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BAAPPAY - Integrate Fiat And Cryptocurrency Payment Services For Merchants

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Greetings Community,

The evolution of the Payment Platform is Here
BaapPay is a multi-layered platform that integrates fiat and cryptocurrency payment services for merchants, which will confirm and guarantee all payments in seconds.

Bridging the gap between; Traders, Consumers and Developers
BaapPay is a multi-layered platform that comes with our own payment gateway, sales software, and BaapWorld app store. We believe that as cryptococcal adoption goes deeper into the business and consumer lives, there will be a point where; buying, selling, and trading cryptocurrency will be a part of everyday life.

Payment gateway
Our payment gateway is an interface like PayPal that allows merchants to collect fiat or cryptocurrency payments for their goods and services. It also accepts traditional debit or debit card payments for Brick and mortar and ecom

Web Based POS
Merchants will also have access to our free web-based sales system with our payment gateway. POS will allow merchants to integrate fiat and crypto into sales accounting, inventory, loyalty tools and enable them to track employees, use multiple locations and more.

BaapWorld App Store
Our Android-based BaapWorld app store. Devs can download our simple SDKs to create apps that leverage the functionality and consumer of our devices to access their favorite Android apps.
Smart Terminal - SPOS
Our smart terminal is a 5.5 inch capacitive touch screen based on android with features like GPS, Bluetooth, barcode scanner, built-in speaker, microphone, thermal printer, and 4G wifi capability. This device accepts NFC payments, chip, swipe and EMV & PCI certification.


Use of Token
Merchant is not charged a fee with BAAP. Giving more incentives to accept our token.
Rewards, get points every time you use our coin
You can use our token in our BaapWorld app store.
Use BAAP anywhere on our platform.

To further advance and promote the platform, we will hold a token distribution, in which we will offer 94 million BAAP tokens for sale. The revenue from the token sale will be utilized for; promoting the P0S software, integration of the smart term finals, further advancement of the cryptocurrency gateway including our two wallets, app store and fiat payment gateway.


Road Map

2017 Q1: Research for development
2017 Q2: Alpha Web App POS web based software
2017 Q4: Beta Web App POS release
2018Q1: White papers 1.0
Token Sale
2018Q2: Web App POS release 1.1
Fully integrated Web App POS system
2018Q3: Smart Terminal SPOS & Mobile device MPOS release
Payment terminal integration with POS Web App
Google Play App & IOS App POS app
Will connect your phone / table to our POS & Smart Terminals
2018 Q4: Cryptocurrency Wallet
BAAP based Wallet and Customer own Private Keys Wallet
2019 Q1: Cryptocurrency Payment Gateway Alpha version
Payment Gateway which can accept Cryptocurrency
2019 Q2: Fiat Payment Gateway
Alpha Version
2019Q3: Cryptocurrency Payment Gateway
Beta version
2019Q4: Android BaapWorld App Store
Beta: Users can start developing apps
2020Q1: Cryptocurrency & Fiat Payment Gateway
Release 1.0
2020Q2: Android BaapWorld App Store
Release of BaapWorld 1.1

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The bitcointalk name :Aray80

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