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Saturday, January 27, 2018

ASTRCOIN - Building a Decentralized Database

Hallo All, in this Blog I will introduce about ASTRCoin Asteroid Blockchain Ledger project - your claim to Space, and for more details let's just go to the following discussion:


"Space Democratization"

Asteroids, Ltd. is building a decentralized database whereby private individuals, corporations and nation states can register claims on mining rights to more than 600,000 identified asteroids in near orbit spaces using our smart and proprietary BlockClaim contract mechanism.

The BlockClaim mechanism is modeled after ICANN, a system that is familiar to all of us, where individuals who want to "claim" a website address apply for a particular website and register their domain.

Asteroid, Ltd. will provide a service that allows claimants to secure claims to certain asteroids in the database and act as registrars to claimants using this asteroid proprietary BlockClaim mechanism. Each individual will put BlockClaim into a specific asteroid and public and private ledgers will be created on the Ethereal platform. This will be achieved through smart contracts, protocol tokens, called ASTRs, and important data sets that identify over 600,000 asteroids and about $ 700 quintiles of mineral dollars. Each BlockClaim will consist of registration using ASTR Token and provides a lasting record of the mining claim.

A BlockClaim may only be registered using ASTRCOINS!

  • 600,000 asteroids we've found ...
  • The Asteroid Belt for $ 700 per minute
Presented by :

ASTR Token Is Defining Moment In Developing Advanced Space Exploration.

What is Blockclaim?

BlockClaim Logo = Representation of Asteroid Fractional Matrix Expressed as Percentage of Total Claim Value ("TCV").

1. Each Asteroid Has an Estimate of Total Value

= $$$ Estimated Value.

2.Change Any Asteroid In Many Blockclaims

= Asteroids

= Asteroids with lots of BlockClaims

= BlockClaim

3.Blockclaims Asteroids Available To Register At Initial Registration Fee1 ASTRCoin Equals $ 10 USD At Token Generation Event.


Asteroid 162173 RYUGU (1999 JU3) = $ 82.76 Billion Dollar USD * (EST)

Asteroid 162173 RYUGU (1999 JU3) = Est. $ 1 Million USD TCV

Asteroid 162173 RYUGU (1999 JU3) = 82,760 BlockClaims

Asteroid 162173 RYUGU (1999 JU3) has an estimated value of USD $ 82.76 billion Dollar. ($ 82,760,000,000).

ASTR Token has an intrinsic (supported) value of $ 1,000 USD per Token. It is based on BlockClaims $ 200 billion USD owned by Asteroid Ltd; which will be achieved through the registration of 200,000 BlockClaims  within the first 6 months after ICO.

ASTR Tokens are uniquely positioned as the current transactional currency through BlockClaim® and in the future as potential digital currencies in asteroid mining.

Our projections show that millions of claims will be registered using BlockClaims® deliver ASTRcoins® instant and persistent liquidity.

BlockClaim and ASTR Tokens provide a path to spectacular growth "As we reach the Stars".

  • Project Details Token Crowdsale
  • Asteroid Coin - ASTR Based on: ETH - ETHER
  • ASTR Tokens Available: 75,000,263
  • 50% Crowdsale Token (supply)
  • Number of ASTR Supply Token: 155,000,236
All 100,000,000 ASTR tokens will be issued after the closing of the Token Sales. If any remaining ASTR Token is available they will be reallocated to the company for use in the Ecosystem BlockClaim.

  • 9.800.000 ASTR for Management & Employees
  • 200,000 ASTR to keep BlockClaims held by Asteroid Ltd. supports ASTR Token value
  • 200,000 BlockClaims will be registered within 6 months post ICO. This will support ASTRToken value by giving ASTR Token an intrinsic value of $ 1,000 USD.
Upon completion of the Token Generation event, ASTRCOIN will soon be used as a currency to register BlockClaim creating token liquidity with steady growth and future purchasing power.

For more information, please see our White Paper.

Use of Results

The results of Token Sale will be allocated as shown in the visual representation:

Blockclaim Ecosystem Roadmap

ICO + 0

  • Initial Coins Offer
  • List of ASTR® tokens on Exchange
  • Bootstrap builds a community and begins to implement processes in the "Ceres" phase for the Society
  • Marketing and Advertising to expand the Asteroid Society Verified membership beyond the current 28,000 members
ICO + 6

Society & Claim System
  • Complete Development of BlockClaim Asteroid Platform
  • The first launch of the Claim Platform that allows ASTR Tokens to register BlockClaims in Asteroids
  • Expansion of Community Asteroids to add a market for members to register BlockClaims  using ASTR  Token.
  • Develop iOS and Android mobile apps to allow immediate and continuous access to mine claim registration.
ICO + 12

  • ABE Asteroid BlockClaim Exchange. Bring on Exchange online to allow trading of BlockClaims.
  • Invest in Space Ventures and Innovations.
  • Develop AstroScouts®; a membership organization for boys and girls, ages 6-17, for space exploration, scientific studies, games and activities related to the discovery of astronomy.
ICO + 24

Exploration & Growth
  • Introducing Visualization and 3D Mapping from You BlockClaim®.
  • Introduce royalty domicile for the plaintiff's government.
  • Sophisticated massively multiplayer Online Game ("MMO Game"); Within the game framework each player will define a "real world" solution to the challenges of space exploration and exploration.

  • 75% Discount
  • 4.300.000 transacted from 10,000,000 allocated
  • Direct ICO
  • 60% Discount
  • 90.000.000 ASTRcoins ® is available
  • Closing Date
  • January 31st
  • from 2018
We have extended our ICO Launch Window so everyone can participate.

Some Resources For Reference:

The bitcointalk name: Aray80

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