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Monday, February 26, 2018

ICOVOTING - Investing Your Assets In One Or Another Start-Up On The Stage Of The ICO

Foto ICOVoting.

Greetings Community,

Dear friend

Voting ICO - a unique instrument that was created to help you make a decision about investing your assets in one or other start ups on the ICO platform.

Now you can:
get information about all the ICO's ongoing in the world from the ICO Info section;
see summary of ICO assessment results.
We would like to suggest you make the following steps - log into the project.

Your benefits after registration:
Free access to a carefully verified set of information that is sufficient to make an investment decision;
Opportunity to choose one or one other ICO, comment on ratings and information materials that you can find in Voting ICO;
PRIZE HOUSE: participate in the distribution of 100 000 tokens * at the end of ICO FUNDERY **.
* 100 000 tokens equals 100 000 $.
** Fundery - the ecosystem, the technology underlying Voting ICO.
Does that sound good to you? Then go for it! LIST

Why ICO Ratings?

Our ratings are composed not by anonymous experts based on some of the methods made by them, but by an unlimited number of ICO-Investors. Thus, the formation method of ICO Ranking is built on the merits of collective intelligence. It is common knowledge that collective judgments and judgments are more deliberate and rational than the position of a single expert.

Thank you for recording all the voting results in Blockchain, the rating is absolutely transparent and the most secure of falsification results.
We use simple and transparent protection mechanisms from «cheats» that may affect the honesty of our judgments:
 a voting protocol with a unique code of a person who chooses to be incorporated into Blockchain;
 For all calculations we use simple mathematical formulas that we do not hide from anyone. More detailed information is available in the user guide.

More detailed information is available in the user guide.


What is the ICOVOTING token?
  • Token standard: ERC-20
  • Token’s symbol: VTS
  • Total supply: 10 000 000
  • Price: 1 token for 1 unit of advertising space

The value of our token increases in proportion to the attendance of the platform.

Without registration you can:

Get information about all on-going ICO in the world from the section ICO Info
See summary rating results

Advantages of the registration

Free access to the carefully verified set of information enough for making investment decisions
The opportunity to vote for one or another ICO, comment your any information material on ICOVOTING

How does our system work?

Each registered user of ICOvoting is characterized by several parameters:

Unique code (a set of the symbols that we use in order you can identify yourself in the protocol of the voting without showing your personal data)
Votes — VTS (an indicator of your contribution to each period of voting)
Expert power — EXP (your status as an expert on ICOvoting)

Votes (VTS) — the indicator which characterizes your maximum contribution to each period of voting. The more your VTS, the more expensive each percent (or part of percent) is which you give for one or another ICO.

Expert power (EXP) — the indicator that reflects the quality of your participation in ICOvoting.

For More Information:

The bitcointalk name :Aray80

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