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LIBERDY - Creating a New Digital Advertising Economy

Foto Liberdy.

Greetings Community,

Liberdy’s Vision

Liberdy has created a new, fair digital advertising economy by developing a robust data trading platform that rewards users for the use of their personal information.

What We Do?

Liberdy has developed a decentralized advertising Data Management Platform (DMP) powered by blockchain technology that rewards users for the use advertisers
make of their data. The online advertising industry is facing two main challenges:
• Data is not treated as commodity and therefore users are not considered as part of the ecosystem
• Advertisers suffer from the lack of accurate data in an ecosystem that is not transparent Liberdy leverages the advantages of blockchain technology and GDPR regulation to empower users to manage their data rights and profit from the use of their personal information. 
The purchase and exchange of data happens in the background every time we go online, but the users who drive the data get very little in return and this is where Liberdy comes in. 

By reclaiming their data, users become equal partners in the online advertising ecosystem for the very first time, receiving fair payment for a commodity they own.
The data extracted to the DMP is information that users already share with companies like Google, Facebook and Amazon. Powered by the blockchain, we ensure user data is of the highest quality, accurate, verified and time-stamped. All transactions being recorded on the blockchain are transparent to all the different players. Our consent- based DMP gives advertisers access to unique and reliable data, which up to now could not be obtained outside the walled gardens of Facebook
and Google. It also creates a transparent economy which sees users, the true data owners, as a partner in building the future of permission-based advertising.

Liberdy's Ecosystem

• Get rewarded for the data you already share
with Google, Facebook and Amazon
• Keep control of the collected information
• Access an advanced rebate platform

• Easily integrate with the DSP of your choice
• Tap into a rich international data warehouse
• Access top-notch consent based data
• Benefit from data verified on the blockchain

• Generate a new revenue stream
• Enhance your users data
• Make the most of the GDPR regulation

Market Opportunity

In 2017, the size of the global digital ad spending market is expected to have reached 228 billion dollars, representing 19% growth over last year. In 2018, we anticipate a 16.5% growth to 266 billion dollars.
The last 2 years have seen an incredible boom in data generation, with the creation of 90% of all available data, and this market is expected to grow 27% per year.
Data is key to the success of any marketing operation. As a result, the digital advertising market is controlled by a limited number of companies. Experts show that virtually all of the growth in digital ad spending went to Google and Facebook, which already account for more than three-quarters of the market.
Our data is Facebook and Google’s biggest asset. 
This data is what forces other media companies (basically Google and Facebook’s competitors) to work with them as it is almost impossible to get the same results online without these powerful insights, without our data. 

Product Flow

Liberdy has developed a decentralized Data Management Platform on the blockchain that segments, manages, protects and verifies data. Our solution seamlessly fits into the existing digital advertising ecosystem, addressing its needs for reliable data by ensuring transparency and accuracy.
• Liberdy APP - an application that manages all user's interaction with Liberdy Data Platform. This application is responsible for extracting, verifying and uploading the user's personal data. The app also acts as a wallet that manages tokens, balance and rewards.
• Liberdy Data Platform - is responsible for the interactions with the users and management of data import process. The data is segmented , taxonomy is created , and stored in the DMP . Advertisers buy segments from the DMP.
• Demand - segmented data is sold to the relevant entities in the Adtech industry.

The LIB Utility Token Flow

The currency of the Liberdy ecosystem will be the LIB token. There will be a fixed (non-inflating) supply of 1,000m LIBs for these purposes. Our users earn 85% of the tokens received from advertisers that buy their segmented data.

• TGE soft cap - $5,000,000
• TGE hard cap - $30,000,000

ICO Tokens Allocation


Advisory Board

For More Information:

Bitcointalk username :Aray80

MUSK - Decentralized, High-tech, New Block-Based Investment Platform

Foto Musk Project.

Greetings Community,

What is Musk Coin?

Mush Coin, is a new, decentralized, high-tech, block-based investment platform and an angel investment platform that enables transactions with opportunities without transfer fees under the name Musk Project. The Musk project began to be developed with its own network block technology with its slogan "I am not a superhero, I am a super cryptocurrency" by 2017 and is starting to become a future crypto in the future. In addition, the Musk Project that has been open to new ideas and projects over the years will be able to discover new ideas and new viewers thanks to this project. It is also created to be easily used by shop owners, online shopping sites and other platforms by selecting developers, innovators and experienced teams.

Musk Coin (MSK) produced in limited quantities also allows the creation of tokens. It makes all transactions transiently on a P2P application by using its own block chain by an experienced developer. In addition, the API platform was created to facilitate the application of other parties' Musk anf. I want to start with the concept of entrepreneurship before the concept of angel investor. In addition to being a term used for a long time, entrepreneurship has come to this day to grow. However, it is difficult to define what entrepreneurship is with an explicit line. Most people say that it has crossed their minds when they hear or see a new idea. The difference between entrepreneurs is that of practicing them at the same time. Then, we can define an enterpreur as a person who finds a trading business by determining needs and making it a business idea and taking risks. If so, does he become an entrepreneur if there are people and ideas that put him in the market? At this point, we must mention the small line between enterprize and enterpreneurship.

What are the features of Musk?

Among Musk's most important features are performance and security. As you know, the most important factor in any area of ​​money transactions there is security. So Musk Project is targeted to create a system that can perform thousands of transactions in seconds without problems and a team of experienced security and team mates who revolutionize this and that works.
In addition, Tim Musk who eliminates the jawdropping transfer fee offers the opportunity to transact as a no-load transfer.
The Musk project that prioritizes easy-to-use usability and simplicity makes the WRAPPER APIs easy to develop and other platforms.

Base blockhain noncentral own
High performance with high technology
The opportunity of thousands of transactions in one second

The API platform commissions free fees for other services
Pictographic user interface sync with all browsers
Her own online wallet with simple usage for trade

What is the function of the system?

Musk coin benefits RSA algorithm fronm while creating a wallet. Your private and confidential Musk passwords are infected RSA keys encrypted with base64. When you log on the system, the base64 data is destroyed and verifies whether your key matches or not. If your key matches, you can reach the wallet interface and you can make quick, easy, and no-load transactions.

What is algorthym RSA?

RSA, is a technique of encryption based on the difficulty of transacting with integers that are too large. The alogoryme is named after the first letter of developers named Ron Rivest, Adi Shamir and Leonard Adleman, first and last name.


This is asymmetric encrypting algorythm. Instead of using only one key as in encryption, two keys used one of them are private key and the other is public key.
The level of reliability in proportion to the superiority of the prime number used in encryption.
It's possible to create authentication with digital signatures and share secure data especially in systems with multiple users.
The numerical superiority of the key to be used is also important for high speed in addition to system reliability. The necesaary superiority to achieve reliability level is sufficiently determined by using Eliptical Curve Coding algorythm (ECC).


A symmetric encoding creates an important shared private key for the party that takes the encoded data to decode it. But there is no need to share private keys because RSA is an asymmetric encoding system. The user's private key does not need to be saved. This frees the system from large storage loads. Because it is difficult to transact with large numbers, it is a password decrypting technique with extreme reliability.


For more information and join Musk social media today please follow some of the following links:

The bitcointalk name: Aray80

CEYRON - Unify the Financial and Technological Expertise of Revolutionary Blockchain Technology

Foto Ceyron.

Hello Everyone,

Ceyron Finance Ltd (hereinafter referred to as "CFL"), intends to unite the financial industry and technology expertise of revolutionary blockchain.

You can send Ceyron as easy as e-mail. No matter where you live, you can send and receive Ceyron in seconds.

We use a decentralized blockchain technology, so no third party is centralized to be trusted. Transactions are made directly between users.

Ceyron will only supply 250 million coins. So prices tend to rise, when demand is high and the amount of coins remaining does not increase.


The CEY Token is a smart functional utility contract within the Fund. The CEY Token is non-refundable. The CEY Token is not for speculative investment. No appointments of future performance or value will be made in respect of the CEY Token, including the absence of an inherent value pledge, no promise to resume payment, and there is no guarantee that the CEY Token will have any value. The CEY token is not a security and is not a participation in the Company. The CEY Token has no rights in the Company.

The CEY Token is a digital token to be issued to the investor (s) and represents the interests of a lucrative shareholding in a separate class of non-voting equity shares in Ceyron. The official title of the tokens will be trusted by the Loyal Agency & Trust Corp ("LATC" or "Nominee") for the token holder, and the token holder will provide a favorable interest at Ceyron Finance Ltd. Nominee is independent and is not involved in the management or operation of the Fund or Fund Manager described below.

Offering: Token CEY - Digital token-based smart ethere contracts representing lucrative holdings in non-voting shares in CEY, to be held by Loyal Agency & Trust Corp. to trust holders of CEY Tokens.

Token Name: Ceyron
Token Symbol: CEY
Contract Address: 0xebc71036a37451e87cc43af8ae7ac123aa750dcb
Decimal: 8
Price Per Token: $ 0.10 USD per CEY Token
Number of Tokens Sold: 250,000,000
Start of Token Pre-Sale: 2/16/18
End of Token Pre-Sale: 3/15/18
Discount Pre-Discount: 25%, 15%, 5%
Start of Token Sale: 3/16/18
Soft Cap: 2 Million USD
Cap Hard: 45 Million USD
Starting from Bounty Registration: 02/15/2018
End of Sale Token: When Hard cap is reached
Accepted Currency: BTC, ETH, LTC, PayPal and Credit / Debit card
PS: Any time and date in the above schedule may change at absolute CFL discretion.



The moment you acquire CEY, the world opens to you.

The dedicated Ceyron exchange site allows you to buy and sell your CEY and other crypto currency.

Life without fees. Your card will always be treated as a local currency card and you will get perfect interbank exchange rates, whenever you are.

Anyone can run the wallet and transact with the same anonymity as Bitcoin.

Just like Bitcoin, it can be sent anywhere, whenever and wherever you want.

Send & receive international payments without any third party involvement.


The CEY Card will be a physical, virtual, and debit MasterCard with mobile application which will allow for the use of twenty (20) foreign currencies from a single card. In the marketplace for similar lifestyle cards, in addition to a per transaction fee, most cards charge a percentage of the market rate of the spread of the currency exchange. Customers who travel to multiple countries with various forms of currency inevitably run into the “Cash Withdrawal Fee” and “Currency Transaction Fee.” These charges are often a percentage of the transaction plus a flat fee, industry-leading fees are between 2.75% – 2.99%.


Our cards are issued with CHIP capability, most of them with Contactless technology, too. What does this mean?

CHIP (also called EMV) is a technology of making your debit card far more secure and very hard to copy or clone. With CHIP cards your confidential information is far safer than with old-fashioned magnetic stripe technology and card authorisations, such as when you buy something, are faster, more reliable and far more secure. This technology is standardised worldwide and your CHIP enabled debit card can be used and is compatible everywhere (where Mastercard is accepted).

Contactless (formerly called paypass) is a card technology that allows for quick payment for small personal purchases in shops etc. by just tapping or waving the card at a card terminal. No PIN or signature is needed for small amount purchases. There are protections against accidental or double payments. Contactless replaces cash for small payments.

The CEY Token funds will be used to provide funding for the following:


Period Milestones/ Targets
Q1 2018 ICO starts
Q4 2018 Listing on crypto exchanges
Q1 2019
• Build a secured credit portfolio with the Fund;
• Expand CEY Debit Card plan and capabilities, integrate strategic partner Debit Cards with CEY Debit Card and extend the local fiat debit card capabilities including crypto wallets;
• Hire engineers for integrating to build out cryptocurrency exchange and Debit Card features.
• Launch of the CEY Debit Card Program, in which CEY intends to open approximately fifteen thousand (15,000) to twenty thousand (20,000) cards worldwide.
Q2 2019 Complete the cryptocurrency exchange and include cross exchange trading capabilities, increase the tokens listed on such exchange to other ERC20 tokens, and complete seamless integration of these exchange platforms to debit cards.
Q1 2020 Build decentralized applications to solve for complex banking needs, like smart contracts to facilitate the payment of sales tax at point of sale terminals.

For More Information:

Bitcointalk username : Aray80

INVOX - A Successful Invoicing Financing Company Based In Australia

Foto Invox Finance.

Hello Everyone,

Who is Invox Finance?

Invox Finance Pty Ltd was founded by members of the ABR Finance Pty Ltd team, a successful invoice financing company based in Australia. As our team is currently undergoing an expansion phase, please visit our website (www.invoxfinance.io) for the most up to date information on our team.

What is Invoice Financing?
Traditional invoice financing is based on a financier purchasing invoices from the seller.1 In return, the financier agrees to advance monies to the seller against each invoice. The buyer 2 who purchased the seller’s products must pay the invoices directly to the financier.

What is the key issue with traditional Invoice Financing?
The key issue with traditional invoice financing is that the financier purchasing an invoice from the seller and advancing the funds against it does not have a direct relationship with the buyer. The financier solely trusts the information provided by the seller. As a result, the relationship between the seller and the buyer is not completely transparent to the financier, and therefore exposes the financier to a considerable risk of the invoice not being paid as agreed or disputed.

How will Invox Finance Platform solve the problem?
The Invox Finance Platform is a decentralised peer-to-peer invoice lending platform that will allow sellers, buyers, investors and other service providers to directly connect, interact, share and distribute information. The platform aims to create a trusting environment by facilitating transparency between parties and rewarding performance.
This platform will disrupt and revolutionise traditional invoice financing by implementing a system where trust and transparency between all parties is developed through an in-built reward system. In addition, the execution of transactions and flow of information will not be dependent on one single centralised service provider, but instead governed by a transparent set of rules executed on a fully distributed ledger.

Who will use our system?
– Investors3 seeking higher rates of return and diversification of their investment portfolio.
– Sellers who have invoices they wish to sell to accelerate their cash-flow.
– Buyers who will receive extended invoice payment periods and be rewarded for verifying invoices.

Will the users of the system need to know anything about blockchain?
No, the user interface on the Invox Finance Platform will create a seamless user experience. In particular, the user interface will allow for all payments to be made in fiat currencies by utilising our banking partners’ API.

What is an Invox Token?
Invox Tokens will be created on the Ethereum network using the ERC-20 standard and will have the following utility:
– provide access to the platform through the Trusted Member Program; and
– reward work performed for the platform. That is, the system will reward buyers and sellers with Invox Tokens for invoice verification, payment of invoices and settlement.

How can I get involved?
We are raising funds to develop the system, market the service and build a community. The founding team will have invested over $500,000 AUD in cash at the completion of the ICO. Invox Finance intends to offer Invox Tokens to institutional and retail investors to help fund the evolution of invoice financing. You can also get
involved by joining the Invox Finance community and participate in bounty programs.

Why should I participate in the Initial Coin Offering?
Invox Tokens will entitle its holders to access the Invox Finance Platform through the Trusted Member Program.1 By participating in the Invox Finance two stage ICO, you will be provided with the opportunity to acquire Invox Tokens at a discount.

How is our ICO being run?
The ICO is being run in two parts with a bonus system rewarding participants in the pre-ICO as well as during the ICO itself. For more information visit www.invoxfinance.io. 

The Platform Overview

The Invox Finance Platform is a distributed peer-to-peer invoice lending platform that will allow sellers, buyers, investors and other service providers to connect, interact, share and distribute information. This platform will facilitate an eco-system where trust between the parties is developed via an in-built reward system. The execution of transactions and flow of information are not dependent on one single centralised service provider, but are governed by a transparent set of rules executed on a fully distributed ledger. 

This will further promote the confidence of all parties in each other as well as furthering the successful completion of each invoice lending transaction. Furthermore, the Invox Finance Platform will provide sellers (who wish to borrow funds against their invoices) direct access to individual investors. This peer-to-peer lending environment will benefit both the sellers and the investors. Sellers will be able to obtain financing at lower interest rates than otherwise received from a financier. Investors will be granted access to an investment product that is for the most part currently only available to the banks and finance companies.

The Invox Finance Platform will comprise of the following:
1. The Blockchain or Distributed Ledger (Ethereum Network)
2. Dynamic Invoice Smart Contracts
3. Loans Smart Contracts
4. User Access and Processing Hub

Initial Coin Offering

Token Value
1 INVOX = 0.0001 ETH
Max Cap
Main Sale Minimum Buy
20,000 ETH ~ $17m USD¹
ETH 0.1
Pre-sale Max Cap
2,941 ETH ~ $2.5m USD¹
Pre-Sale Minimum Buy
ETH 1.0

Token Allocation & Sales Structure

Track every giant leap.

Stage 1
Invest A$500,000 in cash as capital
Create an initial community
Develop the whitepaper
Prepare to conduct the ICO
Define the system framework
Engineer the Dynamic Invoice Smart Contract
Stage 2
Develop the MVP
Conduct the ICO
Stage 3
Complete the MVP
Start user testing to guarantee the release of a quality product

For More Information:

Bitcointalk username :Aray80

LAPO BLOCKCHAIN - Building a Revolutionary Finance Ecosystem Empowering Businesses, Merchants, and Consumers

Foto LAPO Blockchain.

Greetings Community,

LAPO Blockchain builds a revolutionary financial ecosystem that empowers businesses, merchants, and consumers with fast and easy payment solutions integrated with decentralized exchanges backed by artificial intelligence.

Thanks to this innovative technology, you can reduce transaction costs and complexity for business and increase access and usefulness for people.

LAPO Coin is the core of the LAPO ecosystem, called LAPO ePlatform. EPlatform includes a simple and effective multi-currency multipolar of human, payment processing in multiple cryptos, fast personal transactions, wallet-to-wallet, Smart Contract functionality with Tokenisation features linked to LAPO Bank that form a complete ecosystem .

LAPO Blockchain brings stability with traditional Swiss expertise in financial services to crypto assets around the world.

LAPO Coin (LAX), the next generation of Cryptocurrency
The LAPO currency is based on DASH technology that we find most complete for our purposes. LAPO will improve this technology by adding new features including smart contracts, better network stability, faster block generation, and tokenization systems.

Features in an instant:

Human centric and focused Privacy;
Lightweight Blockchain sizes;
Fast transaction time, only 2 to 5 seconds;
Lottery SuperBlock Draw
Atomic Spills;
Aliasing system designed to avoid spoofing, phishing & typing errors;
A multi-lingual wallet and professionally designed for the best User Experience (UX) and for a flat learning curve for end users; using Near Field Communications (NFC) for fund transfers and payments.
Currently LAX Price: 0.01 CHF (USD) / 1 LAX

LAPO ePlatform

LAPO ePlatform is our ecosystem to help build broad crypto acceptance in the "real world".

Focusing on human-centered design provides the best User Experience for people who use LAPO as a daily currency with simple integration for businesses that want a quick and cheap way to handle cashless payments.

LAPO ePlatform offers a wide range of products for private and business clients, from Multi Currency wallets to Business Intelligence Merchant Platform.


LAPO's ambition is to create the first integrated payment ecosystem based on crypto. To realize this ambition, LAPO Bank will be launched in Q4 2019 to complete the LAPO ePlatform offer.

The main service offer from LAPO Bank will be the LAPO Trading Platform. Merchants may exchange on the LAPO Trading Platform in real time fiat to LAPO, LAPO to provide feedback and LAPO on selected crypto. To ensure that LAPO Bank has adequate fiat and cryptocurrency reserves, daily and monthly limits per trader and overall will be implemented.

An additional offer from LAPO Bank will be the first loan in a selected fiat or crypto with a LAPO guarantee. This will allow LAPO to establish and strengthen its position as an innovative cryptocurrency with various use cases in the daily lives of consumers, investors and traders.

Jurisdiction for LAPO Bank will be selected based on favorables rules for cryptocurrency and minimum requirements for set-up.


May 2017
Start developing the concept behind LAPO ePlatform and LAPO Coin.

June 2017
LUI.IS GmbH Blockchain Lab started development of UX from wallet.

July 2017
Based on their inputs apply a new design and a new UX approach to mobile wallet.

September 2017
Another Usability test is performed and feedback is applied.
They started the development of the first blockchain MVP based on Cryptonote.

December 2017
Blockchain design and testing were not as expected and we decided to switch from Cryptonote Blockchain to the Blockchain DASH model.
Lab Blockchain LUI.IS started working in design and UX of ePlatform.

February 2018
Lab Blockchain LUI.IS completed the first version of Lean's Website & White Paper
Alpha Networks are being tested internally.
LAPO Blockchain starts Whitelist Sales upon invitation.

19. February 2018
LAPO Blockchain officially announced its plan & Whitepaper at Bitcointalk Forum

22. March 2018

June 1, 2018
LAPO Blockchain AG will be incorporated as an external company and fully independent of LUI.IS Gmbh Blockchain Lab.
Blockchain Network will be live!
LAPO Blockchain AG will start the LAX distribution

Q3 2018
LAPO Coin (LAX) will be listed at least 3-5 Stocks
LAPO Blockchain AG will release its first Mobile Wallet implementation, API v.0.5, LAPTOP Portal (Beta) & BetaGGG (Beta)
LAPO will organize the 1st LAPO Conference in Zurich

Q4 2018
LAPO Blockchain AG will release a second implementation of the Mobile wallet with a "contactless" payment system
LAPO Blockchain AG will release API v.1.0, stable version of Merchant Portal & eGateway, LAPO Trading Platform (Beta) and Sales LAPO Point (Beta)

Q1 2019
LAPO Blockchain AG will release Mobile Business Wallet, a stable version of Sales Point and Tokenizator LAPO (Beta)

Q2 2019
LAPO Blockchain AG will implement a new algorithm with the idea to be the greenest Cryptocurrency on the market
LAPO Blockchain AG will release API v.2.0 and a stable version of LAPO Tokenizator
LAPO Blockchain AG will forge strategic partnerships with POS companies to integrate LAPO Sale Point Solution

Q3 2019
LAPO Blockchain AG will release a stable version of the LAPO Trading Platform and the LAPO Smart Contract Platform (Beta).
LAPO Coin (LAX) will be listed in the Top 5 Worldwide Exchanges
LAPO Blockchain AG will launch the new Network v.2.0, faster and stable.

LAPO Blockchain AG will host the 2nd LAPO Conference.
October 2019

Q4 2019
LAPO Blockchain AG will integrate Transaction Protection on all Business Transactions using LAPO Merchant Portal
LAPO Blockchain AG will release API v.3.0 and a stable version of the LAPO Smart Contract Platform
LAPO Blockchain AG will complete the Acquisition Bank that created the LAPO Bank.

For More Information:

Bitcointalk username :Aray80

PEP NETWORK - Presenting Visually Appealing Content

Greetings Community,

What PEP network?
PEP Network's vision is to present exciting, emotionally appealing, and runtime visual content that pushes the industry forward to a new form of expressive content. Animojis, Live Stickers & Camera AR Lens is happening, the need for expressive content expands exponentially & has no personalization, engagement. The existing content market is closed and stuck with an outdated business model involving an unfair economy for Creators, Consumers & Developers.

PEP Network
The PEP network brings new standards to the industry, transforming existing business models into stronger, transparent and enables fast scalability in different markets, combining our innovations with Blockchain, AI and Distributed Rendering power, the PEP Network will bring Creators, Consumers, Developers and Render Miners jointly revolutionized the Economics of Personalized Content.

Why Blockchain

No Middleman
No commissions, full value transfer to artist & developer
Transfer value via blockchain guarantees no loss

Copyright Storage
All content details and exchange details are stored in blockchain.

Render Farm
Distributed rendering capabilities that leverage millions of idle CPU & GPUs for efficient remumerative rendering and keep track of by blockchain.

Global Reach
Content Eco-system is decentralized, in which the artists create, developers build and express the user

Funds are allocated transparently in accordance with pre-determined agreements

The smart contract model ensures the token is transferred to the influencer once the task is completed.


PEP Network Ecosystem

The first decentralized ecosystem for personalized expressive content trading on distributed rendering network. A community friendly and trustless personalized content exchange among participants achieved by blockchain technology, which allows
➔ Content ownership and copyright to creators
➔ Runtime personalization of content by consumers
➔ Facilitates custom apps to integrate and access content marketplace for developers
➔ Distributed rendering capability utilizing idle CPUs and GPUs for Render Farmers
thereby ensuring fair allocation of remuneration for all participants.
PEP Network ecosystem offers a decentralized marketplace for personalized and self expressive content. It will be one stop market for all self expressive and personalized content needs for the consumers and brands. It fosters direct economic relationships between developers, creators, consumers and Render Farmers with value shared among the participants.

The purpose of PEP Network ecosystem is to facilitate participants to create, copyright, manage and distribute personalized self expressive content. Participants use the services/ tools provided by this ecosystem to express themselves and also to create personalized content. To do so, they need to subscribe to use services and the payment for the same would using PEP token.

Token Details

Token Allocation Summary
In the PEP Network Smart contract Token generation, 600,000,000 PEP tokens will be created. 50% of the PEP tokens created will be sold to Public, and 5% reserved for Bonuses. The rest will be allocated for Reward & Incentives, Team and Future stakeholders. The contributions would be terminated upon achieving the Hard Cap or Sale tier end date is reached, whichever comes first.
● All the unsold tokens of the ICO token sales including bonuses would be transferred to Reward and Incentive Pool and locked in for a period of 6 months
● The PEP tokens allocated to the team would be locked in a smart contract for a 24 month vesting schedule with 6 months cliff 

Token Allocation
1. Hard Cap : $30 million
2. Payment Methods : BTC, ETH
3. Total PEP Tokens : 600,000,000
4. PEP Tokens for Sale : 50%

Token Sale Details
Whitelist PreSale : To Be Announced
Public sale : To Be Announced


(Jul 2015) Founded Mobigraph Inc
(Jun 2016) Launched QUGO
Launch Xpresso (Jan)
Chrome Plugin,Telegram Bot (Jun)
1 AR Partner Signed,400k Users (Nov)
(Apr)ICO Token Presale
(Jun)Wallet Integration Xpresso, API to developers
(Sep)1 keyboard partner ,Content Studio,2m users.
2 Messaging,Keyboard Apps,Bot-Studio,16M users.
Render Farming,ad-studio ,25M users(Jun)
Photo-Avatar,50M Users(Sep)
(Jan)Content Resell,Render Farming Mobile,
100M Users
Next Billion Users

For More Information:

Bitcointalk username :Aray80