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Sunday, February 25, 2018

ALMBANK - User-Based Offshore Market

Foto AlmBank.

Greetings Community,

The ALM Bank (AALM) is a "user-based offshore market and charity work for ICO, crypto work, and blockchain work."

Basically, this is a market platform that acts as a catalyst for new jobs in the crypto community.

There is also a charity component for the project as well.

What services are offered:

Some of the services offered by AALM include a growing job market for crypto professionals.

Instant Token Transaction and can be used as payment for completed work. This is useful because it eliminates the need to pay someone in cash.

The market makes it easy to hire someone for a new project and there is only a one time fee associated with hiring a crypto professional.

AALM also offers the opportunity to work on a project funded by charitable donations. Through community up-voting, projects are evaluated and selected by market members; This ensures that the best community projects are considered to be filled in first.

Especially every year people will make a dream project to solve it.

How the service will be used:

AALM can be considered a decentralized Linkedin supporter for crypto fans.

This is where the potential bosses and employees meet. Employers post jobs on the market and users can view and register to posts.

The employer has the option to also make a charity or post a chance to start.

Again, the goal is to help Crypto Freelance professionals find work.

The ICO platform seeks to give job seekers a better way to get jobs because the current methods remain unreliable and ambiguous.

There are many forums, bulletin boards, and inefficient websites that make the work of the crypto community hard to find.

This, combined with the high cost, can make potential prospective crypto seekers. AALM will use secure blockchain technology to get rid of this problem.

This will look to meet the needs of every type of crypto professional: for example poor investors, wealthy investors, charity workers, and freelancers. AALM services will only be used to ensure a smooth payment.

Duration of hiring and who is hired will be submitted to employers and job seekers.

What results will AALM give to people:

Putting it in an easy way to understand it employs people in meaningful jobs.

This platform gives people the opportunity to show off their skills and possibly make room for the upcoming ICO team. Likewise, this could be a market for crypto entrepreneurs to shop for ideal candidates.

Alm tokens can be used as payment or users can utilize barter system. 30% of all funds on the platform will be supported by the AALM team, ensuring the system will never disappear if there is a disaster occurring in the crypto market.

By using Ethereal based token platforms, people from all over the world will be able to start new companies and find the best workers.

This will result in a major positive change in world labor exchange.

Part 2: Crowdsale Analysis - Details & Supply Token
Total token supply: 99.999.000
Token type: ERC-20
Token Price: 1 ETH = 1000 AALM

ICO / Crowdsale Distribution:

30% - Sale of Presale and Crowd
25% - Administrative Team
10% N / A
15% - Loads
15% - Sold in the future
Bonus Referral 2.5%
Bounty Campaign 2.5%

ICO Team Member:

FOUNDER / CEO - Austin Muhs
ICO Advisor:

CFO - Jisook Choi
Head of UX / UI Development
Marketing Consultant - Rob Rukstalis
Head of Platform Development - Kenn Palm
Token / Management Development Chief - Pavel Rubin
Chief Token Economomics - Corey Feco

Some Resources For Reference:

The bitcointalk name: Aray80

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