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Monday, February 19, 2018

ORBEUM - A Revolutionary Future Token To Replace Transaction Costs

Foto Orbeum.

Greetings Community,


Social commerce is currently undergoing phenomenal growth that provides an opportunity to develop a decentralized network of future exchanges. The reasons for this prediction are not new: Online media helps organizations simplify the process so they can do business more efficiently. This gives them a faster way to compare prices and the availability of the goods and services they need. This is the best way to show global customers what they offer. The web does not do this task on its own. This is just a vehicle for such activities. The Web is combined with the right media known as 'Orbstick' to achieve this business goal. Orbstick is a high-tech platform where you can use multiple modes of communication like "LIVE" from anywhere in the world and share what's appropriate.

There is great excitement on the web about its potential to revolutionize a decentralized chain of blocks and social commerce. Orbeum is a revolutionary future token to replace transaction costs. This will attract a large number of advertisers who have been hesitant because of the multiple cost system. This decentralized block system protects the security of transactions by creating a great demand for Orbeum tokens and building trust among market participants.


Token Orbeum (OBM) is based on Orbeum's Ethereum smart contract (ERC20). All transactions on the platform are recorded transparently and stored on a block chain, where they can always be checked.

OBM tokens are the platform's native currency. Due to the extensive use of platforms and further plans, it will always be on demand.

The right place at the right time
The OBM Token is the perfect game to take advantage of an unprecedented interest in the Ethereal Technology project in 2018.

Valuable Token
OBM Token has utility and real value as an important component of Orbstick's revolutionary platform and future solutions.


Orbeum is different from other ICO. Our main products are very close to completion and will be rolled out within a few weeks after ICO rather than having to start work from scratch once ICO is done. Our product development begins in December 2016. Some small improvements coated throughout the development time will bring the Orbstick / Orbeum project on time.

ICO Sale will Start in


Seperan 2016: Orbstick Concept
Oct, 2016: Flow and Orbstick functionality
Dec, 2016: Development of Orbstick begins
Feb, 2017: Design and Architecture Completed
Mar, 2017: Orbeum Concept
Apr, 2017: Orbstick architecture is laid
Jun, 2017: The development of Orbeum begins
August 2017: Completion of Orbeum development
Oct, 2017: Orbstick's basic functionality is complete. Testing begins
Dec, 2017: Tweeks and new functionality start Orbstick development
Jan, 2018: Preparation of Orbeum ICO. Development of orbstick on iOS and Android.
Feb, 2018: ICO SALE from Orbeum
Apr, 2018: Complete distribution of tokens and bonuses
May 2018: List of Orbeum in different exchanges
Jun, 2018: Improved Orbeum team and orbstick.
Jul, 2018: Launch of Orbstick Web platform
August 2018: Android and iOS Orbstick platform launch.
Septuian 2018: Testing the vulnerability and securities of the Orbstick Platform by ethical hackers of the top 100 in the world.
Septuian 2018: Launch of private block-based Messenger and Calling apps with maximum security and privacy.
Septuian 2018: Development, testing and launch of the Ad platform.
Oct, 2018: Integration of Orbeum as payment gateway in Orbstick
Nov, 2018: Launch a monetization platform for users to get
Dec, 2018: Monetization Payment in Orbeum token Begins.
Jan, 2019: Updated version of web orbstick, android and iOS launched with more features and tweaks
Feb, 2019: Launch of Orbeum's personal wallet
Mar, 2019: Opening of Orbstick Personal Data Center with green energy
Jul, 2019: Implement block chain security from storage and dedicated servers for full anonymous integration.
August 2019: A dedicated country node and dedicated caching server for orbstics for the popular countries have less rapid searches.
Oct, 2019: Launch unique block and coin code. Based on RAM mining processing.
Nov, 2019: Expanding The use of our coin code to create new personalized coins by the organization.
Dec, 2019: Expand our nodes and server caching.
Jan, 2020: Roadmap will be launched in June 2019. Which will contain the development and launch of 2 other software based on the blockade platform and 1 Online Movies Corners, which will be a project more similar to Netflix ..

For More Information:

Bitcointalk name : Aray80

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