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Wednesday, February 21, 2018

ICO PASS - Provide KYC Verification For ICO Organizer as Easy as Possible

Greetings Community,

One of ICO Pass's latest destinations is:

Provide KYC verification for ICO providers is as easy as possible. In addition, KYC validation does not guarantee that ICO providers may contact their contributors. If the bank or regulatory body wants to know more about the person contributing, the ICO Pass aims to find a way to allow the ICO organizers to discuss with participants. Even if KYC contact information and information is available, there is a setup issue. No KYC management system can interact with block-based block grants. In addition, various ICOs use various smart contracts to manage the sales of the crowd. Generally, solid sales contracts are checked and are not easily changed.


The average amount the company makes per ICO is 2.9 million dollars, so a large sum of money is frozen. The typical tools used to make KYC checks - starting at $ 280 per person - are very expensive and very misleading, with each country having different laws; the data of the identified person is spread across multiple databases and access to this database is difficult to do.

ICO KYC pass team proposes an automatic and accurate control tool. In just a few minutes, ICO operators receive identity checks to determine whether AML anti-money laundering (anti-money laundering) is appropriate and users are not from countries that are prohibited by ICO.
KYC vehicle price is set at $ 8.52 per ID. According to the ICO Pass team, the KYC solution will generate an annual income of $ 58 million.
ICO Pass consists of three parts:


For more information and join the current Ico Pass social media please follow some resources for the following references:

The bitcointalk name: Aray80

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