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Tuesday, February 27, 2018

BLOK - Using Intelligent Contracts To Eliminate Friction From Time To Time, Cost, Quality, And Transparency

Hello All,

Block Solution

Blocks are designed to replace the outdated hierarchical workforce model, which leads the charge into the productive, modern, and agile workforce. Entrepreneurs can see all the offers given by the company, provide relevant offers to themselves, mark them as complete and get paid in the BLK tokens. Blocks use smart contracts to eliminate friction over time, cost, quality, and transparency in matching workers and employers.



When a platform monopolizes power in a show economy, workers are at risk of being exploited. The block democratizes the performance economy by working with the platform rather than fighting them and by empowering workers.


The seizure of the company provides quick payments to workers and sometimes gets a lot of money as an intermediary. Blocks allow workers to withdraw money from home and minimize the payment cycle from bi-weekly to instantaneous.


A traditional corporate hierarchy is an outdated business model that concentrates power at the expense of workers. A decentralized and dynamic contraction will allow the market to remain competitive and reduce the risk of exploitation.


Companies will see technology to turn people and their organizations into highly adaptable companies. The block platform makes it easy to connect with verified workers worldwide instantly, creating a liquid workforce.


Government and corporate bureaucracy hamper productivity. Decentralization is the only hedge against barriers to companies and workers. As the global economy continues to grow, bureaucracy poses a threat to resilience, innovation, and initiative.

Static Team

In a time of dynamic transformation, teams must go beyond the organizational chart. Static teams produce static and workplace results on demand, which can cause the company to crash.

Road Map Block

2017 Q4 BLOCK: Origin
The idea of ​​the bloc was made in the Litbang Lutrovnik consultation through cooperation with the show's economic company and observed the unsolved operation and needs.

2018 Q1 BLOCKS: Team assembly, pre-ICO
The assembly of the majority of the international team behind the Bloc, develops the concept of Block protocol operations, conducts personal and pre-ICO token sales.

Q2 BLOCK: ICO, protocol development
Gain funding for further development of ICO, complete the open protocol and get the first customers to implement the protocol.

Q3 BLOCK: Launch client application
Launch minimum eligible products for browsing, managing and getting paid through web apps, phones and tablets for the principals.

Q4 BLOCK: Partner integration, scale up
Integrates with a significant amount of corporate economic performances, iterations and upgrades on official client applications and core protocols.

2019 H1: Economic expansion
Fulfilling the Bloc's promise enables entrepreneurs worldwide to join the show economy, thrive in different markets and industries, develop innovative products to foster steady economic growth.

Total of 360,000,000 tokens will be minted.

For More Information:

The bitcointalk name :Aray80

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