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Wednesday, February 14, 2018

ROYALCASH - Cryptocurrency Unit Based on ETH Block Chain

Hello All,

Royal Cash is a cryptocurrency unit based on ETH block chain, integrating Smart Contract technology and ERC20 standard. At the same time, Royal Cash is also an ETH token and an open protocol for non-focus transactions on the Ethereal block chain. This will be used as a block that can be associated with other protocols to operate more complex. Royal Cash allows users to multiply increase the value of their accounts by trading, trading or joining gambling / gambling. As a result, Royal Cash will be used widely in the betting market as well as in casinos worldwide. With very low transaction costs, high security, and Interest rates attractive to investors, Royal Cash will soon become one of the most widely used cryptococcal units.


Casino, Gambling And Betting Games

The Royal Cash Platform will provide Royal Cash users with over 20 casino entertainment options, including casino games, roulette, poker and other gambling. In fact, Esports betting is one potential area and growing very strong because in 2017, the gaming market has reached $ 100 billion. In particular, Esports bets were most active during the multimillion dollar tournament that took place in games like Dota 2, Legends League, CS: GO, Overwatch. Royal Cash will give you security because the government does not control our crypto and transactions, it has very high security. You can use Royal Cash to bet on the large ones we associate in the world with very low transaction costs, accompanied by absolute security.

Service To Minimize The Risk Of Loss In Betting

Royal Prophet is an additional service that uses AI to gather information for sports gambling, which aims to provide an appropriate evaluation of the probability of game results. It is based on the collective intelligence provided by online betting to bet against the weakest predictors. It optimizes the distribution of bets through multiple online bets to maximize win margins and minimize the risk of loss. Because Royal Prophet can minimize the risk of loss by providing the best prediction (with more than 85% win rate), users who invest in the Royal Prophet must pay 30% of the winners return profits to our experts.


In addition to profits of up to 48% per month you will also be able to participate in the savings program, there are many other reasons to invest in Royal Cash, as follows:
  • Low transaction costs and fixed by 0.1%.
  • Security and anonymity at a high level. All activities such as purchases or secret transactions and can not be seen by other users.
  • We plan to reward RCC holders once exchanges are implemented.


Landing Program

If you are not satisfied with the minimum interest rate, then you can use it Increase this figure up to 32 times. Every day, you have 5 opportunities to participate in dice (under / over) games to raise interest rates, specifically:
Very successful: x2 base rate
  • Succeed twice: basic interest rate x4
  • Succeeded 3 times: basic interest rate x8
  • Success 4 times: x16 basic interest rate
  • Success 5 times: x32 base rate

If you lose, you will NOT receive interest on that day. But with the chance of raising the Interest rate up to 32 times a day, need to be at stake!



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