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AETERNUM - To Reap The Advantages Of The Realization Of Deep Science Projects

Hello All,

Our mission

Our goal is to create a platform, where every individual will be able to invest in intellectual property rights of scientists around the world. This platform will be open to anyone who has Aeternum Token not just a select group of investors and no contribution will be too small to reap the benefits of deep science project realization.

Value proposition for aeternum token holder

Aeternum Exchange Platform
An easy-to-use crypto exchange that combines social commerce with decentralized architecture to help people safely redeem crypto assets.

The new crypto currency supported by science beginners who work and their intellectual property in turn generate a constant rise in demand for the currency and therefore increase its value.

Aeterum Fund
Make an investment in this project open to everyone who owns the Aeternum Token. Investments will be made exclusively through BitLats.

Aeternum Finance App
Create a financial application and use BitLats as the core exchange mechanism within a smart city.

Smart City
Create a physical ecosystem for the development of these projects. The exchange of service items within Smart City will be done with BitLats.

Why invest in this project?

Market-ready Science Based Startups in Our Fund Pipeline Potential

Eventech is a "spin-off" from the Latvian Institute of Electronics and Computer Science (IECS) with a team of 7 professionals operating in Riga, Latvia.
Eventech's core competence lies in repetitive, highly accurate and environmentally sound processing and interpretation through Analog to Digital Conversion (ADC). On the field, Eventech holds> 50% of the SLR market and is recognized by NASA as the standard for this app.

Focuses on developing rapid microbiological diagnostic tests for food and beverage industry companies.
Today, for mandatory microbiological safety testing - every food or beverage manufacturer still uses traditional coating method (Petri dish), which takes 24 hours to 5 days.
Diagnostic products, based on innovative protected technology (EloKIT ™ technology by Conelum) are proven to reduce this time to a total of 30 minutes with no compromise on results compared to conventional methods.


02.04.2018.Up to 01.05.2018.
Digital Ecosystem
1 ALF = 0.01 EUR
Cap Hard: 3 000 000 EUR

Aeternumn Concept;
The Aeternum Foundation;
Agreement with Freeport from Ventspils;
Approval with International Innovation Center;
Agreement with the Commercialization Reactor;
Agreement with ROTA Technology Innovation Center

Platform Aeternum Crowdfunding;
Bursa Aeternum;
Aeternum Finance mobile app;
Blockchains (Bitlats);
Legal framework for the Aeternum Fund;
Screening for the startup of science to be funded;
Aeternum Smart city concept

01.05.2018. Until 01.06.2018.
Round 1
Aeternum Fund
1 ALF = not less than 0.02 EUR

Platform Aeternum Crowdfunding;
Bursa Aeternum
Aeternum Finance mobile app;
Dana Aeternum
Agreement with the project to be funded;
Aeternum Smart city concept
Land lease agreement with Freeport of Ventspils;
Smart business city plan;

Raise funds for startup Aeternum Fund & Deep Science.

01.10.2018. Until 01.11.2018.
Round 2
Aeternum Smart City
Concept of Smart City

Successfully funded science projects;
Clear Development Plan for Aeternum Smart City.

Raise funds for the development of Aeternum Smart City;


2016 November
Ideas for creating a new ecosystem: Aeternum
2016 December
Early work: team building, market analysis and political consultation on project support
2017 January
Development of detailed plans
2017 February
Major partner search, preparatory deal
2017 June
Start making Aeternum program, deal with Commercialization reactor
2017 Maybe
Structuring of the ICO campaign team
2017 April
The decision to withdraw financing through ICO
2017 March
The financial and functional model of the ecosystem
2017 November
The Aeternum program is ready. Agreement with China IIC for cooperation
2017 December
The beginning of ICO's personal rotation
2018 January
Agreement with the port city of Latvia Ventspils special economic zone about cooperation.
2018 Q1
Dev starts from the Aeternum Fund platform
Dev starts with the Aeternum Financial application
Dev that starts from BitLats coins
2019 Q1
Begin development of Aeternum smart city
2018 Q4
Aeternum Finance crypto card is ready. Free from Bank.
2018 Q3
Alfa version of Aeternum Finance App ready. Begin controlling your crypto and fiat finances globally.
2018 Q2
Start investing in deep science startups. BitLats is ready for Aeternum users only.
2019 Q1 / Q2
The basic concept of income is launched between the Aeternum baker
2019 Q4
The Aeternum baker began to use the goods and services of the City of Smart

... we will continue to work on new goals and bring results to our supporters.

For More Information:

The bitcointalk name :Aray80

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