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Thursday, March 8, 2018

AMICORUM - To Allow Music Fans to Buy And Sell Tickets

Greetings Community,

AMICORUM (Latin word close to the meaning of Gathering of Friends) is a diverse ethos-based blockade market and peer-peer ecosystem for concert ticket sales and music. The ecosystem will provide 0 transaction processing fees and 0 processing platforms to enable music fans to buy and sell tickets.


Although, we have seen remarkable technological growth and development in the global ticketing industry, there are still a large number of problems and the top two charts are:

Transaction Fees - Although sellers can sell their tickets online, Buyers still need to pay for tickets, platform fees and transaction fees charged by their bank. The AMICORUM.LIVE platform will eliminate this pain from buyers and provide a seamless experience free of transaction fees or bank fees. The platform will be used to sell tickets and purchase tickets at the stated costs.

No power / counterfeiting- Although there are regular warnings on websites that require buyers to only purchase tickets from a box office or a reputable goods exchange site, they will directly fix the problem immediately. And even that fuel. The most common case is when the same ticket is sold to 10-15 enthusiasts or even more. The first ticket holder arrives, can see the show or attend the concert / festival and the rest must go home only.

The problem creates a two-way problem - one for enthusiastic fans to attend the event and spend a lot of money and other organizers who can sell one more ticket to the fans. At least, no one wins here.

During the second phase, AMICORUM.LIVE will integrate re-sold ticket authentication and provide security for the money spent to purchase this ticket and ensure mutually beneficial interactions for the parties involved.


AMICORUM.LIVE will be a web blockgain ecosystem and application that will provide secure, transparent and "0" transaction processing / transaction processing platforms for the ticket sales industry - thus eliminating transaction costs, fraud and empowering ticket buyers.

  • Seller will list tickets on the AMICORUM.LIVE platform
  • This platform will change ticket fee to represent AMI Token value
  • Buyers will review and confirm ticket purchases in exchange for tokens
  • Transactions confirmed through network and transaction information are listed in Seller's and Buyer's account.
  • Seller receives the full amount in his corresponding wallet address without any deductions (in Token AMI)
  • The buyer receives a ticket after the transaction is confirmed and listed on the block.
The platform automates all business processes associated with listing, selling, reselling, rewards and redemption of festival tickets or concerts while distributing timely sales-related funds.

All ticket sales will be completed on the same day as the purchase because the blockchain confirms the transaction within minutes. This means you do not have to wait for payments to be sent from the bank to the ticket holders.

Please visit the website for more information and whitepaper - https://amicorum.live.

Token Sale
  • TOTAL SUPPLY - 50.000.000 AMI TOKENS
  • HARD CAP - $ 20M USD
  • SOFT CAP - $ 5 million USD
Private Sale - March 1, 2018 - March 30, 2018 - bonus bonus 30%
PRA ICO - April 1, 2018 - April 30, 2018 - 20% token bonus
Crowdsale - May 1, 2018 - June 30, 2018 - 10% Bonus Token

Token Distribution
  • 80%: Total ICO Distribution - 40,000,000
  • 15%: Reserved for Founder / Management - 7,500,000
  • 2%: Reserved for Adviser - 1,000,000
  • 3%: Own for Marketing Purpose / Loyalty - 1,500,000

Muhammad Shakil: Advisor
Adrian Arora: Founder & Investor
Sam Kalra: CO-Founder and Head of Investor Relations
Kanwar Arora: Head of Financial Analysis
Sang Hyeon: Community Manager - Korea
Damira Baigozha: Marketing & ICO SMM - SE - ASIA
Ali Zain: Blockchain Development

For More Information:

The bitcointalk name : Aray80

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