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AWORKER - Generation Success Controlled By AI Based Platform Blockchain

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Hello All,

What is Aworker?

Aworker is the next generation that is controlled by AI based on the Blockchain platform with a great purpose to disrupt the HR industry. We strive to create new opportunities for job search and career development. Recruitment personnel is one of the most influential markets in the world, the volume is $ 429 billion.

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Why did Aworker replace the labor market?

Strength of smart contract
The job search becomes very clear.
When a company employs an employee, all participants in key stages of hiring are rewarded.

Control Your Data
Receive an appreciation for your skills and data, if you appeal to the company.

CV in blockchain
Save your resume in blockchain to prove your qualifications at any time.

Decentralized A decentralized assessment and verification of the community affect your reputation and market value.

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Profits from Aworker

Ability to obtain WORK tokens for recommendations, data and skills

Dream job
This is a new and easy way to find your dream job

Reduce costs
The company will reduce the cost of charging position (cost per hire) up to 4 times

How can you get a work token?

Recommend friends and get WORK tokens
Recommend a friend for an open job and get a WORK token if he comes for an interview or gets a job

Confirm your skills and get a WORK token
Confirm your professional ability by attaching supporting documents, and get a WORK token.

Come to an interview or get a bid and get a WORK token
Get a job or come for an interview and get a WORK token.

Pamper your skills and get WORK tokens
Develop as a professional and earn money on it. Show courses you've been through, events you've visited, prove your knowledge and get a WORK token.

Token Aworker

A work token is a worker's coin
The WORK Token will be directly linked to the placement and closing of the vacancy. Companies must issue work tokens to locate and hire employees. The number of tokens is limited.

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June 2017: Birth of Aworker idea
July - August 2017: Market research
September 2017: Meeting with HR managers and employees
November 2017: Public presentation for HR managers
December 2017: Starts from Aworker development
January 2018: Token Sale # 1,
Aworker Alpha: Account for Employees
February 2018: Token Sale # 2,
Launch of Employer Accounts
March 2018: Sales Token # 3
April 2018: Awaken security audit and smart contract development
May 2018: ICO
May 2018: Launch Aworker's Rating, smart contract development, anti-fraud system, integration with Civic, etc.
Q2 2018: CV Visualizer
Q3 2018: Launch of Aworker HR applications for companies, integration with Jobs Site (Indeed, Monster, etc.), Development of recruitment platform
Q1 2019: Launch of AI (alpha) system for people and companies, API Aworker
Q2 2019: Scaling, expansion to other countries
Q3 2019: AI Update.

For More Information:

The bitcointalk name :Aray80

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