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Sunday, February 18, 2018

EGOLD - Finding Fans In the Worldwide eSports Rates

Foto EGold.

Greetings Community,

eGold - new digital currency based on Ethereum blockchain. eGold aims to bring fans in the field of eSports rates around the world, offering an easy, fast and secure betting alternative to their favorite games. EGold's mission is to reduce uncertainty and improve the BOOST's security transparency with the help of intellectual contracts.

eGold aims to bring together enthusiasts in the field of eSports level worldwide, offering easy, fast and secure betting alternatives to their favorite games - Counter Strike: Global Attack, Legends League, DOTA2, Hearthstone, King of Glory, World of Warcraft and many others. . The beta decentralized beta testing platform eSports Buff88 will be conceptually drafted from the beginning around core ideas that are critical to the specific characteristics of eSports. The open test version of the entire website will be available shortly before crowdsale.

An open test version of the entire website will be available shortly before crowdsale begins so everyone starts testing directly with buff88.com along with the advanced features and benefits of eSport. One example of what to expect: Buff88 will offer three unique and customizable layout options - Overview, Event Viewer and Multiview - for inplay games and games.

After the token sale is complete, eGold will use Buff88 as its internal currency, allowing users to bet, bet and exit the site using smart contracts only with eGold tokens. In the above three operations, you can only use eGold. And that's how the eGold team is trying to achieve the goal for a very good bet experience:

The level of blockchain - the idea and goal we want to achieve in the future, is to ensure interest rates based on blockchain technology. The plan is to be able to accept bets through smart contracts that begin with your bet acceptance, then block the amount of bets to prevent double charges, and ultimately automatically give you all your winnings as soon as the match results are available, collected. through various official sources. Houses will match every bet and allow a much higher rate than is currently acceptable with a pool or peer-to-peer model. No more denial or clogging, no waiting for weeks to win, once you've won the bet your eGold winnings are added to your account balance.

Deposit - direct deposit amount is credited to user account, and transaction will be automatically added to 10 distributed registers for optimal security. No more difficulty with payment solutions, such as the absence or delay of bank transfer. eGold will be ready for use at the time of deposit.

Withdrawals - the withdrawal amount will be immediately attributed to the number of eGold wallets, and you can transfer them to another site or redeem them with another currency (crypto currency). No more withdrawals are required with weekly deadlines, there are more restrictions to withdraw the amount or limitations of payment methods. You only request a suspension, and the requested amount (if any) is automatically deleted.

Pre-sale successfully completed, reach Hardcap - 500 ETH

Token sale
Starting on 02/18/2018

Token sales will end soon after reaching Hardcap or on March 18, 2018 - depending on which conditions must be met first of all

Token name - EGL
The token price is 1ETH = 888 EGL
Hardcap - 5,000 ET


The first day is 15% (1ETH = 1020 EGL)
The first week is 10% (1ETH = 977 EGL)

Distribution of profits from sale of EGL tokens

40% Marketing. In the early stages of eGold, you need a substantial marketing budget to ensure better brand coverage and recognition. EGold promotions and eSports promotions go hand in hand, so all marketing efforts will benefit the community early on.

30% Development - need to hire the best employees to ensure the development of intellectual contracts for deposits and withdrawals. Furthermore, the eGold team will focus on expanding integrated block elements using the offer API. This is a major part of the funding to ensure the appeal of talented people to the project

Reserve reserves 20%. To ensure smooth tariff and interest rate processes that are completely unlimited in the early stages, substantial interest margin will be required for sufficient liquidity to automatically pay all winning rates.

The 10% team - the smallest part of the fund is for the team behind the eGold project. To ensure full coordination of interests, these funds are inaccessible for six months.

Why is it feasible to support this project:

Tim eGold, really all his employees work for the benefit of the company and always ready to help in any case. They are always in touch and not forgetting. Indeed, at this time, when we talk about the ICO project, this fact is very important.

All prototypes created by the eGold developer team are available to the public, now you can read and test this system.

#eGold participates in any possible crypto, forum blocking, concludes a serious contract.

For More Information:

The bitcointalk name :Aray80

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