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Saturday, February 17, 2018

TOKENSTAR - Celebrity Management Platform In The Block Chain

Greetings Community,

TokenStars is the only celebrity management platform in the block chain. We create an ecosystem that will provide celebrities, enthusiasts and advertisers with advanced tools and incentives for deeper engagement and engagement. Our base consists of 12 modules that allow participants to connect in new ways. Designed as a tool kit, this platform allows the combination of various modules to achieve the required features and capabilities.

About Platform

Based on its operation, the module is part of four different layers:
  1. A popular funding layer, which allows talents and celebrities to promise to raise funds.
  2. The level of infrastructure, providing functional tools (such as voting and candidate search) for the main activities of the base.
  3. Community Layer fans, allowing celebrities to develop their own social capital, expand their loyal fans and offer fans the desired participation through communication and activity with their favorite stars.
  4. Layer of advertising, providing elegant and transparent data and special attention to the brand for more effective advertising campaigns (enabling smart contract advertising and exclusive merchandise sales).

How does it work?

Promote the success of professionals

Celebrities who present themselves in popular commercial and print television commercials are not new - using spokespeople for fame is a strategy that has been used extensively throughout the tradition. From Britney Spears to Lionel Messi, celebrities of all ages help turn product support into a large part of pop music.

Why do celebrities need TokenStars?

There are many good professionals who badly promoted to be their agents and can not have extra opportunities. TokenStars helps celebrities improve their audience and social capital.

What can TokenStars offer on personality?

new promotional contract (additional revenue, in addition to current income)
Sign a non-exclusive promotional contract.
Increase communication levels amongst star apprentices, for example online and real-life interactivity.
Increase community involvement in attendance.
Strengthen brand image and increase ad value.


Ambassador of the Celebrity Administration

Lothar Matthäus / Football /
Tommy Haas / Tennis /
Nikita Kucherov / Hockey /
Gianluca Zambrotta / Soccer /
Robin Söderling / Tennis /
Cedric Pioline / Tennis /
Anastasia Myskina / Tennis /
Valeriy Karpin / Soccer /
Alexander Anter / Poker /
Rico Torres / Hollywood /

Sports advisor

Matheus Antunes, Football Advisor
Sergey Demekhine, Coaching & Scouting
Advisor Maya Kurilova, Talent Management Advisor
Dmitry Sergeev, Sports Advisor and Betting

Chain Key Advisor

Tomoaki Sato, Blockchain engineer
Wulf Kaal, advisor
Blockchain Edgar Kampers, Blockchain adviser
Nikolay Danilov, Blockchain adviser


Elena Masolova, Investor
Andrej Rusakov,
Investment and Business Advisor Victor Shpakovsky, Investor

The core team and business advisors

Pavel Stukolov, CEO
Irina Shashkina, OCM
Evgeniy Potapov, CTO
Aler Denisov, smart contract developer
Mikhail Zak, COO
Madina Hooke, Head of Sponsor
Ksenia Chabanenko, Marketing Advisor and Public Relations
Alexander Stratilatov Advertising Advisor and Brand Alliance
Mikhailius Derkach Advisor Design
Eugeny Kuznetsov, advisor in Advertising and Brand Partnership
Irina Soshinskaya, Director of Location
Lena Minz, Public Relations Director
Nick Gigoriev, Head of Community Management

Some Resources For Reference:

The bitcointalk name: Aray80

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