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QUIFAS - Innovative Innovative Cryptocurrency Exchange

Greetings Community,

What is quifas

Quifas is an innovative innovative cryptocurrency exchange that has been developed for humans. It's easy to use, very scalable, very fast and offers exceptional customer service.

Quifas function

Exceptional Customer Service - We will try to resolve any issues within 24 hours or less. With multilingual support and lets us troubleshoot issues that users may have
Scalability Infrastructure - The platform has been designed to be scalable to allow for the increase of new login users without having to close the registration.
Ultra Fast Adaptive Engine - Quifas uses one of the most advanced technologies and can handle 2.5 million transactions per second. The Order Matching Engine can perform transactions in less than a millisecond
Instant Account Upgrade - At this time, most users have to wait for days or weeks for their account to pass the account upgrade verification. Quifas Exchange will attempt to complete account verification within 24 hours or less
Cross-Platform Support - Quifas Exchange supports fully integrated Android or IOS platform. Users can trade directly from their mobile phone
News Section - Quifas has integrated the news section where users can get the latest news about their favorite tokens. There will also be a chat area where users can share ideas and strategies

Quifa's Tokensale
  • Platform - Ethereal (Token ERC-20)
  • Start token sale - March 9th
  • Soft cap - 3 000 000 USD
  • Tokens issued - 200,000,000 QFS tokens
  • Hard cap - 35 000 000 USD
  • Base price of 1 token QFS - $ 0.40
  • Payment procedures - BTC and ETH
  • Minimum contribution - 0.1 ETH

Beneficiary Token

Zero Trading Fee - Token holders can use Quifas token (QFS) to purchase other crypto assets on Quifas Exchange without trade fees.
Discount Trade Fees - Holders of QFS tokens have the right to cancel trading fees on the Exchange.
New Coin List - Our exchange is designed to meet the needs of the community, so the owner of the QFS token will be notified where the coins are listed on the stock exchange.

Market overview

market capitalization
The crypto market is fast. Capitalization in 2017 was developed more than 30 times, and by the end of January 2018 it cost more than $ 500 billion. The diagram below (Figure 1) describes the major capitalization development of cryptocurrency for up to five years.
In addition, cryptocurrencies or new tokens appear in tight schedules. Now there are more than 1500 of them. In addition, their numbers will continue to increase later as more companies use ICO as a method of financing. Cryptomarketic capitalization will increase the benefits of nearby ICO. The market capitalization of many cryptoes is currently in the billions. Meanwhile, the result of overlapping of capital invested after ICO or other cryptographic money production is a significant underlying event.

Exchange volume

The level of traders and trading duties associated with the sale and purchase of crypto assets develops every day. Peak exchange volumes are generally achieved either in unlimited increase or decreased cryptoasset costs. Under such conditions, the pile of digital money will be greatly expanded. Significantly, the normal daily charge of the exchange rate is just beyond the $ 20B check. In addition to the development of ICO celebrities, market capitalization will increase. The market capitalization of many crypto values ​​is now billions.

Meet our team
  1. Florian Boci - Managing Director
  2. Affirmative Law - COO
  3. Akinbiyi Akindoyin, PhD - CTO
  4. Warun Bubna, MBA - CMO

For more information and joining Quifas social media at this time please follow some of these Links:

The bitcointalk name: Aray80

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