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Tuesday, February 20, 2018

LUNES - Applying the Key Block Concept Referred By The Micro Block

Hello All,

Lunes is a platform that provides a set of solutions built in a decentralized way using blockchain technology, such as creating tokens, authenticity records and payment processing via gateway operators, both "printing" currency and crypto.

In this way, the Lunes solution is easy to install and use, making it possible to use blockchain technology to the general public in an uncomplicated way, initially available on web, mobile and desktop platforms.

In Lunes, blockchain is based on Waves NG technology, which implements the concept of key blocks, referred to by the micro blocks, increasing the speed and volume of transactions.

The lock block creation time is 60 seconds and the micro block will take a few seconds, having a maximum capacity of 65.5 thousand transactions per key block.


600 million tokens will be distributed at the launch of ICO, without further Lunes token creation. A total of 21% token, to be distributed in a partnership consolidation process, bonuses to the development team, corporate money for future investments and rewards to the social networking community. 79% of enduring tokens will be available for fundraising through ICO.

Bounty Campaign

You can get Token Lunes for Free by following Bounty Cmpaign. The Lunes Platform begins the Bounty Program for all users who want to share projects on social media and Bitcointalk.

1.65% (10,000,000 coins) of all Coins reserved for this Campaign are $ 3,000,000 with the last price of ICO.

You must download Wallet on Playstore (Android) to receive coins;

The Lunes wallet offers a financial ecosystem with many services in the same place. Multi-coin storage, market management and stock exchange cards are some of the functions of the first multi-service Wallet in the world.

For more information and join Lunes social media at this time please follow some sources for the following references:

The bitcointalk name: Aray80

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