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Friday, February 23, 2018

ESSENTIA - Framework for Decentralized Data Management

Foto Essentia One.

Greetings Community,

Essentia is a framework for decentralizing data management.

It creates Essences: a complete, decentralized and fully operable container of complete digital life, with data and assets. It can be owned by individuals, companies or machines.

In Essences, users have their data, identity and communications. Third parties and dApps can easily access this data stream because pluggable prophecies and developers can build on the Essentia framework to create data management tools, identity solutions, data exchange, decentralized CRM and more.


How is Essentia different from Civic, The Key, SelfKey, Remme or uPort?

Essentia Identities don't require any centralized app, email or phone number. The examples mentioned do.

In Essentia you just sign and verify messages to handle authorizations and you can use it from any device, UI or even command line. Doing that in the examples mentioned is not possible.

  • Modular: The Essentia framework develops according to the growing decentralized life. Add dApps, platform, and wallet with the push of a button.
  • Scalable: High throughput enables Essentia to support millions of users simultaneously.
  • Full Data Ownership: Your data. Your Property Take back the power and regain control of your digital identity and freedom.
  • Multi-Chain. Multi-device: Essentia supports various blockers including Bitcoin, Ethereum and more. It can work on any device, IOT or CLI.
  • All in One Seed: One seed is safe The applications are countless. Essentia is the key that opens your decentralized web experience.
  • KYC and GDPR by default: In accordance with safely enhanced verification procedures without risking your data or privacy. Good for both companies and users.

Generic Exchange

The ESS token can be used to pay for a range of generic trusted third-party services
that are connected to Essentia. Various goods/services/content/fees linked to the in-house dApp Centre plus integrated and trusted third party marketplaces and dApp stores will all available to ESS token holders. These tokens are also swappable instantly inside the Essentia Framework itself too. Users can then convert ESS for the purpose of paying recipients with other cryptocurrencies as outputs.

Distributed Governance

The ESS token enables a distributed governance layer built into the Essentia
Framework. This will be open to all users of the platform, enabling them to have a say in project-related decisions. Users are able to make proposals or vote for them using the ESS token. In doing so, they are able to play a crucial role in the evolution of the platform. Because Essentia is a resource they actively use and appreciate, the community is primely positioned to have a say in how it should develop and evolve. Later, ESS will also enable holders who possess a certain amount of tokens to enjoy access to dedicated exclusive resources, details of which will be disclosed in due course.

Projects already integrated with Essentia

For More Information:

The bitcointalk name :Aray80

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