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Monday, February 19, 2018

ALMBANK - Ethereal Based Currency Platform That Will Be The First Barter Working Pool

Foto AlmBank.

Hello All,

ALMbank is the Ethereal based currency platform that will be the first barter-supported work pool; which focuses on startups, ICO, works of charity and dream projects. We will be able to fund projects that can not be touched through the use of sweat equity and project exposure systems based on meritocracy. You can think of it as a high-end job market that will have a significant cultural impact on future business models
ALMBank will create a platform where people will be encouraged to do the work with coins and spend coins, but mostly as tools for real world production, not as a pure trading platform. This will create an ongoing demand for a currency, which in turn can be supported by dollars / silver, up to thirty percent. Thus creating a stable / growth-oriented microeconomics.


The ALMBank pre-sale tokens and crowdsale will help fund the development of the platform, it's marketing and branding. ALMBank will be developed as a cutting-edge labor exchange platform, ALMBank will use intelligent contracting technology in blocking Ethereal to safely utilize deposited funds.
Presale is required to distribute tokens and to obtain product development and awareness funds. During presale, the ALM token will be sold at a discount, while it will be flagged during crowdsale launches and platforms. There is a cap of 99,999,000 to the number of ALM tokens generated; However, the number of ALM tokens generated in a combination of crowdsale and presale will consist of no more than 30% of the total AALM tokens available.


The Token contract will be based on the OpenZeppelin library. Token will be compatible with the default token ERC20.


Crowdsale will have 2 phases: Pre-ICO and ICO.

Price for tokens purchased during ICO with ether is: 1 ETH = 2000 AALM.  Price for tokens purchased with BTC will be determined according to median ETH/BTC rate at the date of purchase.


During ICO there will be 3 types of bonuses:
  1. Time bonus for early purchases
  2. Amount bonus for bulk purchases
  3. Referral bonus both for referrer and referral


As stated on their website: http://almbank.io/, here are the few and easy steps in using ALMBank:
STEP 1. Sign up with our platform at Almbank.io Even if you do not have tokens yet, you can still sign up for our platform.
STEP 2. You should setup an Ethereum-based wallet of your choosing. ie: MyEtherWallet, ShapeShift, EthereumWallet
STEP 3. Email us during the pre-ICO about becoming atoken partner at presale@almbank.io
STEP 4. If you are not looking to invest, you can still sign up for our platform and we'll email you when we are live so you can start taking charitable requests and posting resumes etc.
STEP 5. Charitable requests will be approved by Admin and put out to the community at large, who can choose to complete the task, flag it for review, or fund it so that someone else can complete it.

The above picture is an example of how the process will look like on the platform itself!  Crypto transactions will be virtually instantaneous and payment terms will be available to both parties to negotiate.  Fees will be in the 5-15 percent range and will be payable upon hiring.  Hiring will work upon a set fee, not an ongoing payment structure..  You pay once for the hire and that’s it. It will be similar to a headhunter process but much cheaper for the end user, who just wants to find someone good and keep working with them, not go through a platform forever to hire someone repeatedly, that doesn’t make sense for anyone long term. 

For more information and join AlmBank's current social media please follow some sources for the following references:

The bitcointalk name: Aray80

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