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BAANX - "Open Source, Open Access & Open Ownership"

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Greetings Community, In this post I will introduce about Baanx project and for more details let's just go to the following discussion:

Destination Baanx.com

€ 2.5 mlns
1. License
Singapore & Sweden licenses within 1 week Mobile Alpha release Baanx.com (branded) Alpha Release Desktop Baanx.com (branded) Alpha Crypto & Fiat Wallet (Contract Smart / Multisig) Released Release securely and reliably Choose an Online service Brands go- live

€ 5 million
2. Payment
Crypto payments service Payments NFC, mobile (Android) Instant Exchange Fiat to Crypto Instant Exchance Crypto for Fiat Open Integration with Applications 50 Self-Branded Go-live entities

€ 12 mlns
3. EU License
EU Bank License, minimum liquidity achieved Back-Office operation automation Deposits, Micro Loans, Credit & Credit Checks Merchants Fiat & Crypto immediately make a payment of 250 entities B-Online Self-Branded Baanx.com go-live

€ 26 mlns
4. Loans
Lending and Borrowing Sales Lower payment costs, settlement Savings Accounts with APR Implementation of bonuses for payment of 600 cryptobanks Self-Branded Baanx.com

€ 38 million
5. UK License
UK Bank License Full access, loan, payment, investment, transaction, OpenAPI access Asset loan backed / Secured AI Back-Office Operations with full management Crypto marketing managed Broker, Wealth & Private Banking 1000 Self-Branded Baanx.com cryptobanks

€ 51 million
6. US License
US Bank License Small-scale lending activities Business Banking Digital Card & Crypto Credit Card Launches Increased services, hedging, secure purchases, escrow Service & platform growth, increasing self-reliance & stability Increasing number of self-branded Baanx.com cryptobanks

€ 62.5 mlsn ICO HardCap
7. ICO Hardcap
Business Loans Credit Scoring AI AI back office control & automation development Increased branded Credit Card levels - extremely high black card limit Integration with further blockchain projects The largest crypto customer portfolio under the network brand The internationally growing cryptofan network.


Decentralization & Value
We are "Open Source, Open Access & Open Ownership". At Baanx.com we are much more than 1 Cryptobank owned by 1 person. Decentralization is not just a word for us; Eligible entities can create Cryptobanks within a few days instead of years and do not require $ 15m + to get a Bank License, but share!

Mobile Cryptobank Platform
Mobile Platform brings Crypto into everyday use. Crypto & Fiat accounts link virtual payment cards to Apple & Android Mobile Pay. Crypto & Fiat Accounts Insured customers for non-fault losses such as Traditional Banks. One click "Price Lock" to lock the current Crypto price. 2019 Savings Functions, Loans & Investments.

Branded Cryptobank Network
Cryptobank startups branded from well-known and trusted brands push the customer network into daily Cryptocurrency usage. Network scale up with Baanx Platform in his heart. Token BXX holders receive up to 20% of Network Transaction revenue across all Brands as a weekly BXX bonus. Networks attract millions of customers quickly.

Explosion of Cryptocurrency Use
With up to $ 10 trillion a year predicted for Cryptobanks in the coming decade Baanx.com is in a good position to scale fast, with decentralized ownership sharing this revenue among many people. License Cryptobank brand share, started in a few days instead of years. The known brand creates trust and explosion of customers in the use of Baanx Cryptobank.

Cutting Edge Service
Baanx.com launched its 2018 staged service and beyond. Payment Services Crypto Exchange, Crypto & Fiat Mobile, Fiat & Crypto Insured Wallet Accounts, Loans, Savings, Credit Cards, Investment, Business Banking and with Open Source Development Financial Services Applications will have Financial Applications for every need.

Funding Cryptobank Network
We are more than 1 Cryptobank. Baanx offers Cryptobank funding startups for their customers, as well as shared bank licenses. Easy and cost-effective to start the Cryptobank brand and grow fast without initial staff. When it grows large it can then use its own and separate funding, although Token BXX Holders retain interest for Network Transaction revenue.

BXX Revenue Bonus
Token BXX is very important in the Baanx.com ecosystem and expects high demand in the secondary market of all Cryptobank brands and customers as well. Token BXX holders may get bonuses from all Cryptobank brand customers (this is unreliable, this is just a utility token). Possible example = € 10,000 purchased Pre-Sales = 133,333 BXX (15% share of transaction revenue). € 5m net weekly transaction income = € 1m for BXX / 1.25billion = € 106.67 per week. € 5,546.65 per year payable on BXX as a bonus.

Use Cases & Trades
Cryptobanks branded Baanx.com has a large number of use cases. Creation of customer portfolio of account holders, users of crypto exchange, investors, asset-backed loans, micro loans, credit cards, business banking, payment users can be sold to other Baanx Cryptobanks for BXX - trading assets between Cryptobank brands.

Accessibility of Baanx.com
Easy Mobile Access for all Cryptobank End Customers to bring the use of Cryptocurrency into everyday life, convenient and build a network to compete with Traditional Banking. Easy access to start for Cryptobank Baanx.com brand owners and a plethora of well-planned modules designed to build Cryptobank with fully managed, automated service, AI (robo advisor)). The Open Source API enables Financial Application Developers to quickly develop new services at Baanx.

ICO Pre-Sales Details

Sign up to participate! :
Pre-Sales starts on April 8, 2018 at 1 pm UTC

Symbol: BXX
Amount: 8% Token available in Pre-Sale, 100 million BAANX Coin

How to participate:

Join the Baanx Revolution and Delete Forever Traditional Bank Monopoly by Building the World's Largest Decentralized Owned Cryptobank Network. Shared Ownership is a Key to Justice and Trust, Join Our Community and Change the Future Now.

PRIVATE SALE, 100M BXX - $ 1.5 million For Sale Now. Early Bird discounts are available for $ 50,000, $ 250,000, $ 500,000 & $ 1m

PRE-SALE - Join for the Whitelist on Top, Accept Bonus 100BXX to Register to White List, Paid at the end of Crowdsale.

There is a minimum level of 0.2, and not maximum, you buy at a discount of 25% for the ICO price.

Pre-Sales - 1 BAANX = € 0.075 / $ 0.093 at
ICO Pre-Sales - 1 BAANX = € 0.1 / $ 0.125 at ICO

TELEGRAM CHAT REACHES 12,000 JOIN HERE https://web.telegram.org/#/im?p= @ Baanxcom01

Token Distribution

56% ICO Crowdsales
12% Reserve
6.4% Advisor
16% Team & Developer
9.6% Bounty


Bounties [Bounty] Bitcointalk.org


The roadmap shows in a summary mode what was done in terms of preparations over the last two years and our operational plans for the next 3-4 years.

Key Events in 2018 are
▪ ICO launch end of 1Q 2018.
▪ Start of License applications
▪ Developing Product & Product Releases

Key Events in 2019 are
▪ Acquisition of Licenses as per section 3.1
▪ Strong growth of initial cryptoservices.
▪ Baanx.com's Services reaching 1M clients within areas covered by licenses.
▪ ≥100 Cryptobanks sharing licenses

For More Information:

Bitcointalk username :Aray80

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