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Saturday, March 31, 2018

MORPHEUS.NETWORK - Creating Time and Cost Savings

Foto Morpheus.Network.

Hello Everyone,

The Morpheus Network can remove the complexity from this process. Any time a document needs to be shared with multiple institutions, putting that record on the blockchain enables real-time updates that can be seen, but not tampered with or inadvertently altered. This can create significant savings in time and cost while at the same time, ensuring a strong level of trust.

The Morpheus Network was established by industry veterans to address global supply chain inefficiencies, resulting in a full-service, global, automated, supply chain platform for the global trade industry, utilizing blockchain technology. We recognize blockchain as a technology to be leveraged across supply chains to see breakthroughs in automation, optimization, security, visibility and forecasting.

Automation is achieved utilizing Smart Contracts, driving the supply chain with predetermined, automated work contracts, shipping & customs documents as well as automated international payments.  The layering of other Blockchain technologies, as a part of , or an objective in the Smart Contract, is another key feature further enabling supply chain automation.  This involves the integration with other blockchains such as using the Walton Blockchain to signify the arrival of a shipment with an RFID scan, or using Sia to verify the transfer of data as a single objective in a supply chain Smart Contract.


At scale, the Morpheus Network has the potential to save the industry billions of dollars. According to the World Economic Forum’s report Enabling Trade: Valuing Growth Opportunities, reducing barriers within the international supply chain could increase worldwide GDP by almost 5 percent and total trade volume by 15 percent.  This equates to a global economic boost of up to 3 trillion USD!


The Morpheus Network enables suppliers, manufacturers and exporters from around the world to receive their local currency in over 200 countries globally. Conversely, purchasing importers can send their own country’s currency to finance purchases in other countries.  This is accomplished through integration with SWIFT which allows a direct transfer of funds into over 1600 banks.  Therefore, the network allows any company or individual to complete any complex international purchase and shipment, no matter the scale of the transaction, smoothly, easily and instantly.

The Morpheus Network is the first platform designed to execute large money transfers to over 1600 banks internationally, using the newest and fastest blockchain technology, as an objective in a Smart Contract for globally transacting businesses. It is designed to be used by importers and exporters replacing traditional bank wire transfers which are expensive, slow, unsecured and simply outdated.

To give an example, China is currently the most expensive major currency corridor, according to the World Bank, with the average cost of sending $1000.00 (£700.00) from the UK to China standing at a staggering US $98.00 (£68.60) or 9.8%.  Compare this with the small Morpheus Network fee of 1%.


The Morpheus Network features a simplified and streamlined dashboard interface.  Interacting with the network by revising or adding Smart Contract objectives in your supply chain is designed to be intuitive and easy to navigate.

You can easily view the flow of the funds and documentation within any transaction as well as utilize any of the Morpheus Network features such as escrow payment services and document digitization.

It also features the permission settings which establish which documents or Smart Contract objectives are kept private, and which ones are visible and shareable with your shipping agents, customs brokers and freight forwarders.



For More Information:

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TUTELLUS - Empowering People Through Education

Hello Everyone,


Learning on the EdTech platform is a difficult and costly process if you want to improve your skills enough to get the job done. And you can not make money doing it: people can not get out of poverty by learning.


We created our own cryptocurrency, TUT tokens. The more you learn, the more money you earn, the more relevant you are in the Community and the more visible you become the companies that may be interested in you.

New Tutellus will enhance the experience exponentially for Students and Teachers

Make money while studying
Learn more and better
Get rewards with Relevance
Pay in cryptocurrency
Access from complex fiat markets

Get paid instantly
Make money with the best Students
Make money with Relevance
Make money with Subscriptions
Access to VIP Promotion service


An ecosystem in which all players benefit: Students, Teachers, and Companies. Using Pool and Market tokens as entry points, students and teachers can learn for free and earn money through tokens, get Relevance and access to valuable services within dAPP.


We are a leading platform in 20 countries, and from now on we will be a leading platform worldwide

1,000,000 Students
+2,000,000 Transactions
+ 1b Mnt Learning
$ 10 Million Transacted

"Tutellus, the leading Education platform in the Spanish-speaking world."
El País, 2016.


With the ultimate goal of creating the world's largest EdTech community, the live ecosystem is full of services and functions for token holders.

Total Supply: 1,500,000,000 TUT
For Sale: 60%
Hard Cap: 40,000,000 USD
Scholarships Program: 50% of total raised
Accepted Currencies: ETH
Pre Sale date: May 2018
Minimum purchase: 5 ETH
Early bird Bonus: Up to 20%
Main Sale date: June 2018
Minimum purchase: 0.05 ETH
Early bird Bonus: Up to 10%


Operating without interruption since 2013, now is the time for Tutellus to make a quantum leap, migrating most of its infrastructure, applications and services from the current stack (microservices built around an API against a MongoDB database) to the blockchain. It will be a transparent process to the user, with all services functioning as before.

To date, the most important landmarks of the company concerning the platform have been:
● April 2013 The platform is launched with 2000 video courses
● January 2014 10,000 video courses and 100,000 users
● December 2014 Joint ventures with universities to create exclusive degrees
● May 2015 New platform: API-based with microservices
● October 2015 Over 50,000 video courses and 400,000 users
● November 2015 Tuitermachine and other self-produced growth products
● May 2016 Public API for affiliates
● September 2016 Apps published in Apple and Google stores
● February 2017 Collaboration with MIT on a deep learning project
● September 2017 Over 130,000 video courses and 900,000 users. Move to
blockchain. There will be three large groups of services to be put into production during the following months:
● Services for users;
● Services for companies and third-parties;
● Services for other players through APIs.

8.1. Services for Users
- Wallet interoperability and management
- Implementation of internal operations with TUT and STUT cryptocurrencies
- Tokenization of the entire range of products (courses, subscription services, etc.)
The model will start working as soon as the users are able to gain relevance (STUT), and for that to happen, the platform needs to reward with tokens certain actions on the platform. It is therefore a first priority to tokenize the activities that grant STUT tokens to the students, detailed in section 3.3, all of them related with the learning process of the student. These activities are expected to be fully implemented within Q1 of 2018.

8.2. Services with Companies and Third-Parties
- Setting of parameters for access management, based on relevance
- Design of target entities (employers, organizations, companies, teachers)
- Creation of associated products (leads, big data, promotion, advertising, marketing, etc.)
- Implementation of smart contracts between all parties involved

8.3. Services with Other Players through API
- API publishing by microservices
- Token multifunctionality
- Tokenomics optimization applying deep learning techniques
Looking at this process chronologically:

The Team
Here are the technical profiles of the key team members in the company, all located in Madrid, Spain.


For More Information:

The bitcointalk name :Aray80

EXPORT ONLINE - Solving Problems And Difficulties Exporters

Foto Export Online.

Hello Everyone, In this new post I will introduce about the Export Online project, and for more details let's just go to the following discussion:


The international trading platform of Export.Online is created to resolve the problems and difficulties of exporters related to the beginning and execution of activities in international trade. The project combines different tools and databases in a one-stop-shop mode, allowing clients to reduce their time for preparation and implementation of international transactions by more than 3 times and improve the efficiency of their business by increasing the productivity of their employees. It is not necessary to have a large staff or independently look for a multidisciplinary specialist on outsourcing, just connect to the Export.Online platform and apply the entire process there. What does international trade relations for Export look like? Online view?

Choosing a target market, doing market research, looking for potential buyers.

On the platform will be implemented intuitive interface is understandable, which combines and structured in part of various databases of information:
• An opponent's database,
• Customs statistics,
• tax regimes of various countries,
• Information on tenders,
• Grants and subsidies.
This means you can search for the information necessary to evaluate different markets, prospective contractors and customers. Search is done not only in the context of one country, but by industry, activity field, trade turnover statistics for the category of commodity you need (HS).

Check Reliability

Through integration with the world's leading insurance companies, Export.Online provides data on the reliability and stability of corporate finance already at their stage of search. Information is provided by the "traffic light" system. This means that at the search stage you will see a short ranking:
• Green - a trusted partner
• Yellow - there are nuances
• Red - high risk
Once a particular partner is selected, through the platform it will be possible to order a complete corporate certificate with in-depth analysis and recommendations on volume and trading terms of credit.

Finance and Services

Due to cooperation with leading financial institutions and service companies, on the platform will be implemented the whole range of related international trade services:
• Letters of credit, factoring,
• Bank guarantees,
• Trade finance,
• Postponement of payment of customs duties,
• Logistics services,
• Smart contract,
• Arbitrage transaction,
• And more.
Interaction with active clients

On the first transaction, the business does not end and it is important to send product updates, maintain communication and have access to essential information about existing counterparties at any time, being sure that it has not been altered or falsified.
Export.Online offers the whole range of interaction:
• Assortment Management,
• Electronic document management,
• Tracking delivery,
• Tracking changes in the counterparty's reputation,
• Messenger.
In turn, mobile app for IOS and Android will always keep abreast of events.

Current News and Quality events
Only actual and accurate information from the verified media of different countries, high-quality events, exhibitions and seminars from the accredited organizers of the platform. Search by countries, regions, cities and topics of events and news. With the help of Export.Online the entry to the international market accelerates more than 3 times!


Name - EXON
Ticket - EXON
Standard - ERC20

Round Tokens Early Bird is a utility and can be used to gain access to platform services or redeemed with ICO tokens, subject to the required KYC / AML procedures. Will be frozen in investor wallets until the end of ICO. A Pre-Sales Token is a utility and can be used to gain access to platform services or be exchanged for ICO tokens, subject to the necessary KYC / AML procedures. Will be frozen in investor wallets until the end of ICO. ICO round tokens are security and allow you to benefit from project activities.


Early bird
Final 20.02.18
Soft cap - 200 000 USD
Hard cap - 550 000 USD
1 UTT = 0.46 USD
Permanent bonus 54% to the price of the ICO!


10:00 UTC 01.06.18 - 23:59 UTC 01.07.18
Soft cap - 5 000 000 USD
Hard cap - 20 000 000 USD
1 UTT = 1 USD
Bonus up to 25% for the first day investor!


10:00 UTC 01.05.18 - 23:59 UTC 31.05.18
Soft cap - 550 000 USD
Hard cap - 5 000 000 USD
1 UTT = 0.56 USD
Permanent bonus 44% to the price of the ICO!
In the unlikely event that not all tokens are sold, the remaining ones will be destroyed.


Our Team

For More Information:

The bitcointalk name :Aray80

OTPPAY - "Omni Token Platform for Payments"

Hello Everyone,

OTPPAY is "Omni Token Platform for Payment", Blockchain-supported Wallet (Buy | Sell | Exchange & Pay). OTPPAY will be the largest platform in the world where all major crypto assets can be bought, traded, and even make payments to merchants at low cost directly or escrow based. The crypto pain point for fiat conversion by trader is bridged. Yes, via our innovative Matching and Learning Innovative matching order / transaction match machine we will convert each crypto currency into OTPPAY tokens and OTPPAY tokens into fiat currency on time.

OTPPAY is a unique payment platform, which will pave the way to use their favorite cryptocurrency to pay vendors / merchants instantly. We provide vendors with the security and convenience of receiving funds in fiat currency.

One can even change the primary payment option of each crypto currency into OTPPAY tokens or fiat currency instantaneously, thereby protecting them from the volatility of the cryptocurrency market. Our OTPPAY security system will be designed with a blend of traditional fiat currency security standards and the latest blockchain technology.

We will act as a catalyst to enable cross-border trade and timely cross-border business transactions that will reduce the dependence of the Forex medium. Our solution will interfere with the Forex / cross-border financial market instantaneously. Our API will interact with the global eKYC interface and hyper ledger to avoid anti-social transactions. Our mine data mining infrastructure will help us build a suspicious, negative database of suspicious transactions and block them in the future, saving crypto miners time & money.

In the near future, our AI-powered smart engine will be used to frame the Crypto Credit Rating (CCR) system, where merchants & users will benefit from the OTPPAY Lending feature.

Any new technological advances will be considered successful if it creates changes to ordinary people of all ethnic groups and ages. To achieve a sustainable ecosystem, our innovative platform must balance the market Future Vs market today. In this cryptocurrency era, there is a mileage to bridge in payments and settlement or conversion of crypto currency to fiat currencies. Our main goal is to create artificial intelligence-based machines, which will match buy / sell / exchange / pay / demand in seconds and counterbalance fiat settlement.

By building a smart machine, we can make cryptocurrency available to the general public and ensure that the equivalent fiat currency can be exchanged at any time, thereby creating a stable fiat-crypto shift.

As an organization, we want to maintain transparency, with our financial, business models, licenses, accreditations, revenue streams, and audit reports. Our "Omni Token Platform" will pave the way for crypto transformation with a transparent business model with justifiably justified costs.

ICO Structure

ICO Facts

Token Classification Utility Token
Soft Cap 1250 ETH
Hard Cap 71250 ETH
Token Protocol ETH / ERC20
Token Enrichment 0.10% of total Revenue will be used to buy back tokens and it will be destroyed on monthly basis.
Unsold Tokens Unsold Tokens will be burned.
Pre ICO End Date: 03rd Apr, 2018

ICO Roadmaps

Mar 5th Pre ICO Starts
Apr 3rd Pre ICO Ends
Target 3750 ETH
Value 1 OTP = 0.0000625 ETH
ETH 1 ETH = 16000 OTP
Bonus 20%
ICO Stage 1
Apr 4th ICO Stage 1 Starts
May 3rd ICO Stage 1 Ends
Target 37500 ETH
Value 1 OTP = 0.000125 ETH
ETH 1 ETH = 8000 OTP
Bonus 15%
ICO Stage 2
May 4th ICO Stage 2 Starts
Jun 2nd ICO Stage 2 Ends
Target 30000 ETH
Value 1 OTP = 0.000125 ETH
ETH 1 ETH = 8000 OTP
Bonus 10%

Fund Allocations

OTPPAY Distributed Payment Architecture

AI and ML Powered Request Matching Engine

OTPPAY Revenue Model

0.10% of total revenue will be used to buy back the tokens and it will be destroyed on the basis of OTP Tokens.

Our History

2010: Entered into Technology Space
2010 - 2013: Developed e-commerce, HRM, Competency Mapping, University Automation, Betting & Gambling Products.
2014: Established Rental Payments, Merchant Payments in INDIA under PAYZAK brand.
2017 Q1 - Q2: Expanded our Footprints to Malaysia for Rental & Merchant Payments under RENTPAY brand.
2016 Q2-Q4: Developed PCI-DSS Certified ePOS Payments Application.
2016 Q1 - Q2: Expanded our Product verticals to Blockchain & Cryptocurrencies.
2017 Q2 - Q3: Formed OTPPAY R & D to explore Blockchain, AI & ML powered Payment System.
2017 Q3 - Q4: Developing MVP for OTPPAY with features like Buy, Sell, Exchange & Merchant Payments (Crypto - Fiat).


For More Information:

The bitcointalk name :Aray80


Foto Kepler Technologies.

Hello Everyone,


We are building an international ecosystem for the development and production of AI & robotics. It consists of a Mega Factory in Georgia, an R & D laboratory, an Education Campus and an Online platform that will bring together developers, investors and customers from around the world. Contribute to the Creation of the Future!


The 21st century will forever be remembered as a century that usher in two of the most disturbing technologies in human history; internet and blockchain. This technological breakthrough phenomenon continues to revolutionize all areas of human endeavor. However, Robotics - one branch of annoying technology is still on the way to intervene in the whole process of innovation. From "robo" assistants to house keepers, drones and even human-like robots (Sophia, the first robot granted citizenship, Saudi Arabia, 2017) is increasingly becoming an integral part of our daily lives. So does their function. Robotics is set to become the next revolution, but the market remains very unobtrusive.

Currently valued at over $ 80 billion with projections of triple size, the 'robotics' market is thriving with technological developments while simultaneously increasing consumption, increasing competition and consequently lowering production costs. Like the internet, robots will not only unleash the human potential and fight for new innovations, but also open the horizon for new investment opportunities - the same horizon with the Kepler Project goal to dominate. Project Kepler is a network of technologies supported by blockchain. The network aims to create a global market platform to invest in robots through a transparent and decentralized portal controlled and managed by investors. Kepler will use analytics, data

science, and prediction algorithms to provide investors with unique investment opportunities through tokenized assets. The network will ensure the token's liquidity by supporting it with tangible assets such as land, construction sites, high-tech labs equipment, products, technical knowledge, University that will serve talented students from all over the world and campus. With analysts projecting the total market size in the short term and the long-term prospects to several tenfold, Kepler offers token holders not only tokenized assets, but shares in the company that will lead the cutting-edge development of high-tech and Artificial Intelligence products in the world through blockchain. The Kepler project has been designed
in a way that enables us to create and shape the future of all humanity with you, with your direct participation and under your management.

General description

We live in an era that is increasingly influenced by technological advances. Their role and importance in our daily lives becomes increasingly meaningful and in many cases, inseparable. And has increased the influence of companies that control the largest market share. Therefore, overall community participation is limited, placing them in the role of the customer alone, while profits and wealth are shared among firms alone.

The ultimate goal of Project Kepler management, in addition to the valuable production of Robotics, is the creation of a decentralized wealth distribution system through technological breakthroughs that will shape the future of humanity, robotics. Imagine if the internet creators have decided to share the mechanism of wealth creation with the world instead of leaving it in the hands of a corporate organization that concentrates only on accumulating personal wealth. Imagine if the internet has been like blockchain, decentralized and distributed, users will benefit from their own data.

Foreseeing such possibility based on current trends, the management team behind Project Kepler created a fair market economy that will distribute the benefits to users. Kepler is based on the highest level of transparency, accountability, and corporate responsibility. The management team will regularly provide, at least, a detailed biennial report on status

The Kepler Project solves one of the major challenges that humanity - the technological revolution. Supported by a technical voice team composed of world-leading scientific thinking, Kepler will produce ultramodern technology, facilitate easy access to them, and create platforms for the development of scientific and technical breakthroughs for the future.

We understand that is one thing to generate revolutionary ideas and the other - its implementation. This is why we have involved the expertise of leading managers, information technologists, Robo technologists, accountants, lawyers, and blockchain specialists.

Geographical location

Uniquely situated at the crossroads where Europe meets Asia, Georgia is the bridge connecting the skilled manpower of the "East" with the technical prosperity of "the West". Georgia is located on the oldest trade route - on the main line of Silk Road. It is the shortest bridge connecting Europe with Asia. Essential sea ports in Georgia increase the significance of this route and make it a transportation hub for the Eurasian region. This unique geographic placement and membership with the World Trade Organization have made Georgia the most profitable trading country with bilateral and multilateral relations with all WTO member states. Georgia also benefited from the general tariff reduction system on products from Switzerland, Norway, Canada and Japan.

Georgia has also developed aggressive energy reforms that allow the export of hydropower to neighboring countries. This is why the Kepler Project aims to place a sophisticated production plant in the heart of the Caucasus region.

The larger Caucasus mountains to the north are within the Russian Federation, while the small Caucasus mountains in the south are divided between several independent states, Georgia, Armenia and Azerbaijan. The Transcaucasus extends eastward into the Caspian sea and northwest of Iran, and extends westward to northeastern Turkey.

Our choice to build a Mega plant in Georgia is driven by the country's great geographic location, political stability, a friendly business environment, technical and energy abundance, and a truly democratic government.

Georgia's geographical placement is one of the most important and decisive factors in terms of international trade. This incomparable attribute will facilitate convenient transportation of Robo technology across three different continents from a central location.

Georgia is also characterized by a diverse and highly professional workforce, based on technical knowledge and technology. Georgia professionals and scientists at different times succeeded in working in major US and Soviet laboratories.

Project Development

1. Blockchain Technology

Blockchain is a decentralized ledger system that is distributed over a network of hundreds of thousands of computers that allows users to record information that can not be changed or deleted. Information on blockchain is cryptographically guaranteed and protected against third party interference. Blockchain technology can not be damaging because data is distributed through decentralized computer networks that reach the world. With service disintermediation, blockchain has revolutionized all known financial conventions and pioneered new ways of fundraising through the tokenisasi of goods, products, and services.

2. Token

One of the most promising uses of Blockchain technology is the creation of digital assets that represent a value known as a token. These values ​​may be monetary, identity, or representations of real-world assets such as company stock, raw materials, real estate, etc.

The Ethereum platform allows users to create and use tokens backed by smart contracts. A smart contract is a computer program that carries out legally binding contracts based on specified requirements. This contract also acts as an escrow system for secure storage and expenditure of funds or other digital value without the need for a third party. The Smart Contract token guarantees against fraud and fraud due to the fact that the contract is only executed when the specified requirements have been met and this requirement can be seen and ratified by the other party before it is implemented

3. Decentralized Crowdfunding

The Initial Coin Offering (ICO) campaign takes over the Initial Public Offerings (IPOs) industry because of its unlimited and decentralized nature that allows anyone from anywhere in the world to invest in startup.

Supported by blockchain tamper-proof technology, Kepler will start a public crowdsale event to raise needed funding and simultaneously open robotics development to the global community.

Unlike other offers, Kepler will allow token holders to own the company's electronics stock and is entitled to dividends, the first of its kind in the robotics industry. 80% of the company's shares will be available for public distribution during token sales. This makes Project K the most decentralized, most equal and truly ours - the people's project.


The PEM Token is the default currency for all settlements on the ecosystem. The ERC20 compatible token can be used to fund ideas on the Kepler Universe Platform, buy robots, licenses, subscription services for AIs, and products in all other partnership ventures like our Robotic Hotel and Restaurant network, which will charge all services for KEP. KEP will also enable token holders to invest in robotics through its incubator platform and accelerator program, which will trigger new technological developments and garner huge revenues, both for token investors and project investors. Kepler Technologies will be governed by a decentralized system, where the owner of KEP will be the one who decides which products, robots or services will be distributed only by investing or not investing in certain projects. KEP can be used to fund a specific LAB Project presented by one of the third-party R & D, Kepler staff or for the first time in any industry, the investor itself. Yes, investors who have the required amount of PEM for their project implementation can start production. 80% of realized revenues from all projects and economic activities will be redistributed to PEM investors who invest in a particular project.

In Community building, the number of tokens that are distributed will consist of 1 500 000 PEM and the bonus will be 40%
At the Presale stage the token distribution will consist of 5 000 000 PEM and the bonus will be 30%
The number of tokens that are distributed will consist of 11,500,000 KEP and the bonus will be 15%
The number of tokens distributed will consist of 16 500 000 PEM and the bonus will be 10%
The number of tokens that are distributed will consist of 21 000 000 PEM and the bonus will be 5%
The number of tokens distributed will consist of 201 500 000 KEP.

For More Information:

The bitcointalk name :Aray80

MERCULET - Government Growth of Global Wealth

Foto Merculet.

Greetings Community, In this new post I will introduce about the project Merculet, and for more details let's just go to the following discussion:


Blockchain technology enables users and entrepreneurs, users and users, entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs to collaborate efficiently through math and code without having to rely on a large number of intermediaries and intermediaries. This will disrupt global investor-consumer-producer relationships! We live in an era with information overload to consumers. Information overload is not only a burden to the company's growth but also inefficiently inhibits user traffic. The creation of Merculet utilizes blockchain technology, which focuses on the transformation of the Internet of Information to the Internet of Value.

Merculets use blockchain technology to change relationships between consumers, producers, and investors. This allows users to monetize their attention. In the meantime, it also helps companies grow their business by creating a virtuous feedback ecosystem and a trillions of dollars worth of economic redistribution. Merculet has built a Network of Attention Values ​​(token: MVP). It links both supply and demand concerns with open protocols to promote a good circulation of the Internet of Value.

There are three core components:

1) The User Attention Value (UAV) evaluation system will scientifically measure the value of user attention while seamlessly integrating with the system's traditional rewardpoint.
2) UAT (User Attention Token), which is the designated token for each entrepreneur. UAT will be a basic MVP drag, allowing synergies and value exchanges between entrepreneurs.
3) Open Content Platform will be built on consensus and driven by tokens, a source of user attention, and encourage all users within the ecosystem to actively promote the virtuous cycle of the global content ecosystem as participants. Merculet has defined partnerships with some reliable partners for actual business practices, such as Elex, with years of focus on overseas game distribution; Solo ads, with years of overseas traffic operations, commercialization of ads with well-developed product matrices; MagicWindow, with years of experience delivering intelligent content distribution services to entrepreneurs.

Merculet Solution

Merculet Attention Value Network

Merculet proposes a growth methodology based on user attention: Merculet constructed Attention Value Network. This network connects both the supply and demand sides of attention with an open protocol suite to promote a virtuous circulation of the Internet of Value. On the one hand, it provides diverse methods for
user operation. On the other hand, it offers real users and business scenarios for various existing public chain projects, promoting the effective circulation of value.
Attention Value Network realizes the value circulation in a distributed commercial
society, brings a brand-new production relationship experience to users and entrepreneurs, and re-defines the structure of valuable user traffic.

The core components of the project include:

1. User Attention Value (UAV) evaluation system: UAV system effectively evaluates user attention, completes digitalization and capitalization, and provides a proof of effective workload, that is, UAV. It established a long-lasting trust relationship between entrepreneur and user as well as a new mechanism for the community of interests;
2. Attention Incentive system: UAT (User Attention Token), Application Market of
Merculet UAT Alliance Entrepreneurs can issue UAT to users based on UAV value. The UAT will be anchoring the basic MVP (Merculet Value Protocol) token, enabling the synergy and the value exchange between entrepreneurs, thus creating an era of the token.
3. To address the source of user attention, Merculet will provide a blockchain based Merculet Open Content Platform: Based on consensus and driven by token, it will provide a decentralized platform for the entire industry chain globally. It also dedicated to solving the problem of global content circulation brought by cultural differences.


Merculet provides a complete solution to help entrepreneurs issue UAT (User Attention Token), which is the designated token for each entrepreneur. UAT will be a basic MVP token retainer with different levels, enabling synergies and value exchanges between entrepreneurs.


Merculet has built an open content platform that is based on consensus and driven by Token, a source of user attention, and encourages all users within the ecosystem to actively promote the positive global content ecosystem cycle as a participant.


Technically, Merculet uses a multi-tiered architecture to balance the performance of mass Internet users, a large number of middle countries and the performance of the underlying public chain.




Volume: 10,000,000,000 MVP
(Limited Supply All pre-printed MVP token).
Softcap: 10000 ETH
Hardcap: 31000 ETH
KYC Asks for Private Sales and General Sales

Private Sale: 16000 ETH
1 ETH = 105000 MVP
Contribution Min: 150 ETH
Max Contributed: 1000 ETH
Vesting Period: 5 months (20% token released per month, starting from token release)
General Sale: 15,000 ETH
1 ETH = 87500 MVP
Contribution Min: 0.1 ETH
Maximum Contribution: 5 ETH
There is no vesting period


2018. Q1
• Better User Attention based Growth Methodology;
• Design of Attention Value Network (AVN) System and Verification of POC;
2018. Q2
• Onboard MVP tokens;
• AVN system β1 release, supports ATP, ARP, UAT, contracts, and algorithms;
• The UAV system 1.0 release, supports the evaluation and tokenization of user's attention;
• The UAT system 1.0 release, supports the cooperation parties to issue their own UATs and distributing them in conjunction with UAVs;
• The Application Market β1 release, user incentive activities onboard;
• Content Open Platform Product Design;
• At least one of the partners is onboard (ELEX), and finish access, transform and testing for no less than 15 partners;
2018. Q3
• AVN system β2 release;
• Attention Purse β1 release, support users to view the UAV obtained from each APP and the corresponding UAT and MVP awards;
• The UAT Application Market Version 1.1 release, enriching activity types and supporting joint activities among enterprises;
• Open Content Platform β1 release, limited content creators are invited to settled-in;
2018. Q4
• Attention Purse β2 release, support virtual goods exchange based on UAT and MVP;
• Open Content Platform β2 release, support the connection with other content public chains or traditional content providers;
• Support the exchange of between UATs;
• AVN 1.0 onboard, supporting connection and value circulation between Attention Side Side and various types of Attention Demand Side, including contents, content platform, content copyright, integration chain, candy chain, gift chain, advertiser, various foundation chains such as ID, etc ..
Plan of 1st half of 2019:
• Content localization & internationalization;
• Localization of product features;
• To enrich MVP's commercial applications and distribution scenarios (including offline);
• 4 modules of Open Content Platform onboard:
> Consensus mechanism of application layer (R + POS) onboard;
> Reputation system onboard;
> Community courts onboard;
> Micro-tasking system onboard;
• Fundamental infrastructure upgrade technology;
Plan of 2nd half of 2019:
• Fundamental infrastructure upgrade technology;
• Native Token Early Support: UAT one-step token issuing and token exchange in the ecosystem;
• Smart Contract Early Support: the development and deployment for enterprises based on smart contracts;
• Mercuret-participation;

Our Team

For More Information:

Bitcointalk name :Aray80

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