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Tuesday, February 13, 2018

CROWDCOINAGE - Decentralized Peer-To-Peer Networks

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Crowd Machine and Sutton Stone Partner to Assist ICO Business get Apps Blockchain and Decentralization Built for Free.

San Jose CA, November 7, 2017 - Crowd Machine and Sutton Stone announce a program to build blockgain decentralization applications to support ICO businesses, their founders and developers for free. A set of programs aims to help developers with a solid decentralized app business concept to have their products marketed faster by using Crowd Machine technology.

"One of the major limiting factors in the implementation of decentralization and the adoption of banases is the long development period, and excessive delays to get applications to market," said Craig Sproule, founder of Crowd Machine. "We want to accelerate the adoption of blockchain and the current development approach takes too long to deliver. Using our Crowd Machine technology, we can get apps to the market up to 45 times faster. By building a large stable application portfolio, we will see the adoption of faster blocking and decentralization technologies by the enterprise market. "Comment Sproule.

How Crowd Machine Works

The Crowd Machine consists of a decentralized peer-to-peer network computer calledCrowd Computer.

The Crowd Computer is distributed in Crowd Machine's mobile community and computer where every device on the network serves to run a decentralized app.

Built in Crowd Computer is a very good and decentralized application builder technology called Crowd App Studio.

Crowd App Studio allows developers and non-developers to build decentralized applications running in Crowd Computer. Crowd App Studio is easy to use, rich in functionality and allows the creation of decentralized applications to meet any requirements. In addition, blockchain smart contracts can be created to meet the most demanding requirements.

As soon as your decentralized app is built, your computer is deployed in Crowd Computer to you and available to your customers.
Crowd App Studio has access to Crowd Share, a reusable source code library that the community has created. Crowd Sharp accelerates the development of decentralized applications even further.
Community members can add source code to Crowd Share and get paid for their use every time the code is run on the network.
Applications can be created using Crowd App Studio and deployed to Crowd Computer. Crowd Machines allows off-chain applications to be created ie blockchain agnostic.

To get more detailed information and join the current Crowd Machine Project please visit the following Links:

The name of bicointalk: Aray80

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