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Thursday, February 22, 2018

QUIFAS - Secure and Innovative Crypto Exchange

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Greetings Community,

Hundreds of thousands of people from all over the world see the crypto market to produce impressive results; and millions of coins in circulation. The Crypto exchange is not able to cope with the inflows of people and coins.

Their burdened platforms become increasingly vulnerable to hacking attacks and cause operational problems such as slow order execution, difficulties in registering new users or pending account upgrades. Some lose their competitive advantage against the backdrop of changing market conditions.

Merchants are already competing with the highly volatile crypto market. Their enthusiasm and profit potential is dampened by the intricacies of crypto exchange. High trading costs, delays in order execution, unstable security systems, low withdrawal limits and limits on supported fiat currencies are some of the hindrances faced by traders and investors.

Quifas, a crypto exchange with a difference, aims to eliminate this problem, so people can exchange the crypto assets with peace of mind. This secure and innovative crypto exchange puts people at the forefront. It will be built with a user-friendly interface and outstanding customer support.

Quifas: The Changing Face of the Crypto Exchange
Quifas stands fast and fast. There are two aspects to providing easy-to-use trading - a super strong platform and fast customer support. Quifas focuses on both, which aims to resolve questions, problems and customer demands quickly, while providing a fast and efficient trading platform.

Quifas CEO Florian Boci said, "We are excited to provide a holistic solution, as we understand the pain and frustration faced by every crypto investor in the face of a difficult and unresponsive exchange Our main goal is to improve the user experience and focus primarily on the needs every trader. "A holistic approach to support crypto trade involves:

Quick and Inclusive Customer Support: Quifas is committed to its goal of resolving any issues within 24 hours or less. Multi-lingual support will promote inclusive trade, eliminating barriers.

Seamless Scalability: This platform is designed to accommodate the growth of large new user registrations, with no hiccups or increased waiting times.

Lightning Fast: Quifas is deploying cutting-edge technology and capable of handling 2.5 million transactions per second! An order matching machine can make transactions in less than a millisecond.

Upgrade Soon Accounts: Thinking is normal for crypto exchange so you can wait days or even weeks to upgrade your account? Well, not at Quifas. This unique crypto exchange aims to complete account verification within 24 hours.

Trade from Any Device: Being a fully integrated Android and iOS platform, Quifas allows users to trade directly from their smartphones.

Stay Updated: Quifas has integrated the news section where users can get the latest and hottest news on their favorite token. In addition, the chat section will make it possible to share ideas and strategies.

Advanced Trading Features: One of the most competitive features of the Quifas platform is the ability to place stop losses and take advantage of orders at the same time. Another feature is Auto Stop Loss, which allows users to extract maximum profit potential after the take profit level is reached.

Quifas: Opportunities You Can not Have Miss
Quifas puts a great emphasis on customer service. With multilingual support, questions are completed in less than 24 hours and upgrading accounts immediately, Quifas focuses on offering every investor a smooth and seamless trading experience.

Quifas has only a few days left for token sales. The project is supported by a team of professionals with very strong experience and strong revenue models. Buying Quifas Tokens (QFS) offers several benefits for the token holder. You can use QFS to buy other crypto assets with zero trading costs, get discounts for trading costs on the exchange and let's say the coins are listed on the exchange.

Look for Quifas Token Sale staring March 9th. Priced at only $ 0.40, QFS offers a unique opportunity to be part of an innovative crypto exchange with the most user-friendly interface, a highly scalable, super secure and ultra-fast platform and a team committed to providing exceptional customer service.

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