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Thursday, February 22, 2018

CRESTONIUM - Using Third Generation Cryptocurrency With Advanced Technology And Security

Foto Crestonium.

Hello All,

How is Crestonium different from other projects?

Crestonium is a digital cryptobank that uses third generation cryptocurrency with cutting-edge technology and security.

Crestonium's biggest difference is the elimination of costs. That's right, our cost is guaranteed 0%. Furthermore, we give you a low exchange rate and real-time transactions.

We also offer a unique Token Holder Protection Assurance Program where we offer our users to request a refund if the CXS token does not value the value of 150% within 6 months after the end of the ICO sale.

Features Crestonium

Crestonium offers the following:
  • A complete Mobile and Desktop app
  • Save and spend crypto-currency
  • Support many crypto-other currencies
  • Localization to multiple languages
  • Secured loans and productive interest
  • Loyalty Program and Token Holder Protection
  • 0% fees and instantaneous transactions
  • It is very secure and lets you control your private key
  • Advanced Features for Mobile and Desktop Apps.

Crestonium offers a smooth delivery experience and receipt of foreign exchange at zero cost. We aim to provide unlimited use to mainstream users because crypto is becoming a phenomenon that is accepted by all. Crestonium is built, not only for storage, but also for actual expenditure - which remains one of the significant challenges of modern cryptourrency.

Crestonium prides itself on being one of the few cryptoes out there at zero cost and transaction speed in a split second.

Formed in blockchain, and subject to automatic execution upon occurrence of predefined criteria / events and subject to certain conditions, CXS tokens are valid indefinitely and are the property of their respective holders. The Crestonium platform uses standard OpenAPI so your contracts will be automatically compatible with any wallet, and other contracts or exchanges also use this standard.

Crestonium's development team has always been active and constantly in close contact with the community.

To stimulate the growth and subsequent causes of Crestonium, we have designed a sales period pattern for our pre-ICO phase, where you can be a current participant. We offer an extensive bonus for our pre-sale period.

For more information about Crestonium and its range of services, benefits, road maps and more, you can download whitepapers.


Our international team consists of experts from all over the world, giving us an edge over similar companies. Such specialists are required to produce truly outstanding and technologically advanced products.


For More Information:

The bitcontalk name :Aray80

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