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Sunday, February 25, 2018

PYCOIN - Decentralized Apps For Writing, Testing And Implementing Smart Contracts

Greetings Community,

Pycoin: Newized Generalized Decentralization Platform and Strong Capabilities:

Pycoin is a decentralized application for writing, testing and implementing smart contracts that can be mathematically verified with Python programming languages ​​that behave exactly as intended. Unlike the Ethereum smart contract with a history of recurrent hacks and stolen funds, hundreds of millions of dollars, Pycoin ensures that no run time errors or intentional / accidental bugs can be used as an exploit to steal Pycoin's elaborate fund and smart contracts.

Pycoin uses Simplicity, a component functional language, a new combination, with no loops and recursion, designed to be used for crypto-currency and blocking applications as target languages ​​and Python, a very popular and versatile high-level programming language as the source. . Simplicity was released recently by Blockstream, an influential decentralized app developer.

Due to its Turing incompleteness, Simplicity can be adjusted by static analysis that can be used to gain upper limits on required computing resources, prior to execution. While Turing is incomplete, Simplicity can express a finite function, which we believe is sufficient to build "smart contracts" that are useful for blockchain and blockchain replicated push applications.

Deeper profits and deep implications of the Incompleteness of Turing Pylegal can be explored here: https://rationalwiki.org/wiki/G%C3%B6del%27s_incompleteness_theorems

Other strong features of Pycoin are:
  1. Pycoin underlying DAG-based synchronized blockchainfree and randomly inspired Algorand based Byzantine Byzantine based on decentralized network protocol capable of parallel processing transactions at a minimum throughput of 7000 TPS and 2,000,000 TPS respectively.
  2. It has integrated quantum-secure functional encryption and zero-knowledge zkSTARK layer for transaction privacy and distributed calculations and maintains the confidentiality of large datasets without blocking borderless and free-of-a-borderless collaboration.
  3. Strategic Dynamic Adaptive Based Strategic Protocol (CADS) for the Long Term Evolution of its Mainnet
  4. Alternative Space Backbone (codenamed ASB Freedom) consisting of several flocks of 18 mini and nano satellites with distributed payloads from space-based routers and transceivers to build alternative infrastructure off the planet in low Earth orbit (LEO) and high earth orbit . (HEO-beyond the reach of all anti-satellite-ASATS missiles from key armed countries of major armed states) to provide regionally-based distributed clouds to peer-to-peer / validator / miner users and for persistent storage of data application.

Applications and Ecosystems: Pycoin potentially produces a number of measurable DApps killers. Especially it's easy to replace the less secure Ethereum smart contract written in Turing Complete Solidity. Being Turing Pycoin is incomplete many times safer than the Ethereal Contract.

In terms of productivity, since Pycoin is based on Python language interpolation known as PyLegal, Pycoin will be more attractive to more than 4 million Python developers worldwide. This will reduce the short learning curve to create secure smart contracts (Secure SSCs) in PyLegal.

Personal Secrecy and Global Confidential Tracking System: Pycoin will have a zkSTARK quantum secure privacy layer applied in it that is virtually immune to censorship, cryptanalysis and chain analysis to find payer and payee information as well as payment data by the most powerful supercomputers and even quantum computers / circuits quantum in the future.

UNX unmanned: Unmanaged decentralized Squid Exchange can be built using the Pycoin platform. These unmanned DEXs will be measured infinitely by design with built-in atomic swaps of crypto-crypto / crypto blocked and blockchainfree cryptocurrencies / crypts and can not be controlled or blackmailed by any centralized authority.

Large Network IoT Federation: Pycoin empowers Node owners and IOT IOT devices

produces to implement and monetize secured private / public IO stocks available upon request by establishing the IoT Networks Federation without disclosing confidential and identifiable personal data. Members of the Network may be incentivized to share statistical aggregate data in Pycoin or Colco Pycoins / Appcoins. It will also make machines for machine micropayments instantaneous and seamless.

Realtime Gaming: Realtime gaming machines, online casinos and gaming applications can be built on a Pycoin platform that can scale tens of millions of users without reducing the cost of maintaining a centralized cloud infrastructure.

Automatic Betting & Lottery Pool: Pycoin will allow ordinary people to build private gambling pools and private bets for high probability of likelihood of winning crypto bets and to buy lottery tickets to guarantee the highest RoI.

Decentralized DNS Clusters: One can take advantage of Pycoin and the underlying DAG and DexOS binary chain to assign human readable names to nodes, machines, human biometric identification, smart contracts, platforms and so on.

Official Asset and Derivative Contracts: Pycoin can offset all global / local shipping / payments, trades and hedges. Pycoin can also be used to create decentralized and automated financial instruments - such as derivatives, bonds, commodities, debt instruments and securities in cryptococcal currencies and fiat currencies.

Automated Hedging Funds: Cypto-Hedge Funds Swap-based Autonomy and Self-Managing with asset and crypto acetate portfolios under their management. These automated funds do not require constant monitoring of human investment managers to conduct profitable investment operations in a sustainable way. Profiles and risk-reward options favored by investors / LPs will be followed and implemented strictly without discretionary discrimination.

Crypto Darkpools: Autonomous Cryptodarkpools to provide peer to peer trading facilities and emergency liquidity support to wholesale investors / wholesalers of crypto / high frequency distributors.

Temporal Insurance Products: Insurance companies will be able to provide temporary liability insurance by using the allowed Pyoco version. For example, by using Pycoin, insurance companies may charge different rates based on where and under what conditions customers operate their vehicles. A car is driven on a sunny day (ensured by collecting information about weather conditions from weather services), in areas where all roads are repaired (verified with information on road improvements supplied by the Department of Motor Vehicles, for example) will be charged lower rates than with cars operated in inclement weather, perhaps in pothole perforated roads.

Global Supply Chain: Pycoin will also be useful in the supply chain. A person may enter into a contract that reads, If the consumer receives cash during delivery at this location in a developing and emerging market, then these other products, many, many connecting the supply chain, will trigger suppliers to create new goods since the goods are there. has just been delivered in the emerging market.

Pycoin can be utilized by logistics and shipping companies to authorize the ship kunmanned unmanned cargo and coordinate the flow of global goods and goods within the next decade.

Realtime Video Communications capable of Web Infrastructure Anonymous: Pycoin enables anonymous protocols in realtime for video calls, video chat and video conferencing as well as encrypted voice and text.

  • Token Supply and Monetary Policy:
  • Total coins planned to be launched: 62,000,000.001
  • Maximum Supply (Hardcap):
  • Reserved for developers and founding teams: 9,000,000
  • Reserved for Bounty Hunters: 2,000,000,000
  • Reserved for Controlled Emissions (calibrated minting) to reward random users peer-to-peer-validator payouts: 26,000,000, 001

Limited Supply, with the amount set by the token sale.

Allocation of events to fund creation, development, dissemination and award-winning.
Powered by useful services and apps: Requests for Pycoin-powered apps for example maintain hidden crypto-privacy and hidden global hypertensive payment systems, scalable game infrastructure, unmanned DEX, large-scale Debt Federation, financial assets and highly toxic derivative contracts, space dark crypto and automatic hedge funds.


For More Information:

The bitcointalk name :Aray80

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