Thursday, March 29, 2018

ADSIGMA - Revolutionizing Digital Ad Space

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Blockchain Revolution within

Digital Display Ads

AdSigma is the next generation Digital Display Advertising platform that carefully encourages blockchain technology to revolutionize digital ad space, which is currently dominated by advertising networks, which have annual revenues of more than $ 200 billion.

AdSigma Decentralized Ad Network

AdSigma radically improves the efficiency of digital display ads by using ADSi tokens, which can be exchanged between publishers, advertisers. It all happened in blockchain Ethereum.


The platform is based on the Ethereum Smart Contract, which ensures secure transactions based on the parameters set by the participants themselves.


Supported by blockchain technology, all transactions on AdSigma are transparent. Advertisers and publishers have a transparent public history.

Decentralized Platform

Blockchain technology ensures that only one entity can not control the platform. This decentralized system prevents the possibility of data manipulation.


No one can give preference or privilege to one advertiser / publisher over another because the network is verified and maintained by each participant.

How does the AdSigma platform work?

AdSigma works on the following architecture to connect advertisers with publishers, which are easy to scale, transparent and who resolve all existing traditional ad network issues.

0 - Advertisers sign the transaction and broadcast it to all relayers
1 - The user visits the Publisher Page
2/3 - The ADSigma SDK connects to the relay and retrieves the best matching Ad
4/5 - Adsense SDK takes asset from IPFS
6 - Publishers write claims in blockchain
7 - Smart contract verifies evidence and transfers ADSi token to the publisher
8 - Advertisers can verify transactions and match them with their own tracking data and provide feedback and ratings for publishers.

Token Distribution

Tokens are allocated according to the long-term development goals of the AdSigma platform and community.


Q4 2017: Concept Development of Adsigma
Q1 and Q2 2018: Release of AdSigma White paper. Launch of AdSigma Token Pre-Sale and Crowd-Sale
Q3 2018: Releasing the protocol for relayers to build Real time Bidding Exchange
Q3 2018: Deploying the settlement smart contract for AdSigma advertiser publisher network
Q4 2018: Alpha launch - Testing the prototype, pilot installation of Adsigma SDK
Q1 2019: Beta launch - Advertisers will be able to setup ad campaigns and publishers will be able to monetize their apps / websites.
Q2 2019: Engaging in close collaboration with major media publications and advertisers. Agreement signing

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