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Tuesday, February 20, 2018

TUBI - First First Non-Centralized Photo / Video Social Platform

Hello, all

TUBI coin is the first non-centralized photo / video social platform. Our crypto currency is called TUBI. We are a blockchain technology platform for photo publishing, sharing and trading. We ensure to benefit each user by enabling the sharing of photos and videos & selling creative content in a secure web environment. Users can benefit from advertising revenue.

TUBI allows users to publish photos and videos, and their content will be protected by secret writing techniques, while copyright will be managed and controlled. This platform will have an associate degree ad system while not hurting user expertise. Platform will not take commission from ad revenue, users are paid from ad revenue together by their content delivery.

The purpose of TUBI is to study users as well as content ownership protection.


● Value continues to increase
Users can send TUBI to other users.
Blockchain will record it when users get a gift from every likes and share content.

● High quality content content
High quality, engaging content that benefits from copyright protection & shared advertising revenue, the Ethereum Smart Contract can help with photo ownership without involving a time-saving agent for both parties.

By the end of 2017, there will be 590 million people visiting Instagram each month. It is projected for Instagram to reach 930 million users by 2021. Instagram's global advertising revenue will increase from 2017 to $ 4.1 billion USD to $ 10.87 billion USD by 2019.


Current social media platform issues:

However, in recent years, due to privacy violations, the content is used by the platform for free, a crisis of trust is on social networks, and many people even choose to reduce the use of social media.

▪ Google & Facebook take 73% of all advertising revenue, with web traffic contributed by content from users.
▪ The user does not know who will use the data, the data is visited without permission.
▪ Content creators lack the incentive to create high quality content.
▪ Copyright, trademark, is another more vulnerable form of IP.
The copyright photo market could reach 4 billion USD by 2020.
▪ Platforms are at risk for data mining, security threats, and theft of sensitive data.

Founding team

Strategic investor


Consultation team


For More Information:

The bitcointalk name :Aray80

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