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Sunday, February 25, 2018

ESSENTIA - Framework for Decentralizing Data Management

Foto Essentia One.

Hello All,

What is Essentia?

Essentia is a framework for decentralizing data management.

It creates Essences - a complete, decentralized and operable container of complete digital life, with data and assets. It can be owned by individuals, companies or machines.

In Essences, users have their data, identity and communications. Third parties and dApps can easily access this data stream because pluggable prophecies and developers can build on the Essentia framework to create data management tools, identity solutions, data exchange, decentralized CRM and more.

And other personal information can be read traditionally by the server whose site you visit.

The primary user, or "Seed" as it is called Essentia, is the only one who has complete access to this personal data. Obviously, there will be certain situations where seeds may need to share more personal data for authentication reasons, but in general, this is not necessary.

Using the Essentia framework, users will have full control over how and where their personal information is shared with other servers.

Personal Aspects

Only primary users, also known as "seeds" have full control over their data. Other computers, servers, or third party entities may access seed information without prior authorization.


Essentia is very easy to customize for anyone who will mainly use it. Essentia can be used to protect machine and human identity. Each person or machine will have different requirements and need to customize the Essentia system to meet specific needs.

One Environment

The Essentia environment provides a major center that can be used to store various forms of identification, personal data, information about assets, and more. All this information is completely safe and decentralized.

What Is It Solved?

Essentia solves the most common problems in today's highly connected world. Information is more valuable than ever and can get high prices on the market. Essentia provides users with a framework that allows them to remain completely anonymous if they want and also gives them the ability to store data about their machines privately.

By using a secure framework such as Essentia, the user can ensure that the product is not utilized. They can filter out what entities are allowed to access data about them.

This framework provides a way to fully decentralize your identity.

Token Sale Information (Not Released)
Token: ESS
After ICO there is no additional ESS token to be released.


All information in this post is made to educate our readers. Do not invest in ICO unless you are confident in its capabilities and do so at your own risk.

Positive Decentralization

By using Essentia, you can fully decentralize your personal data. Each user has full control over how they share their data.


Essentia operates as a non-profit company based in Amsterdam, and plans to provide all of their services for free.


The Essentia template is easy to customize for any user or machine that uses it.

Negative Marketing

Essentia has not made headlines yet and has not encouraged marketing for their services. As a result, they are relatively unknown.

Confusing Tech

Essentia provides a great framework for keeping a person's identity safe, but can be very confusing to the layman. Those whitepapers are directed to be understood by IT professionals.


Americans, Chinese and Koreans are limited from ICO investments.
Project Already Integrated In Essentia
Essentia comes with offices in Amsterdam (HQ), and Lviv, Ukraine.


For more information and joining Essentia's current social media please follow some sources for the following references:

The bitcointalk name: Aray80

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