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Friday, February 23, 2018

COOLCOUSIN - Future Travel Agency

Foto Cool Cousin.

Greetings Community,

Everything has changed with the launch of the fast-growing Cool Cousin project. This platform is already available in 70 cities on our planet. Choosing a long-awaited route and trip, the user has reliable and up-to-date information about all the nuances associated with the tourist residence.

Is that a cool cousin?

This project can be considered a travel company and at the same time an innovative platform with up-to-date information on the most interesting places and an easily accessible list of services. Founded in 2016. For the short term, more than 500 thousand people already use this service. At the same time, the amount of investment received reaches more than $ 2 billion.

The cool cousin is called a future travel agent, which is available today. In this way, an improved version of the guide and travel agent. In practice, the "2 in 1" scheme was successfully implemented. In this case, resources are consistently converted into decentralized services, which are marked as follows:

• Use of modern blockchain technology, which does not allow one-on-one to make adjustments.

• CUZ internal crypto currency launch, built on Ethereal basis. Tokens can be used effectively to obtain information and profile services directly. There will be opportunities to optimize costs, get rid of bank fees. Along with this, the currency itself will allow travelers to monetize their knowledge and receive financial income, providing reliable information to other system participants.

• Increase overall service levels and provide premium services to millions of independent travelers. At the same time, they became a stable income for the local population, whose tour routes were in demand by the participants of the system.

Users get the opportunity to meet with a guide from a distance to familiarize themselves with the recommended resting place. There is a rapid growth of an interesting geographic location. In the short term, this project can turn into an innovative virtual type guide with artificial intelligence, which for a second may issue recommendations and meet the demands of each category of travelers.

What tasks are solved by the platform?

As demonstrated by practice, the project was able to solve a number of significant problems, including:
  • Lack of objective information about places of travel and tourism;
  • Unreliable information filtering and special surveys;
  • The effect of a centralized market, which imposed a favorable direction for the tour operator;
  • Frustrated travelers in situations where expectations do not match the reality.

Thanks to this service, you can forget the annoying route and find an unusual place for a good rest. No information blockade and no more disappointment. Platform users receive information from the first mouth. Guaranteed rest, full of positive emotions and new experiences!

Community of like-minded people and teams

For a short period of time, the platform has become a community of independent travelers. Each user has his own profile. She can fully control the quality of content received and has answers to her questions. This portal has no restrictions, which includes new space. This further enhances the user experience.

Effective work platforms provide teams with 17 people. This is a team of friendly developers, marketers and IT administrators. Each has significant experience in the field and contributes significantly to the development of revolutionary portals for travelers and independent guides.

For More Information:

The bitcointalk name :Aray80

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