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Tuesday, February 27, 2018

CCA - Absolute Innovation In The Modern Gas Industry

Greetings Community,

A cylinder, made of composite material, combines high quality, safe use and excellent design. There is no doubt that composite gas tubes are an absolute innovation in the modern gas industry.

Currently cylindrical steel tubes are widely replaced with composites, and there are several obvious reasons - metal cylinders have considerable weight and are susceptible to corrosion. The lightweight composite cylinders, composed of fiberglass / carbon fiber and advanced polymers. In addition, he has a pattern of damage that is laminated during the explosion.

We have developed our Advanced Composite Cylinders project with the aim of organizing the production of safe polymer cylinders of 4 types in the Czech Republic. The gas cylinders we have developed, will exceed the parameters of all analogs on the market today. In addition, they will have a competitive price. Today we introduce our project at ICO with the aim of raising funds for its implementation.

Composite Cylinders Advanced is the first financial investment project in the world to combine advanced financial technology and one of the most desirable products in the global market of industrial cylinders of type 4 for CNG gas, LPG and industrial gases from modern composite materials.

The objective of this project is to raise funds for the production of high and low pressure tubes in the Czech Republic in accordance with the requirements of ECE R110: 2013, ISO 11439, ADR / RID: 2013, ISO 11119-3 using high strength. carbon fiber and advanced polymeric materials.

Decentralized direct investments in the project will be through token purchases. This is a "decentralization" token that must ensure project independence.

The rationale for this project is to develop and create the production of ultralight, 4-composite gas cylinders, exceeding the existing analogue in terms of technical parameters, competitive on cost, technology for assembly in batch production.

First of all, we are talking about a project with fast returns, moderate risks and a strong professional background experience. The project team has expertise and experience in the field of design and construction of composite materials and has all that is required for project execution.

ССА emits its own cryptocurrency instead of attracting traditional business capital

Our project is more than just making composite cylinders. It aims to create and distribute their production technology through the development of complex composite composite production networks around the world along with local partners.

This limited expansion of the technology causes high prices for composite cylinders of type 4 and is an inhibiting factor that hinders their market promotion and replacement of metal tubes.

Using our own blockchain and cryptocurrency, we give our token holders a unique opportunity to gain access to this high technology. Each CCA token holder will be able to convert it into a complex stock of local cylindrical composite production that will be located worldwide near the main market.

In addition, we may exchange our token for the composite cylinder itself or present it for repurchase in accordance with the terms of the smart contract.

As such, our offer is open and irrevocable for all ICO participants who are not possible within the framework of standard capital instruments in the financial markets of the company.

The mechanism of repurchase

The buy back token mechanism is described in detail in the White Paper of a project that can be read on the website. Every month 30% of revenues will be directed through smart contracts to buy back the goods distributed on the ICO token. When doing that the token will be removed.

As a result, such a policy would lead to a decrease in the number of coins in circulation, thus ensuring a permanent increase in value. This is a major approach with respect to ICO that is honest and easy to understand for investors as much as possible.

To find relevant details of current CCA project please follow some sources for the following references:

The bitcointalk name: Aray80

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