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ORBEUM - Orbeum (OBM) Tokens Are Based On Orbeum’s Ethereum Smart Contract (ERC20)

Greetings Community,

What is ORBEUM?

Orbeum (OBM) tokens are based on Orbeum’s Ethereum smart contract (ERC20). All transactions on the platform are transparently recorded and stored on the block-chain, where they can always be checked.

The Advantages In Demand

The OBM token is naive currency of our platform. Due to its platform’s extensive uses and further plans it will always remain in demand.

Right place , Right Time

The OBM token is the perfect play for capitalising on the exponential increase in Bitcoin futures trading interest coming in 2018.

Valuable Token

The OBM token has real utility and value as an essential component of Orbstick’s revolutionary platform and upcoming solutions.


Orbeum is different from other ICOs. Our primary product is very near to completion and will be launching in a matter of couple of weeks after ICO instead of having to start working from scratch after ICO is completed. The development of our product started in December 2016. Some minor refinements overlaid across the development timeline will have the Orbstick/Orbeum project delivered on time.




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Tuesday, February 27, 2018

BLOK - Using Intelligent Contracts To Eliminate Friction From Time To Time, Cost, Quality, And Transparency

Hello All,

Block Solution

Blocks are designed to replace the outdated hierarchical workforce model, which leads the charge into the productive, modern, and agile workforce. Entrepreneurs can see all the offers given by the company, provide relevant offers to themselves, mark them as complete and get paid in the BLK tokens. Blocks use smart contracts to eliminate friction over time, cost, quality, and transparency in matching workers and employers.



When a platform monopolizes power in a show economy, workers are at risk of being exploited. The block democratizes the performance economy by working with the platform rather than fighting them and by empowering workers.


The seizure of the company provides quick payments to workers and sometimes gets a lot of money as an intermediary. Blocks allow workers to withdraw money from home and minimize the payment cycle from bi-weekly to instantaneous.


A traditional corporate hierarchy is an outdated business model that concentrates power at the expense of workers. A decentralized and dynamic contraction will allow the market to remain competitive and reduce the risk of exploitation.


Companies will see technology to turn people and their organizations into highly adaptable companies. The block platform makes it easy to connect with verified workers worldwide instantly, creating a liquid workforce.


Government and corporate bureaucracy hamper productivity. Decentralization is the only hedge against barriers to companies and workers. As the global economy continues to grow, bureaucracy poses a threat to resilience, innovation, and initiative.

Static Team

In a time of dynamic transformation, teams must go beyond the organizational chart. Static teams produce static and workplace results on demand, which can cause the company to crash.

Road Map Block

2017 Q4 BLOCK: Origin
The idea of ​​the bloc was made in the Litbang Lutrovnik consultation through cooperation with the show's economic company and observed the unsolved operation and needs.

2018 Q1 BLOCKS: Team assembly, pre-ICO
The assembly of the majority of the international team behind the Bloc, develops the concept of Block protocol operations, conducts personal and pre-ICO token sales.

Q2 BLOCK: ICO, protocol development
Gain funding for further development of ICO, complete the open protocol and get the first customers to implement the protocol.

Q3 BLOCK: Launch client application
Launch minimum eligible products for browsing, managing and getting paid through web apps, phones and tablets for the principals.

Q4 BLOCK: Partner integration, scale up
Integrates with a significant amount of corporate economic performances, iterations and upgrades on official client applications and core protocols.

2019 H1: Economic expansion
Fulfilling the Bloc's promise enables entrepreneurs worldwide to join the show economy, thrive in different markets and industries, develop innovative products to foster steady economic growth.

Total of 360,000,000 tokens will be minted.

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CCA - Absolute Innovation In The Modern Gas Industry

Greetings Community,

A cylinder, made of composite material, combines high quality, safe use and excellent design. There is no doubt that composite gas tubes are an absolute innovation in the modern gas industry.

Currently cylindrical steel tubes are widely replaced with composites, and there are several obvious reasons - metal cylinders have considerable weight and are susceptible to corrosion. The lightweight composite cylinders, composed of fiberglass / carbon fiber and advanced polymers. In addition, he has a pattern of damage that is laminated during the explosion.

We have developed our Advanced Composite Cylinders project with the aim of organizing the production of safe polymer cylinders of 4 types in the Czech Republic. The gas cylinders we have developed, will exceed the parameters of all analogs on the market today. In addition, they will have a competitive price. Today we introduce our project at ICO with the aim of raising funds for its implementation.

Composite Cylinders Advanced is the first financial investment project in the world to combine advanced financial technology and one of the most desirable products in the global market of industrial cylinders of type 4 for CNG gas, LPG and industrial gases from modern composite materials.

The objective of this project is to raise funds for the production of high and low pressure tubes in the Czech Republic in accordance with the requirements of ECE R110: 2013, ISO 11439, ADR / RID: 2013, ISO 11119-3 using high strength. carbon fiber and advanced polymeric materials.

Decentralized direct investments in the project will be through token purchases. This is a "decentralization" token that must ensure project independence.

The rationale for this project is to develop and create the production of ultralight, 4-composite gas cylinders, exceeding the existing analogue in terms of technical parameters, competitive on cost, technology for assembly in batch production.

First of all, we are talking about a project with fast returns, moderate risks and a strong professional background experience. The project team has expertise and experience in the field of design and construction of composite materials and has all that is required for project execution.

ССА emits its own cryptocurrency instead of attracting traditional business capital

Our project is more than just making composite cylinders. It aims to create and distribute their production technology through the development of complex composite composite production networks around the world along with local partners.

This limited expansion of the technology causes high prices for composite cylinders of type 4 and is an inhibiting factor that hinders their market promotion and replacement of metal tubes.

Using our own blockchain and cryptocurrency, we give our token holders a unique opportunity to gain access to this high technology. Each CCA token holder will be able to convert it into a complex stock of local cylindrical composite production that will be located worldwide near the main market.

In addition, we may exchange our token for the composite cylinder itself or present it for repurchase in accordance with the terms of the smart contract.

As such, our offer is open and irrevocable for all ICO participants who are not possible within the framework of standard capital instruments in the financial markets of the company.

The mechanism of repurchase

The buy back token mechanism is described in detail in the White Paper of a project that can be read on the website. Every month 30% of revenues will be directed through smart contracts to buy back the goods distributed on the ICO token. When doing that the token will be removed.

As a result, such a policy would lead to a decrease in the number of coins in circulation, thus ensuring a permanent increase in value. This is a major approach with respect to ICO that is honest and easy to understand for investors as much as possible.

To find relevant details of current CCA project please follow some sources for the following references:

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CONNECTJOB - Decentralized Working Platform What To Do In Service Industries

Greetings Community,

ConnectJob is a decentralized platform that offers you the opportunity to interface directly with service providers without the trouble of middle man taking advantage of you, or you having to pay sizable chunk of commissions to agents by leveraging and monetizing your skills all by yourself. This platform guarantees and secures every transaction exchange on their network — no more dubious reputations, fake reviews, and contract default! With ConnectJob, these are no longer hypothetical scenarios, but rather, a fully-fledged service platform for mobile devices! ConnectJob is targeting more than 20 million users per month within the next 5 years and is set to roll out the application in the 20 world’s largest cities over the period, starting with Paris, London and New York as of 2018. Founded in 2017 and based in Gibraltar at Suites 7B & 8B, 50 Town Range, ConnectJob is co-managed by Jonathan Gueron and Yoni Assouline and comprises around 50 employees.

ConnectJob is a decentralized jobbing platform that is set to do to the service industry, what Uber did to the taxi industry through blockchain technology. For the first time in history, on-demand workers from anywhere in the world will be able to truly become their own bosses through the elimination of third-party intermediaries and employer of labour outsourcing jobs directly to job seeker, ConnectJob App will help users meet most of your daily needs without the services of a middle man as this will be carried out by users themselves called the “Jobbers”. Geolocation is at the heart of the ConnectJob offer, providing its users with services available in their areas and invoiced in CJT (ConnectJob tokens) or fiat money (euro, dollar) at an hourly rate (Uber like model) that is unique and predetermined for each type of “job” now it’s possible to get Any service you really deserved Anywhere, Anytime with connectjob.

Based on sharing and selling resources, ConnectJob is here to lighten your load. Whether it’s for daily chores, maintenance or shopping, You can now offer or request any services needed, anywhere anytime.

Initial Coin Offering

ConnectJob’s ICO will take place in two major steps which are the Pre- ICO and the ICO, as described below;

The 300,000,000 tokens initially issued by ConnectJob, only 195,000,000 tokens will be available for the Pre-ICO and ICO sale, the difference being kept as a reserve for the team, advisors, partners and ConnectJob community. Join this ICO, By investing with us today!

Road Map

About The Team

Jonathan Gueron (Co-founders) Connectjob, professional Software engineer, Manager, with many years of industrial experience
Yoni Assouline, (Co-founders), software developer
Gueron Tech enginerr and Blockchain Expert
Leading Advisors ConnectJob boasts of renown and accomplished advisors on its advisory board, including:
  • Lead advisor: Scalene Partners (founded by three former investment bankers from Rothschild & Co.)
  • Financial advisor: Jeremie Berrebi (President and founder of Magical Capital, one of the world’s most active Business Angels)
  • Legal advisor: Kramer Levin Naftalis & Frankel (US business law firm)
  • Blockchain and crypto-currency advisor: Simon Polrot (Founder of Ethereum France and Vice-President of Ethereum Association)
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DRIVERO - Giving a Car When You Need It, Where You Need It

Hello All,

What is Drivero?

DRIVERO Is a Platform of various cars whose purpose is to give the car when you need it, where you need it. This is the Car you pay when you use it. when you want to meet a friend you did not see at or just to see from point A to point B. It is a car that all DRIVERO users publish.

Why Choose Drivero?

BEST MARKET PRICE: We are happy to offer the best market price as well as new, clean and working cars.

CAR VARIETY: Did you ever wish to drive a Porsche with the roof down, enjoying the good weather? Or maybe you like the sound of the BMW F10 M5’s engine? Our team will be honored to offer various class cars, starting with simple city cars, ending with business or sports classes.

RENT YOUR CAR: This platform will give every DRIVERO user the ability to rent their own car to others. We will take care of your cars safety by installing safety equipment.

EVERYTHING INCLUDED: You won’t have to worry about fuel, insurance or maintenance expenses. Everything is a part of the rent price..Parking included too.

DATA DIRECT TO BLOCKCHAIN: In order to protect and ensure high transfer speed for the data, we will use BLOCKCHAIN technology.

PAYMENT WITH ETH/BTC, CREDIT/DEBIT CARD: Since technology is moving forward, we wish to do so aswell. That’s why you’ll be able to pay using ETH/BTC or with a Credit or Debit Card.

More details can be found on official website:

Token Details


DATE: 2018/02/19 – 2018/02/23
BONUS: 40%

DATE: 2018/02/24 – 2018/03/01
BONUS: 25%

DATE: 2018/03/02 – 2018/03/08
BONUS: 15%

DATE: 2018/03/09 – 2018/03/16

DATE: 2018/03/17 – 2018/03/21

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QUIFAS - Opening Issues

Greetings Community,

News outlets often disseminate information on different crypto exchange issues. The main issues that are exchanged are:
  • Flexibility of discomfort.
  • Poor security from software engineers.
  • Meanwhile, cryptoinvestors and representatives persist.

The main issues they face are:
  • Problem with selecting in exchange.
  • Low quality and speed of organization.
  • Compulsory liquidity obligations.

Opening these issues is the basic task of the new Quifas cash exchange. We are developing quality plans that think about 2.5 million exchanges to be consistent. There are no barriers to registration on the Quifas exchanges. All customer requests will be handled as simply as reasonably possible and in vernacular language fun for the client. In addition, Quifas manages the security of its customers and takes most of the key steps that remember the ultimate goal to ensure their benefits. Our specialists will filter out the structure, eradicate, and neutralize the hacks on our exchange. For extended convenience, we're creating compact apps for iOS and Android devices. They will be empowering computerized money traders to benefit by paying little attention to their current territory.

Market capitalization

Cryptomarket makes sharp speed. Capitalization in the middle of 2017 made more than 30 times, and towards the end of January 2018, the price reaches $ 500 billion. The outline below (Figure 1) tracks the increase in the form of money capitalization of the form of money for a period of five years.
In addition to this, a new cryptographic form, or token, appears on the nearest trusted calendar. Currently there are more than 1500 of them. In addition, their numbers will continue, as expansion efforts use ICO as a strategy to obtain financing. The cryptomarket capitalization will increase the controversy of the nearby ICO. The market capitalization of various cryptoassets is starting now in the billions. Meanwhile, a thousand returns on the cover for capital donated after the ICO or its profits are a crucial important occasion.

Stock volume

The size of the vendor and the exchange of tasks that identify with the setting and purchase of cryptassassets are growing every day. The volume of apex exchanges is mostly achieved amid the unlimited addition or decreased cryptoasset costs. In this condition, for example, the pile that the computerized exchange experience is essentially also extended. It's important that a consistently consistent exchange volume recently beats the $ 20B check. In the near-increasing popularity of ICO, market capitalization will increase as well. The market capitalization of various kriptoassets is currently in the billions.

Quifas game plan

Quifas is an imaginative computerized exchange of money, which will remove current market issues. Customers will approach an unusual characteristic interface on stage, and exchange staff will deliver the benefits of successful assistance as for all requests. Support will be provided vernacularly to customers. The joining of the most a la mode mechanical game plan will empower Quifas to execute up to 2.5 million exchanges for every second. This will ensure that the structure will work at full point of confinement even in the middle of the peak pile times. Simultaneously, Quifas observes the security of its customers and takes most of the important actions to protect their profits from software engineers and swindlers. Most of these are joined by new ones,

The purpose of Quifas

Quifas's goal is to create creative crypto exchanges with the simplest work estimate, which ensures high security and takes into account the large number of exchanges every second.

Quifas Handiness

The Quifas Exchange is attempted to address most of the issues mentioned above, which are rejected by most of today's computerized money. The purpose behind the stage rule is to improve and energize the customer experience.

Token Agreement

The Quifas Tokens (QFS) - The evidence released by Quifas Exchange will have the most extreme supply of 200 million. The Quifas sign is the 20th ERC token issued on Ethereal Blockchain and will be supported by all Ethereal wallets.

Benefits Token

1. Zero Exchange Content

Zero Exchange Fees for all Purchases with QFS Tokens Forever Token Holders will have the capacity to use Quifas token (QFS) to purchase other crypto sources, such as Ethereal, Bitcoin, Swell, and so on Quifas exchange with NOLS Swap Cost Forever. Example: Buy 1 ETH using QFS token will cause ZERO Exchanging Charges. 1 BTC purchase using QFS token will result in ZERO Exchange Exchanges.

2. Exchanging Rebates for Non-QFS Stock Exchange

The Token holder will have the ability to pay the exchange fee for the purchase of a non-QFS token at a remarkable discount if the fee is paid by using a QFS Token.
The proposed markdown structure is as follows:
* Year 1 - 60% Year 2 - 30% Year 3 - 15% Year 4 - 7.5%
The structure of the Discount can be offset by considering the winning economic situation.
For example: Buy BTC with ETH on stage.
It should be regularly withdraw in the 0.1% Fees but if the seller chooses to pay a fee using a QFS token, they will get a 60% reduction of the 0.1% Cost in Year 1. In this way, pay 40% of the amount of 0, 1% Charge and 60% savings.
For example: Buy 1,000 BTC with ETH will match the following:
Ordinary Charges (Non QFS Token Pmt): 0.1% * 1000BTC = 1BTC
Marked Cost (With QFS Token Pmt): (100-60) * 0.1% * 1000 BTC = 0.4BTC

For more information and join Quifas social media at this time please follow some sources for the following references:

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ICOVOTING - Investing Your Assets In One Or Another Start-Up On The Stage Of The ICO

Foto ICOVoting.

Greetings Community,

Dear friend

Voting ICO - a unique instrument that was created to help you make a decision about investing your assets in one or other start ups on the ICO platform.

Now you can:
get information about all the ICO's ongoing in the world from the ICO Info section;
see summary of ICO assessment results.
We would like to suggest you make the following steps - log into the project.

Your benefits after registration:
Free access to a carefully verified set of information that is sufficient to make an investment decision;
Opportunity to choose one or one other ICO, comment on ratings and information materials that you can find in Voting ICO;
PRIZE HOUSE: participate in the distribution of 100 000 tokens * at the end of ICO FUNDERY **.
* 100 000 tokens equals 100 000 $.
** Fundery - the ecosystem, the technology underlying Voting ICO.
Does that sound good to you? Then go for it! LIST

Why ICO Ratings?

Our ratings are composed not by anonymous experts based on some of the methods made by them, but by an unlimited number of ICO-Investors. Thus, the formation method of ICO Ranking is built on the merits of collective intelligence. It is common knowledge that collective judgments and judgments are more deliberate and rational than the position of a single expert.

Thank you for recording all the voting results in Blockchain, the rating is absolutely transparent and the most secure of falsification results.
We use simple and transparent protection mechanisms from «cheats» that may affect the honesty of our judgments:
 a voting protocol with a unique code of a person who chooses to be incorporated into Blockchain;
 For all calculations we use simple mathematical formulas that we do not hide from anyone. More detailed information is available in the user guide.

More detailed information is available in the user guide.


What is the ICOVOTING token?
  • Token standard: ERC-20
  • Token’s symbol: VTS
  • Total supply: 10 000 000
  • Price: 1 token for 1 unit of advertising space

The value of our token increases in proportion to the attendance of the platform.

Without registration you can:

Get information about all on-going ICO in the world from the section ICO Info
See summary rating results

Advantages of the registration

Free access to the carefully verified set of information enough for making investment decisions
The opportunity to vote for one or another ICO, comment your any information material on ICOVOTING

How does our system work?

Each registered user of ICOvoting is characterized by several parameters:

Unique code (a set of the symbols that we use in order you can identify yourself in the protocol of the voting without showing your personal data)
Votes — VTS (an indicator of your contribution to each period of voting)
Expert power — EXP (your status as an expert on ICOvoting)

Votes (VTS) — the indicator which characterizes your maximum contribution to each period of voting. The more your VTS, the more expensive each percent (or part of percent) is which you give for one or another ICO.

Expert power (EXP) — the indicator that reflects the quality of your participation in ICOvoting.

For More Information:

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IMMVRSE - Blocked VR Encrypted, Connected & Decentralized Video-Sharing Platforms

Foto Immvrse.

Greetings Community,

ImmVRse is an encrypted, connected & decentralized VR blockbain video-sharing platform, where VR content manufacturers can showcase their talents to a wide audience. Brands can hire content producers and also directly advertise to audiences on the platform. Viewers can interact with the community by liking, commenting and sharing videos, in addition to receiving awards as an incentive.


ImmVRse offers a revolutionary platform for brands that want to branch out into the new and exciting VR world, allowing them to hire creators quickly, easily and easily.

Advertisers will buy IMV to pay for advertising. Part of the profits will be distributed to content producers and public audiences.

Users will receive IMV as a form of payment to watch videos.

Viewers can store their tokens in their ImmVRse ™ wallet or sell them on the exchange.

Brands will be able to search through decentralized search engines and recruit / recruit content producers through ImmVRse.

Companies will be able to pay for jobs using IMV and Ethereal.

Cryptocurrency traders, hedge funds and financial services will be able to swap ImmVRse tokens (IMVs) through multiple exchanges.

The content creator will be at the center of the ecosystem. All transactions in the ecosystem will be validated and encrypted using the Ethereum smart contract function. As a result, the ecosystem will run without the need of an arbitrary third party or financial controller.


Virtual reality is the next big wave in consumer technology. The world rarely experiences an important leap towards the future and this represents the VR, having the ability to change how we interact with the world around us.

Experts believe that although VR growth will not be exponential, the industry will surpass expectations in the next five years. It is also predicted that almost every household will have a pair of virtual reality headsets because the concept will gradually infiltrate into a number of industries.

Research conducted by Goldman Sachs shows a positive forecast for virtual reality. Total revenue for this industry will grow from US $ 28 billion in 2020 to US $ 79 billion by 2020, with an accelerated uptake project up to US $ 110 billion.

FORECASTS INDUSTRY (2017). Profiles in Innovation: Virtual & Augmented Reality. [online] Available at: [Accessed 03 Oct. 2017]. (2017). SuperData Research | Games data and market research »Virtual Reality Market and Consumers. [online] Available at: [Accessed 01 Oct. 2017].


ImmVRse will distribute 33.33% (100 million IMVs) of the total circulation during the ICO. 52.70% of the tokens will be retained as a form of capital reserve. From the entire pool of 300 million IMVs, the tokens will be distributed in the following way:

Raised funds from ICO will be allocated in the following ways:

For more information and join Immvrse social media at this time please follow some sources for the following references:

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SIGLO - The Future of Mobile Transactions And Connectivity In The Market With High Growth

Foto SigloCoin.

Greetings Community,


Siglo is the future of mobile transactions and connectivity in high-growth markets, where increased access to networks is paid for by brand sponsors. Siglo is a catalyst for digital and financial inclusion.


Siglo facilitates digital and financial inclusion in emerging markets by enabling mobile application users who use their protocols to gain value and exchange for increased mobile access and other goods and services. Users collect this value by sharing their attention and, when they choose, select data or opinion, then redeem it with mobile connectivity in the form of top-up airtime with mobile operators. The first application that uses the Siglo protocol is called and monetizes consensual data usage and returns this revenue to 1 million registered users in Mexico and Colombia.


The Siglo protocol will facilitate transactions between users, stakeholders who like to wish to sponsor these users' connectivity, and providers like mobile operators. Over 70% of the worlds' mobile phones are prepaid and individuals in emerging market struggle to have consistent connectivity, largely due to the high cost. On the other side, brands and other stakeholders are willing to become sponsors of an increased connectivity in exchange for user attention, consumer insights, or even brand surveys. The first app to use the protocol from day one is called, currently operating in Latin America with a million registered users who earn reward coins and spend them on airtime top-ups and other digital or offline products. Most of these users have never had a traditional bank account performed by mobile financial transaction before After extensive testing and build-out of the protocol, Siglo will be open for other apps to use, with the purchase of a small stake of Siglo tokens.


Currently, there are 14 people remain from 6 countries between Siglo and team. These include technical, commercial and sales development teams, campaign management, content producing editors for, and marketing.

Joel and Isaac Phillips were the brothers and founders of and Siglo. They have visited more than 50 countries, mostly emerging markets with prepaid connectivity. They have spent the last 3 years living and running a company with operations based in Mexico City. It is important to go beyond theory and be on the ground in emerging markets to understand how users live, think, connect, and consume the internet. At the same time, working with service providers, brands, and even mom & pop stores in emerging markets is very different from highly developed ones.

For More Information:

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ALMBANK - User-Based Offshore Market

Foto AlmBank.

Greetings Community,

The ALM Bank (AALM) is a "user-based offshore market and charity work for ICO, crypto work, and blockchain work."

Basically, this is a market platform that acts as a catalyst for new jobs in the crypto community.

There is also a charity component for the project as well.

What services are offered:

Some of the services offered by AALM include a growing job market for crypto professionals.

Instant Token Transaction and can be used as payment for completed work. This is useful because it eliminates the need to pay someone in cash.

The market makes it easy to hire someone for a new project and there is only a one time fee associated with hiring a crypto professional.

AALM also offers the opportunity to work on a project funded by charitable donations. Through community up-voting, projects are evaluated and selected by market members; This ensures that the best community projects are considered to be filled in first.

Especially every year people will make a dream project to solve it.

How the service will be used:

AALM can be considered a decentralized Linkedin supporter for crypto fans.

This is where the potential bosses and employees meet. Employers post jobs on the market and users can view and register to posts.

The employer has the option to also make a charity or post a chance to start.

Again, the goal is to help Crypto Freelance professionals find work.

The ICO platform seeks to give job seekers a better way to get jobs because the current methods remain unreliable and ambiguous.

There are many forums, bulletin boards, and inefficient websites that make the work of the crypto community hard to find.

This, combined with the high cost, can make potential prospective crypto seekers. AALM will use secure blockchain technology to get rid of this problem.

This will look to meet the needs of every type of crypto professional: for example poor investors, wealthy investors, charity workers, and freelancers. AALM services will only be used to ensure a smooth payment.

Duration of hiring and who is hired will be submitted to employers and job seekers.

What results will AALM give to people:

Putting it in an easy way to understand it employs people in meaningful jobs.

This platform gives people the opportunity to show off their skills and possibly make room for the upcoming ICO team. Likewise, this could be a market for crypto entrepreneurs to shop for ideal candidates.

Alm tokens can be used as payment or users can utilize barter system. 30% of all funds on the platform will be supported by the AALM team, ensuring the system will never disappear if there is a disaster occurring in the crypto market.

By using Ethereal based token platforms, people from all over the world will be able to start new companies and find the best workers.

This will result in a major positive change in world labor exchange.

Part 2: Crowdsale Analysis - Details & Supply Token
Total token supply: 99.999.000
Token type: ERC-20
Token Price: 1 ETH = 1000 AALM

ICO / Crowdsale Distribution:

30% - Sale of Presale and Crowd
25% - Administrative Team
10% N / A
15% - Loads
15% - Sold in the future
Bonus Referral 2.5%
Bounty Campaign 2.5%

ICO Team Member:

FOUNDER / CEO - Austin Muhs
ICO Advisor:

CFO - Jisook Choi
Head of UX / UI Development
Marketing Consultant - Rob Rukstalis
Head of Platform Development - Kenn Palm
Token / Management Development Chief - Pavel Rubin
Chief Token Economomics - Corey Feco

Some Resources For Reference:

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