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Monday, February 26, 2018

DRIVERO - Giving a Car When You Need It, Where You Need It

Hello All,

What is Drivero?

DRIVERO Is a Platform of various cars whose purpose is to give the car when you need it, where you need it. This is the Car you pay when you use it. when you want to meet a friend you did not see at or just to see from point A to point B. It is a car that all DRIVERO users publish.

Why Choose Drivero?

BEST MARKET PRICE: We are happy to offer the best market price as well as new, clean and working cars.

CAR VARIETY: Did you ever wish to drive a Porsche with the roof down, enjoying the good weather? Or maybe you like the sound of the BMW F10 M5’s engine? Our team will be honored to offer various class cars, starting with simple city cars, ending with business or sports classes.

RENT YOUR CAR: This platform will give every DRIVERO user the ability to rent their own car to others. We will take care of your cars safety by installing safety equipment.

EVERYTHING INCLUDED: You won’t have to worry about fuel, insurance or maintenance expenses. Everything is a part of the rent price..Parking included too.

DATA DIRECT TO BLOCKCHAIN: In order to protect and ensure high transfer speed for the data, we will use BLOCKCHAIN technology.

PAYMENT WITH ETH/BTC, CREDIT/DEBIT CARD: Since technology is moving forward, we wish to do so aswell. That’s why you’ll be able to pay using ETH/BTC or with a Credit or Debit Card.

More details can be found on official website: http://drivero.eu/

Token Details


DATE: 2018/02/19 – 2018/02/23
BONUS: 40%

DATE: 2018/02/24 – 2018/03/01
BONUS: 25%

DATE: 2018/03/02 – 2018/03/08
BONUS: 15%

DATE: 2018/03/09 – 2018/03/16

DATE: 2018/03/17 – 2018/03/21

For More Information:


The bitcointalk name :Aray80

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