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Tuesday, December 5, 2017

INVESTY - Platform For Crypto Investors Decentralized

The investment platform is a decentralized independent ecosystem platform that allows private traders to invest in platforms using cyrptocurrencies (digital money). Illegal economy, high energy costs, high levels of political uncertainty that prevent healthy business, and state inefficiency and corruption are some of the obstacles to investing in the real world.

In Investy platform, they provide sufficient liquidity and opportunity to invest after investment and earn 100% income. Constraints on the way to success are always questions and fears. Therefore, all users who are willing to join must teach and join the platform to enjoy investment, investment, and high profits, safe, transparent, easy, fast and easy.

Investy offers the largest environment for investors to participate, be part of a decentralized digital currency, take advantage of it and start a new dawn as we think about money. Investy is taking a new strategy to build a radically better investment and financial system that allows users in countries around the world to invest effortlessly. Fast and without expensive brokers and investies also help their clients build a safer financial future. They have introduced a token (IVC token), which is traded on the market and thus maintains liquidity.

Investments has introduced a new crypto currency road map that will increase its lucrative subscription.
  • First Quarter First Subscription (September 2017 - November 2017) Pre-sale closing through pre-sale of closed prototypes, opening a website to establish relationships between companies and token sales competitions by creating portfolios, demo portfolios and more.
  • The second quarter (February, May and August 2018) will be marked by the introduction of trading terminals, integration of crypto funds, public portfolio; Release of decentralized trust or real estate management; and start the investment index.

Expect a system, a money gate for investors (respectively). As you can see, the road map above shows us in 2018 where all our goals are realized. Good customer service involves two things, how efficient the company's support team is, and what questions can they handle with their customers. Answers Scripts can work to some extent, but there are also some questions that your team members need to answer.

This is a major challenge for organizations to face, and this is a very tedious task for everyone involved. This is not considered a challenge in the Investy ecosystem platform, but support team members provide flexible answers to these requirements.

Their name is, Stanislave Losev - who is the system and financial management, Artem Moiseenk - the development of front-end; Alexander Trubrikor - website developer; Anton Makunin - system administrator Country Aleksed Pershini CEO experienced manager of the businessman, Alexander Vedernikov - Enterprise Architect; and others are included in ICO's White Paper.Common and its benefits begin in November.

The token sale will be subdivided at a later stage of a close initial sale, which will be sold at a price of 9,000,000 with a capital of $ 306,000 and a 1IVC @ 0.34 token for sale, a minimum of 142 million IVC will be sold as well as bonus bonuses granted depending on the time interval of participation in sales token hardcap = $ 14,200,000 and token fee IVC = $ 0, 1Token Assignment: In advance sales, token sales receive 75%, consultant and experts 5%, 5% prizes and contests and 15% team of total capital of $ 14 ,2 million. Do not miss this privileged privilege Investy offers its users.

For more information please visit;
  • Website: https: //investy.io/
  • Whitepaper: https: //investy.io/Investy-WP-0.9-EN.pdf
  • Facebook: https: //www.facebook.com/investy3/
  • Twitter: https: //twitter.com/Investy3
  • Telegram: https: //t.me/InvestyCommunityEN

Username Bct: Aray80

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