Friday, March 16, 2018

BITGUILD - Platform For Live-in Blockchain Games

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BitGuild will disrupt the $ 100 + billion gaming industry annually by creating a platform for live-in blockchain games, which redefines the relationship between players, developers, and content.

Say hello to the future of gaming.



In-game transactions, fees, rules and fraud frustrate companies and communities. Currencies, goods and accounts can not be transferred between games; meaning that if your favorite game is turned off, all progress is lost forever. In blockchain, markets and economies become efficient, allowing gamers the ability to trade and sell their creative products.


All games take advantage of smart contracting technology, receive PLAT, and feature player-owned tokenized game items and can be traded.

Virtual assets created on the BitGuild platform can be purchased and sold for PLAT in the Auction House. Auctions are decentralized and built using smart contracts.

Players can easily purchase games, PLAT, and content at no additional cost. Devs avoid hidden charges, fraud, and receive fast payouts.

Communities provide a place that fosters player-to-player and player-to-developer interactions. The goal is to create the world's largest international game community.

House design
Developers will be able to raise game funds, game design, and game content in a transparent manner by utilizing PLAT.

Unlike traditional cryptocurrency purses, the BitGuild wallet allows display of non-photographed tokens (such as game items and equipment).


2018 Q1
Token Sale
Initial Platform Development
BitGuild (the game) design complete

2018 Q2 official launch community functionality launch
BitGuild (the game) beta launch

2018 Q3
BitGuild (the game) official launch
BitGuild wallet launch
BitGuild marketplace launch platform opens to 3rd party developers

2018 Q4

Min 5-6 blockchain games launched on platform
Platform and all games localized into 5+ languages
BitGuild Design House beta launch
Migration to next-generation blockchain

2019 Q1-Q2
10-12 blockchain games launched on platform
Platform and all games localized into 15+ languages
BitGuild Design House official launch

2019 Q3-Q4
15-30 blockchain games launched on platform

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