of token or 46,800,000 BLO
Will be given to the original team, advisor and contributor. All tokens given to the team and adviser will be completed for 24 months with 3-month cliffs.

4% of token or 14,400,000 BLO
Will be disseminated to communities and partners as part of the program of gifts, referral programs, community events and partnerships.

Road Map Block

2017 Q4 Origin
The idea of ​​the block was made in consultation with Litbang Lutrovnik through cooperation with the show's economic company and observing the unsolved operation and needs.

2018 Q1 Team assembly, pre-ICO
The assembly of the majority of the international team behind the Bloc, develops the concept of Block protocol operations, conducts personal and pre-ICO token sales.

Q2 ICO, protocol development
Gain funding for further development of ICO, complete the open protocol and get the first customers to implement the protocol.

Q3 Launch client application
Launch minimum eligible products for browsing, managing and getting paid through web apps, phones and tablets for the principals.

Q4 Partner integration, scale up
Integrates with a significant amount of corporate economic performances, iterations and upgrades on official client applications and core protocols.

2019 H1 Economic expansion
Fulfilling the Bloc's promise enables entrepreneurs worldwide to join the show economy, thrive in different markets and industries, develop innovative products to foster steady economic growth.

For More Information:

The bitcointalk name :Aray80

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