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Sunday, February 25, 2018

SIGLO - The Future of Mobile Transactions And Connectivity In The Market With High Growth

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Greetings Community,


Siglo is the future of mobile transactions and connectivity in high-growth markets, where increased access to networks is paid for by brand sponsors. Siglo is a catalyst for digital and financial inclusion.


Siglo facilitates digital and financial inclusion in emerging markets by enabling mobile application users who use their protocols to gain value and exchange for increased mobile access and other goods and services. Users collect this value by sharing their attention and, when they choose, select data or opinion, then redeem it with mobile connectivity in the form of top-up airtime with mobile operators. The first application that uses the Siglo protocol is called Pig.gi and monetizes consensual data usage and returns this revenue to 1 million registered users in Mexico and Colombia.


The Siglo protocol will facilitate transactions between users, stakeholders who like to wish to sponsor these users' connectivity, and providers like mobile operators. Over 70% of the worlds' mobile phones are prepaid and individuals in emerging market struggle to have consistent connectivity, largely due to the high cost. On the other side, brands and other stakeholders are willing to become sponsors of an increased connectivity in exchange for user attention, consumer insights, or even brand surveys. The first app to use the protocol from day one is called Pig.gi, currently operating in Latin America with a million registered users who earn reward coins and spend them on airtime top-ups and other digital or offline products. Most of these users have never had a traditional bank account performed by mobile financial transaction before Pig.gi. After extensive testing and build-out of the protocol, Siglo will be open for other apps to use, with the purchase of a small stake of Siglo tokens.


Currently, there are 14 people remain from 6 countries between Siglo and Pig.gi team. These include technical, commercial and sales development teams, campaign management, content producing editors for Pig.gi, and marketing.

Joel and Isaac Phillips were the brothers and founders of Pig.gi and Siglo. They have visited more than 50 countries, mostly emerging markets with prepaid connectivity. They have spent the last 3 years living and running a company with operations based in Mexico City. It is important to go beyond theory and be on the ground in emerging markets to understand how users live, think, connect, and consume the internet. At the same time, working with service providers, brands, and even mom & pop stores in emerging markets is very different from highly developed ones.

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