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Monday, February 19, 2018

HCT - Issuing HCT Real Estate Coupon Coupon (House Coupon Token) In Block Etereum

Foto Nareig International Realty.

Hello All, in this post I will introduce about Htt Token Real Estate Coupon Project to Buy Property, and for more details let's just go to the following discussion:

About the HCT Project

NAREIG will issue the real estate coupon token HCT (House Coupon Token) on the Ethereum blockchain. The price for one HCT is USD $1.00, however the buyer can redeem each HCT for USD $100 when purchase properties with NAREIG.

Restrictions for The Redemption2:

▪ HCT can only be redeemed through NAREIG.
▪ HCT can only be redeemed in the condition of the buyer purchases residential/commercial properties through NAREIG.
▪ For each transaction, the total redeemed dollar value CANNOT exceed 25% of the total commission NAREIG received.
▪ Buyer needs to purchase HCT before the house tour.
Formula: (NAREIG′s commission x 25% HCT redemption cap)
100 = Maximum amount of tokens to be redeemed


Tom plans to buy a USD $2 million house via NAREIG. If NAREIG gets 3% commission from the transaction, it will equal USD $60,000. Based on the formula above, Tom can redeem 150 HCT. If Tom bought HCT USD $1 each, he then saved USD $14,850 from the real estate transaction.
( $60,000 x 25%)
100 = 150 HCT
$100 x 150HCT − $1 x 150 HCT = $14,850

As demonstrated, the HCT provides a win-win situation to both real estate buyers and NAREIG. The more people buying HCT from us, the more bargaining power NAREIG has in negotiation of real estate deals. At the same time, real estate buyers will benefit from noticeable commission savings. With the growth of HCT investors, NAREIG will expand its market presence quickly, which in turn increase the HCT value. For those who are not interested in purchasing real estate, they can easily trade HCT at exchange platform. Since HCTs are redeemable through NAREIG, the token value is more stable than other types of cryptocurrencies. Also, as a type of high tangle asset, real estate has the advantages of property appreciation, steady returns, and tax savings. 

HCT Distribution




Why choose NAREIG HCT ?

▪ A reputable U.S. company that has successful track of records for 5 years.
▪ NAREIG’s business has expanded in 12 countries with millions of dollars’ annual revenue.
▪ Unlike other types of cryptocurrencies, the usage of HCT is demonstrated clearly.
▪ HCT can be redeemed immediately from NAREIG for purchasing real estate.
▪ The value increase is predictable. One HCT can worth up to 100 times USD value in purchasing properties from NAREIG.
▪ NAREIG’s HCT has stable value and can be a good investment option in the financial downturns.
▪ Real estate is a long-term investment. By connecting the crypto concept with tangible asset, our
HCT will be a good choice of your risk resistant portfolio.
▪ NAREIG was established in 2012 and well-known for high net worth Chinese individuals.
▪ Our core team members have more than 15 years’ management experience. Not only did they have solid real estate knowledge, but also built up a large international investment pool.

For more information and join the current Hct media please follow some sources for the following references:

The bitcointalk name: Aray80

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