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Sunday, February 18, 2018

HCT - The First Real Estate Company That Offers Real Estate Coupon Benchmarks In Ethereal Blockchain

Foto Nareig International Realty.

Hello All,


NAREIG (North American Real Estate Investment Group) was established in Seattle in 2012 with an initial vision to provide online platforms to offline to help international real estate buyers invest in North America. Over the past 5 years, NAREIG has evolved into one of the leading brands that help Chinese net worth buyers to invest overseas.

NAREIG is the first real estate company to offer real estate coupon benchmarks in the Ethereal blockchain. Founded in 2012, NAREIG, an international real estate company that helps hundreds of overseas buyers to invest in the United States, Canada, Britain, Germany, France, Spain, Portugal, Greece, Australia, New Zealand, Japan and Thailand. With solid experience in both the residential and commercial industries, NAREIG plans to create real estate coupon benchmarks to benefit both international and domestic buyers.

The NAREIG Token is a "coupon to buy property". Each token purchased with a $ 1 cash value can be redeemed as a $ 100 token value while a client purchases his property with NAREIG. Because NAREIG already operates in 12 countries, it allows the token buyer to redeem the token value in this area immediately. Therefore, it stabilizes the token value and provides liquidity through tokenization.

The NAREIG approximation approach to the real estate coupon sets the anchor value on the token. Much other evidence proves unreliable and vulnerable to volatility. The goal of the NAREIG token is to provide a stable token that can benefit the buyer at any time.

NAREIG is a US company with offices in Seattle, San Francisco bay area and Manhattan. Although NAREIG has a partnership in China, the offer of this token is solely done through NAREIG US Company (North America Real Estate Investment Group).


The price for one HCT is US $ 1.00, but buyers can exchange HCT with NAREIG when they buy a house through NAREIG, the redeem price is US $ 100.00.
For clients who do not want to redeem those tokens, they can exchange NAREIG merchandise to other home buyers at market prices.
1 Million HCT, $ 0.5 / HCT for 100 First HCT, $ 0.75 / HCT for Left 900 Thousand HCT.

HCT Flowpath

Token Sale

For More Information:

The bitcointalk name :Aray80

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