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Friday, February 23, 2018

MOBEE - Creating an International Mobile Virtual Operator

Foto MoBee.

Hello All, In this post I will introduce about Mobee project and for more details let's just go to the following discussion:

Our ultimate goal is to create an international mobile virtual carrier using its own shock crypto for payment. For the first time customers receive mobile services instead of cryptocurrency ..

Our proposal is based on a unique scheme. The MoBee ecosystem consists of three components: such virtual MoBee operators, the NetWorx platform and the DiStream sound box.

The NetWorx platform generates voice and internet traffic for MoBee virtual operators to be further distributed among their customers.

InStream moneybox offers MoBee customers the possibility to get mobile services in exchange for an MBE token as well as additional opportunities to manage funds in customer accounts. This simple, effective solution has been developed to meet the common interests of customers, mobile operators and telecom experts.

MoBee NetWorx's ecosystem platform is required to generate voice and internet traffic for our virtual operators.

The current market volume of outsourced telecommunication networks is estimated at more than USD 60 billion. Outsourcing and infrastructure exchanges can increase the CFO of mobile operators by 10% (based on research conducted by J'son & Partners Consulting).

NetWorks is our unique outsourcing service platform for the telecommunications industry. We use this platform to incorporate professional freelance expert market and outsourcing companies. Mobile operators will use this platform to benefit from various telecommunication infrastructure support services.

This service will be provided to the operator only in return for the traffic we will sell to the MoBee virtual carrier subscriber for the MBE token.


The MBE Token is an internal payment media for the MoBee ecosystem and is intended for all types of operations. This makes it a key factor for the MoBee economy.

We offer tokens that are supported by mobile communication sources, such as voice traffic and the internet. The MBE Token will be converted to another crypt and exchanged for mobile services for yourself, your friends and acquaintances.





For More Information:

The bitcointalk name :Aray80

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