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Monday, March 12, 2018

A2B - Personal Driver Platform, Like Uber Or Lyft

Greetings Community,

Why A2B?

Our vision is to make commuters every day simpler and more reliable. Personal driver platforms, such as Uber or Lyft are becoming more and more popular in Europe. Therefore, licensed taxi drivers become less demanding as before. The situation in the market inspires us to create platforms designed to connect customers with professional and accredited drivers directly. A2B will provide mobile applications for customers to find licensed drivers, as well as drivers to manage their business more efficiently.

Direct data to blockchain
Unlimited token exchange
Mobile & Web Apps
Token Ecosystem
Adult market
Unlimited Analytics

Free ride with ICO tokens

All Token owners of TA2I A2B, who bought it during pre-ICO and ICO, will receive a free ride bonus every quarter. Bonus miles are redeemed in every city, where A2B service is available. Mile tokens will be issued automatically as separate utility tokens, only for people who get tokens in pre-ICO and ICO. If this token is sold later, the original acquirer will keep the kilometer, as it is not available for resale

Accept miles every three to 22
Cover up to 100% of the price
Use it in any city
Use it anytime

Stages of ICO

Financial information

Finally, the hard cap of the tokens for sale is 60%, or 30,000 ETH. The rest 40% of released tokens will be divided amongst the liquidity pool (15%), team members (6%), advisory team (4%), bounties (2%), airdrops for early adopters (10%) and airdrops for early drivers (3%). 50% ICO Crowdsale 10% Airdrop User Onboarding 15% Reserved Liquidity Pool 6% Team Vesting 4% Advisory Vesting 2% Bounty 3% Airdrop Driver bonus 10% Private Sale

Distribution Tokens

Tokens will be valued in proportion of 1 ETH to 10 000 A2B Taxi tokens. After the ICO these utilities are not restricted for services but also sold on exchanges. The New A2B Free Miles tokens will be created in addition. The Free mile tokens will not be available on exchanges, the free litters will be loyalty from A2B customers. Free miles tokens will be embodied by Taxi
Miles tokens which will be provided for ICO pre and ICO participants till the year 2022.

A2B take a proactive approach to fraud prevention. Therefore, we will facilitate full KYC and fraud detection procedures during the token sale. We are obliged to collect data about the purchasers of our tokens. KYC will be mandatory procedure for every token contributor. And it is the only way to operate our platform and to develop it by using money received for the tokens.


It will take around 9 months to create and to test the platform. After the official release, the platform will firstly work in Vilnius, Lithuania for the first three months. Later, the platform will launch in other European cities monthly (3 cities per month). It will take no longer than 2 years to release A2B in all planned cities.

For more information and join A2B social media at this time please follow the following links:

The bitcointalk name: Aray80

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