Friday, October 19, 2018

BAANX - The First Decentralization Cryptobank Network in the World

Hello everyone, If you are interested in joining the Baanx project, it is a good idea to read reviews that can help you get information that might help you see their vision and mission, as follows: 

Baanx is the World's 1st Decentralised Cryptobank Network. We use Smart Contracts to Share Bank Licenses and Create Cutting Edge, Branded Cryptobanks in Days not Years. Accessibility 

Easy Mobile Access for all Cryptobank end Customers to bring Cryptocurrency use into daily, convenient life and build a network to rival Traditional Banking. Easy Access to start for Cryptobank brand owners and a huge number of highly attractive planned modules to build Cryptobanks with fully managed, automated, AI (robo advisors) led services. Open Source API allows Financial App Developers to grow new Services Fast on Baanx. 

Baanx is not just delivering cutting edge services to bank customers, bringing together Cryptocurrency & Fiat Banking in one easy to use place. Baanx turns Bank ownership on its head, instead of 2 years and $15-$20m in funds needed to start a Cryptobank, qualified entities can start their Cryptobank on Baanx. Its easy to setup, no staff are required, all back office is managed - they just need to worry about promoting it and growing it in a market expected to grow to huge levels in the coming years. 



Decentralisation & Values 
We are "Open Source, Open Access & Open Ownership". At we are far more than 1 Cryptobank owned by 1 person. Decentralisation isn't just a word for us; qualified entities can create Cryptobanks in days, not years and don't need $15m+ to get a Bank License, but share ours! 

Mobile Cryptobank Platform 
Mobile Platform brings Crypto to daily use. Crypto & Fiat accounts link a virtual payment card for Apple & Android Mobile Pay. Customer Crypto & Fiat Accounts insured for non-fault loss like Traditional Banks. One click "Price Lock" to lock in current Crypto price. 2019 Savings, Loans & Investment functions. 

Branded Cryptobank Network 
Branded Cryptobank startups from well known, trusted brand names drive customer networks to daily Cryptocurrency use. Fast Network scaleability with Baanx Platform at its heart. BXX Token Holders receive up to 20% of Network Transaction revenues across all Brands as weekly BXX bonus. Network attracts millions of customers fast. 

Cryptocurrency Use Explosion 
With up to $10 trillion per annum predicted for Cryptobanks in the coming decade is in a great position to scale fast, with decentralised ownership sharing this revenue amongst many. Cryptobank brands share licenses, started within days not years. Known brands create customer trust and explosion in Baanx Cryptobank use. 

Cutting Edge Services rolling out phased services 2018 onward. Crypto Exchange, Crypto & Fiat Mobile Payment Services, Insured Fiat & Crypto Account Wallet, Loans, Savings, Credit Cards, Investments, Business Banking and with Open Source Development of Financial Services Applications there will be Financial Apps for every need. 

Cryptobank Network Funding 
We are more than just 1 Cryptobank. Baanx offers Cryptobank startups the funding for their customers, as well as bank license sharing. Easy and cost-effective to start a Cryptobank brand and develop fast with no initial staff. When grow large then can use own funding and separate away, though BXX Token Holders retain an interest for Network Transaction revenues. 

BXX Revenue Bonus 
BXX token is vital in the ecosystem and expect high demand on secondary markets from all Cryptobank brands and customers too. BXX Token Holders get revenue from all Cryptobank brand customers. BXX bonus example = €10,000 bought Pre-Sale = 133,333 BXX (15% share of transaction revenue). €5m weekly net transaction revenue = €1m for BXX / 1.25billion = €106.67 per week and €5,546.65 per year payable in BXX as a bonus. 

ICO Pre-Sale Details 

Register to participate! : Pre-Sale starts on the 8th April 2018 at 1pm UTC 
Symbol : BXX 
Quantity : 8% Tokens available at Pre-Sale, 100 million BAANX Coin 

How to participate : Join the Baanx Revolution and Remove the Traditional Bank Monopoly Forever by Building the World's Largest Decentralised Ownership Cryptobank Network. Shared Ownership is the Key to Fairness and Trust, Join our Community and Change the Future Now. 

PRIVATE SALE, 100M BXX - $1.3m Sold Now. Early Bird Discounts available at $50,000, $250,000, $500,000 & $1m 

PRE-SALE - Join for Whitelisting Above, Receive 100BXX Bonus for Signing Up for the Whitelist, Payable at the end of the Crowdsale. 

There is a 0.2ETH minimum level and no maximum in the Pre-Sale, you are purchasing at a 25% discount to the ICO price 

Pre-Sale - 1 BAANX = €0.075 / $0.093 at the Pre-Sale 
ICO - 1 BAANX = €0.1 / $0.125 at the ICO 

Meet Core Team 


You can find out more about the platform or participate in their crowd sales through the following links: 

Bitcointalk username: Aray80

Wednesday, October 17, 2018

ZAMZAM - Accelerating the Transition Process from Traditional Monetary Systems to Digital Economy

Welcome my friends to the exciting new Project today and let's see their great idea:

The connects to the most significant traditional forex trading systems through a good valuable program working with the FIX protocol, the international normal for exchanging data between members of exchange positions on a specific period. The connects to most crypto exchanges through the open origin Wrapper API, which was first developed and organized by the efficient ZAMZAM team and this allows users to properly automate the very receipt of all requests from the exchange servers. The module is normally able to hook up to the major networks by mingling with them through a single software and protecting maximal efficiency, reliability, and flexibility,ZAMZAM.

Why does the world need blockchain banks?
Zamzam mission is to speed up the process of the transition from a traditional monetary system to a fully digital economy in order for banks and financial institutions all over the world to become open, fair and efficient through the implementation of blockchain and decentralized systems.

Transparency of all operations in blockchain. Real-time publication of the Zamzam bank’s detailed financial activities. Open results of bank audit. You have never worked with such an open banking system!

Reduce costs by circumventing the chain of intermediaries and abandoning obsolete methods of managing financial organizations.

Provide users with a choice between centralized and decentralized assets storage. Future is for hybrid systems, which give freedom of choice.

The module works with Equipment Learning with the following tasks:

Analysis of end-user applications,ZAMZAM
Monitoring of a good place of cryptocurrency and forex exchanges, linked by API

The analyzes all end user wants and selects the most rewarding networks for undertaking revenue operations with the minimum selling price for the user. We will publish a different Roadmap on how to work with Equipment Learning. is a great intelligent money change system that gives the utmost favorable trade rate without any divide. ZAMZAM is certainly creating a bright future, where the people can gain access to savings services very quickly, securely and without any intermediaries,ZAMZAM.

Zamzam Features

Cryptocurrency wallet, as it should be
Stop wasting your attention on dozens of financial applications with severely limited functionalities. The zam.wallet erases the boundaries between traditional money and cryptocurrencies while remaining more efficient than the market by 2-3 times.

Effortless financial management for your business!
Doing business has never been so easy, intuitive & automated. While developing the zam.merchant, we took into account the needs of thousands of businessmеn from all over the world.

Fast financial blockchain based on Stellar fork
We are creating an independent blockchain bank with the lowest commissions for the end user. This technology is formed on the basis of our financial system to make the Zamzam products decentralized.

ZAM Token
The ZAM Token is an internal currency of the Zamzam blockchain bank, which is used for payment of commissions for money transfers, purchases of Zamzam bank products, etc.

The ZAM Token is a standard Stellar utility token.
The tokens are issued in the originally stated volume, additional release of tokens is not provided.
The tokens are intended for paying platform fees and it is possible to convert them into AEDZ stablecoins or fiat currencies.
  • The ZAM Token is not a share of the company, the token holder does not obtain the rights for taking part in company’s management or receive part of the profit (dividends) from the company’s activities.
  • The ZAM Token can be sold or bought at the exchanges where it is listed.
  • The price of the token can change both ways, owing to various economic reasons.
  • The company guarantees provision of an equal volume of services for ZAM Tokens, regardless of the current level of ZAM Token prices/rates.
  • At the same time, if the price of ZAM Tokens grows, the company plans to increase the volume of services provided for a separate token or for its parts (using the opportunities given by the decimal nature of ZAM Tokens).
  • The development plan of the company assumes the necessary measures for the development of the project and the platform. These measures are directed at the expansion of the range of platform users, expansion of the spectrum of the platform services and improving the service quality provided by the platform. As a result of the above-mentioned actions it is planned to increase the project users’ interest in the services provided by the platform, and, respectively, lead to increased demand for ZAM Tokens.
  • A number of events and actions is envisaged to provide stable demand for ZAM Tokens. However, the company is not going to undertake any measures which can be regarded as manipulation of the ZAM token price.
ICO conditions
General terms
  • Blockchain platform: Stellar
  • Token type: Stellar utility token
  • Token supply: 8,500,000,000 ZAM
  • Token nominal value: $0,02
Token distribution

Token Sale conditions
The total amount of ZAM tokens for sale:
  • 65% of emission | 5,525,000,000 ZAM | $110,500,000 at nominal value
  • Soft cap: $11,100,000
  • Hard cap: $55,400,000
  • Accepted cryptocurrencies: ETH, BTC, XLM
Sales stages distribution
  • Private Sale of 35% of the token supply with a 35% bonus: 2,975,000,000 ZAM
  • PreSale of 10% of the token supply with a 25% bonus: 850,000,000 ZAM
  • CrowdSale of 20% of the token supply with a 5-20% bonus: 17,000,000 ZAM Tokens will be distributed proportionally to the sum contributed by investors during the ICO.
Token Sale dates and bonuses
Private Sale dates: Jun 22 - Dec 3
Bonus for Private Sale participants: 35%
PreSale dates: Oct 22 – Nov 5
Bonus for PreSale participants: 25%
Token Sale dates: Nov 5 – Dec 3

Bonus for Token Sale participants:
  • 1 week Bonus 20%
  • 2 week Bonus 15%
  • 3 week Bonus 10%
  • 4 week Bonus 5%
How to take part in the ICO
Everyone who wants to help with creation and development of the Zamzam ecosystem can do it using one of the following options:
  • Log into the Investor’s Personal Account after registration on the website;
  • Send a request by email to;
  • Participants’ requests are checked during Private Sale;
  • Participants whose requests are approved can pay the corresponding amount in cryptocurrencies;
  • Participants can request information on payments in fiat currencies after having sent a request email to;
  • Participants will pay for ZAM tokens according to the price specified in the account at the time of payment.
The advent of crypto assets and introduction of blockchain radically changes the landscape of the World Bank industry. Nevertheless, many vestiges of the past remained on the conventional market. Сryptomarket and the traditional financial system are still poorly interconnected.

Relying on the latest technological developments (blockchain Stellar, digital intelligence, machine learning), the Zamzam blockchain bank is ready to help with the solution of market problems.

The company has created convenient and legal solutions for managing crypto assets both for individuals and for companies. Introduction of these solutions is capable to create new quality of conditions for integration of crypto economics and traditional financial sector. Zamzam also reduces the exchange fees concerning fiat currencies and cryptocurrencies when carrying out the international money transfers.

Zamzam renders a number of banking accommodations on the principles of Islamic banking that strengthens the company’s positions in a number of countries with Islamic populations and corresponds to the principles of a sharing economy.

The company satisfies the request for increased corporate social responsibility with the creation of the Zamzam fund and transparency by means of blockchain technology.

To find out more. You can connect more with Zamzam at the link below:

Bitcointalk username: Aray80

Tuesday, October 16, 2018

THE V-ID - Ending All Document Fraud

Hello everyone, in this new post I want to introduce the V-ID project, and for more details, let's just go to the following discussion:

V-ID validation services use blockchain technology to end all document fraud. Our client base, with customers like Airbus Space & Defense, operates in a variety of fields, including education, medical, research and technology.

Problems And Solutions
The problem One of the weaknesses of the digitization of society is the difficulty in combating fraud with digital files.
V-ID solution is a service that uses blockchain technology to make fraud with digital files impossible. V-ID users can be divided into two groups: maker and recipient. After the author registers the file on V-ID, the recipient can verify the authenticity of this file. The V-ID validation process guarantees that the person registering the file truly represents the organization that issued the file. V-ID does not store validated file copies of files and is therefore easy according to GDPR guidelines.

The importance of V-ID validation services
So the importance of V-ID validation services for companies to avoid inconvenience and security especially if the company is still a beginner, it is very important that there is a secure communication tool. With that V-envisioning the future as an API supplier to seamlessly integrate blockchain validation services into in other systems or platforms. In this way V-ID will turn into a market leader in file fraud protection, as well as SSL for a secure internet connection.

Therefore, a combination of blockchain-based V-ID platforms and notary practices is ideal. This makes new service forms possible, which means that, for example, authentication can also be done in locations that are more accessible without sacrificing reliability. After all, De Kok has personally identified this party before he validates the document on the blockchain. "This is an old notary's control in a new way."

V-ID will function as an original payment system for validation and sales events allow you to buy V-ID tokens with a significant bonus. Furthermore, we can guarantee a list of exchanges through our partnership with Alterdax.

Goals that will be prioritized in the following sectors, because a large number of digital files are created every day that are exposed to the real risk of fraud. Government, Education, Transportation, Health, Accounting, Financial Services, Heavy Industries, Factories, Jurisdictions and Legal Professions, Recruitment, Notaries, Law Enforcement, Defense.

Watch this video...!

  • Token: VIDT
  • Price of 1 VIDT: 0.20 USD
  • Platform: Ethereum
  • Receive ETH
  • Soft stamp: 1,000,000 USD
  • Hard cap: 8,000,000 USD
  • Country: Netherlands
  • KYC Whitelist / KYC & Whitelist
  • Restricted areas USA, Canada, China, North Korea, Venezuela, Cayman, Somalia
Token Distribution


To find out more. You can connect more with The V-ID. at the link below:

Bitcointalk username: Aray80

TXT - Opportunities for Musicians to Produce Their Own Songs

Hello everyone, in this new post I would like to introduce the TXT project, and for more details, let's just go to the following discussion:

Trex token is a new platform, that will be built using the Ethereum blockchain. The focus of the developers is one near to their heart. It is a project dedicated to musicians and attempts to solve a major problem for emerging artists.

Through Trex Token, musicians will have the opportunity of producing their own songs and listeners will enjoy and hear new content from any device they own Trex Token will provide the user with the possibility of using the platform in a number of ways from, free streaming, to requests for donations, payments and the insertion of advertising sponsors.

It differentiates itself from other music streaming platforms by assisting to finance music and video artists and gifting tokens to its users, from music/ video enthusiasts to those for commercial activities).

When an artist creates a new single or musical album, he must invest his time to create that piece from an original idea through to the product. They finance it with their own money, contact a record label in the hope that they are interested in the song, investing and publishing it to get the most sales. This all takes many months before outcomes can be achieved .

Often however, this does not happen, as the artist does not have the necessary funds to create a music video, because he does not have the right contacts, and because the record label (given the huge amount of songs they receive) rarely invests their time and effort into the song. An artist can often find they have spent substancial time and funds without gains or revenue.

Trex Token, due to the Ethereum blockchain, finally wants to resolve these problems that hinder emerging artists within the world of music. Trex Token will provide opportunities for the advertiser to easily reach their audience, thus avoiding intermediaries who only increase the advertising cost. We will give them the choice to choose the amount to invest in each individual advertising. In addition, advertisers will get data to measure the results of their marketing campaign.

Trex Token has resolved problems for the artist by permitting them to upload their songs without any need for a record label. The artist can receive donations in TXT tokens which can be converted to cash or it can help sponsor the development of their own piece of music. Artists can also get revenues from advertising generated by their piece of music and by reselling their own songs. This will be enhanced by the social network created on the Trex Token platform and the loyalty of fans.

Funds via the Trex Token’s token $ TXT will be credited to the artist wallet immediately and they will be able to withdraw or convert as they see fit. Artists need no longer wait several months before a record label sends various reports, they can check the progress in real time directly within his Ethereum Wallet.

Through Trex Token, the advertiser will also have greater clarity on costs and will not have to pay additional intermediaries. They can create their own advertising campaign through a special advertising tool within the Trex Token platform, choosing the appropriate target.

Once a target is selected, the advertiser can choose the amount (in $ TXT he wants to invest for each advertising session. The higher the bid, the more visibility the advertising will have. Finally the advertiser will not have to pay astronomical figures, as Trex Token completely eliminates the intermediaries and allows the advertiser to decide the budget they wish to spend for individual Trex Token accepts within their platform, all songs, that are not plagiarism, but the result of the originality and work of an artist, without thereby harming the work of other artists.


Token Distribution

PUBLIC SALE - 70% of the TXT tokens will go on sale. This sale will permit the development of the application and the expansion of our project. All the Tokens not sold in the Public Sale will be BURNED to guarantee the stability and maintenance of the value of our currency.

RESERVE FUND – 15% The reserve fund is necessary to guarantee “longterm” survival of the project and will be blocked for a period of 18 months. Later it will be unlocked (if necessary) in 10% monthly batches to refinance new features.

TEAM – 10% We have allocated 20% of the TXT Tokens to the Owner Founder and the Team. This fund will be blocked for a period of 6 months, at the end of the 6 months the TXT tokens will be unlocked in batches of about 2-3% per month.

ADVISOR – 3% In order to guarantee the success of our crowdfunding, we have reserved a 7% fund for our advisors and related costs. 

BOUNTY – 2% The Bounty Program is born from the need to create a strong and sustainable community. In this case, all users who bring added value to Trex Token will be rewarded with TXT tokens. 

  • Smart Contract: 0x4b44f450bc3bFB60DC1a0690cBA028e1193CaE4f
  • Symbol: TXT
  • Decimalol: 8
  • Max supply: 10,000,000,000
  • Accepted payment: ETH
Token Link:
Term of token sale:
30 days with the possibility of an automatic early completion in pursuing the final goals of ICO

  • All unsold and unallocated tokens will bе destroyed and additional release оf tokens will not be possible
  • CEO & Dev wallets will be lock 1 year.
  • Advisors wallets will be lock 3 months.
  • August 2018: Preparing ICO (Whitepaper, website)
  • October 2018: List TXT on some exchanges
  • December 2018: Release TXT Site
  • March 2019: Release TXT on iOS
  • April 2019: Intergrated wallet on iOS
  • July 2019: Release Android app
  • November 2019: Release version 1.0 (user can use VTXT to purchase songs)

You can find out more about the platform or participate in their crowd sales through the following links:

Bitcointalk username: Aray80

MUZIKA - Revolutionary Economy Coins

Hello everyone, in this new post I want to introduce the Muzika project, and for more details, let's just go to the following discussion:

Introducing Muzika

Muzika is adjusting to topple the debilitating authenticity of the present propelled music publicize. From start to culminate, we will transmute the automated music industry and re-portray the employment of the market players included, checking clients and entertainers. The Muzika Coin (MZK) will fill in as the sole medium for all the trades and exchanges fundamental inside the incipient natural framework, beginning an adjustment in the context in the propelled music industry.

Watch this video...!

Muzika is a progressive penny economy that will reshape the global digital watch industry. From some sides, Muzika has revolutionized the tracking business by using a proper and impartial digital music ecosystem that would:
  1. Removing meaningless intermediaries,
  2. Empowering musicians and consumers,
  3. Distributed power distribution, and
  4. Restore currency stability of distribution among market participants.
Muzika keeps the promise of the future, where compensation for music creation is proportional to effort and dedication to the creative process.

Features of Muzika network:

Self-sustaining, Muzika platform will be complete and all the needed activities needed for a music platform will be available. Like comments, brainstorming, feedbacks, and others.

A market for musical mechanize and service
Patrons and sponsorships, any user can sponsor artist that they support as a reward for their sponsorship they will be given some benefits on the platform that exclusively for sponsors.

Musical contest programs, Muzika knows some talent may be hidden in the platform some auditions for the musical contest might be held in the platform

Live streaming for events like concerts
Streaming music


Muzika will create an autonomous, self-sustaining ecosystem driven by artists and their fans in tandem, where compensations and rewards will become proportional to the level of devotion put into musical creations and ecosystem behind them.

Smart contract will allow digital musical products to be transferred directly from artists to fans, ensuring fairer and more transparent economic distribution.

Fans will be rewarded with loyalty points for their various community activities, which will be regularly converted into MZK coins - the sole medium of exchange for all economic activities in the ecosystem.

Fans will have opportunities to make direct sponsorship to their favorite artists, supporting them and receiving exclusive benefits in return.

  • Total number of tokens: 1,000,000,000
  • % for sale: 20.5 %
  • Total number of tokens for sale: 205,000,000
  • Hard-cap: 20,000 ETH

Key functionalities which will be the focal point in Muzika platform :

Community support for artists by building groups for creative brainstorming, crowd-funding, exchange of feedback etc.

Provide community members with marketplaces for streaming, sheet music, instruments, and more.

Sponsorship Opportunities for fans to support their favorite artists and in return enjoy benefits like exclusive & sponsor-only products, services, and opportunities to be involved in the creative process of a musical product.

Community programs and events like auditions, contests, live-streaming events.

You can test how in the real environment, fans community activities (for example, like & share) will be rewarded with loyalty points and converted into MZK coins. Test here >>

The official global launch of the Muzika ecosystem is expected to be ready by Q2 2019.


To find more relevant details from the MUZIKA project, please follow a number of sources for the following references:

Bitcointalk username: Aray80

LUCRE - Exclusive Automatic Trading & Signal Service For Cryptocurrency System

Hello everyone, If you are interested in joining the LUCRE project, it is a good idea to read reviews that can help you get information that might help you in seeing their vision and mission, the following:

Algorithmic trading 
Platform on a BLOCKCHAIN Network.
LUCRE is an exclusive automated trading system & signal service for Cryptocurrencies, created to outperform the strategy of just holding Cryptocurrencies. It is developed by a team with 8 years of algorithmic trading experience. Holding a Cryptocurrency hasn’t been the best way to increase your wealth lately. LUCRE algorithm was build on a philosophy - Don’t HODL; Trade! allowing trading both ways long and short. The great appeal of this project is the ability to generate revenues in all market conditions, buying and selling at every perceived opportunity. Even when the market is going south the algorithm attempts to make profit by shorting it.

Lucre Trading Algo will be running on a Metatrader trading platform. Token sale participants will get an LCR token which will track the performance of the Algo. The price will be updated regularly to accurately reflect the value of the underlying Crypto assets being traded by the Algo. A participant can trade on the exchanges which will list the LCR token.

LCR token will only be sold during the pre sale and Token sale main event. No further tokens will be minted post Token sale event.

Receive buy/sell/close alerts of high-quality and exclusive trading signals with +75% of accuracy to trade it yourself on any broker or exchange.

Fully automated system compatible with all Crypto exchanges and Forex CFD brokers to connect LUCRE with your account without need to move your funds.

LCR tokens deposited in the pool will be managed by LUCRE algorithm and trading team.

Powered by Blockchain Technology

Participant applies for the LUCRE Token and gets whitelisted (KYC/AML). After receiving the confirmation of been whitelisted the participant then sends the funds (ETH) to the public address of the Token sale event. After receiving the funds, LUCRE smart contract automatically sends the LCR Tokens to the sender’s wallet. Part of these funds are sent to the company reserve fund wallet; At the end of the Token sale event, 40% of the received funds in ETH are liquidated and transferred to the LUCRE Derivatives Trading account where trades are executed by the LUCRE Algo. The trading account is also linked to a third party system where the performance of the Algo is verifiable 24X7.

For every trade executed by the LUCRE Algo, a signal will be sent out to every participant who has contributed more than 1ETH during the Token sale. These signals can be used on Metatrader terminals offered by CFD crypto brokers and in the future will be available for crypto exchanges as well.

Daily performance calculations will take place and posted on the LUCRE dashboard.

A breakthrough trading algorithm has already been developed which is being tested and refined 
More than 8 years of experience building Algorithmic trading robots 
100% hand-free Autotrading system that eliminates the psychological effect to manual trading
Exclusive for Token sale participants! Recurrent profits simply holding tokens without adding extra funds

  • Total Token supply: 12 500 000 LCR
  • Available for Purchase: 10 000 000 LCR
  • Token Type: ERC20, Ethereum Blockchain
  • Minimum Raise: $1 600 000
  • Maximum Raise: $7 000 000
  • 80% of the tokens allocated to the participants (10 000 000 LCR)
  • 14% for developers and company reserve (1 750 000 LCR)
  • 3% for rewarding advisors (375 000 LCR)
  • 3% is used on Bounty program and marketing (375 000 LCR)
  • Token Pre Sale Period: 15th Oct 2018 (30 days)
  • Token Main Sale Period: 14th Nov 2018 (4 weeks)
A substantial portion of the funds, 40%, will be dedicated to servicing on the development team and the creation of platforms

Another 40% will be contributed in the Trading Pool to provide profits to the Token sale participants

15% is for capex
3% will be spent on marketing aimed at attracting new users to the platform, creating a community interested in the token and the service
Remaining 2% for legal and compliance fees

ICO Fund Distribution and Token Allocation


Our Roadmap
  • AUG 2010: Proprietary FX Trading company was created
  • SEP 2011: First trading Algo was created for major FX pairs
  • JAN 2014: FX trading opened for clients
  • NOV 2017: Initial Research and Development for Cryptocurrencies
  • APR 2018: Develop Smart Contract 
  • MAY-JUL 2018: Finalize Smart Contract and develop dashboard
  • AUG 28TH 2018: Whitelisting participants; Bounty Program launch;
  • OCT 15TH 2018: Token Presale
  • NOV 14TH 2018: LCR Token Sale Event Launch
  • Q2 2019: Public Launch on Exchanges
  • Q2 2019: Final improvement of trading Algo
  • Q4 2019: Launch Autotrading Service (Beta)
  • Q1 2020: Final version release
To find more relevant details from the LUCRE project, please follow a number of sources for the following references:

Bitcointalk username: Aray80

Monday, October 15, 2018

MIX.RENT - Decentralized Car Rental and Sharing Service

Hello everyone, If you are interested in joining the Mix.Rent project, it is a good idea to read reviews that can help you get information that might help you in seeing their vision and mission, the following:

About Mix.Rent
Mix.Rent is a decentralized rent-a-car and sharing service. Through the use of blockchain technology and smart contracts, the platform will provide its customers with the largest and most convenient base of all modes of transport, which is updated on a real-time basis. The decentralized platform model provides direct cooperation with a large number of renters and vehicle owners around the world

What is Mix.Rent?
Blockchain technology and utility tokens are two key components that will transform Mix.Rent into a transparent and reliable platform to rent any type of vehicles in different countries.

How Mix.Rent is different

Customer focus is our priority
Our main value is making the platform user-friendly. Mix.Rent helps users quickly select the location, the type of vehicle and configure the necessary parameters. In addition, our service will show the rating of the owner's company, which is formed on the basis of feedback from previous orders.

Unique offers from owners
Renters are given exclusive offers from owners, i.e. unique, stylish cars and motorcycles with their own unique personalities; customized yachts; trailers and RVs that can take you to different events and countries; and rare models of helicopters. Such offers cannot be found with ordinary rental companies.

Advantageous offers
Mix.Rent saves both time and money for its customers. The platform provides the opportunity to get a discount for long-term rentals. Moreover, due to the full transparency of the platform and chance to compare all offers, our prices are 25% cheaper than those of large rental companies.

Easy to list
Mix.Rent breaks down all barriers that complicate renting as never before. When you create a vehicle profile, the platform shows the average market prices and the expected monthly revenue from your vehicle. This is the first time the market analysis and the preliminary estimation of earnings has been carried out so quickly and conveniently.

Listing and creating a profile for your company is available for a small fee. The owner needs just to fill out a few fields and upload photos to get their first customers and start earning. In addition, owners have the option to promote their vehicles on our system in order to get more orders.

How The Mix.Rent Platform work

To date, Mix.Rent as a vehicle rental platform unites owners and renters, helping to rent vehicles and saving time and money. See how it works:

The platform offers vehicle owners the following options:
  • Quick and easy listing
  • Calculation of the expected profit
  • Renting out most profitable vehicles
  • Building the company's reputation and brand
  • Helping to drum up business quickly and easily
  • Assessing risks for each customer
To date, the service is available both with desktop and mobile versions. In the near future, the platform will have iOS-based and Android-based mobile applications. Every day the platform lists new vehicles, applications and bookings.

"Cars" Search

In the future, we will add mobile iOS-based and Android-based applications, a web service for widgets on tourist and partner websites, and an API.

Cars rental market

The U.S. car rental market is the most advanced car rental market today. According to our analysis, the American market is estimated at 28 billion USD. The market growth rate is 16% per year. The Russian market, in turn, has the highest growth rate of any country (CAGR), and is growing annually by 30% on average. The current size of the Russian market has risen beyond 170 million dollars. The Canadian market has a volume of more than 4 billion dollars and is growing at a rate of more than 5% per year.

How we will increase the value of the token:
  • Limited release of tokens
  • Using tokens to pay for the Platform’s Services
  • Payment of vehicle rental
  • Loyalty Payment with tokens
  • Tokens will be released as a bonus for using the service, for participating in contests, for writing reviews, for bringing in new customers and for promoting the platform
Official website to sell tokens:
The private sale of MIX Token starts June 30, 2018 at 10:00 Eastern Standard Time and ends July 30, 2018 at 10:00 Eastern Standard Time.
The pre-ICO begins July 30, 2018, at 10:00 EST and ends August 30, 2018 at 10:00 EST. The ICO begins August 30, 2018, at 10:00 EST and ends September 30 at 10:00 EST, or until the amount of contributions received reaches $30 million, provided that Mix.Rent can extend the date of closure, at its discretion, not more than twice, with each prolongation lasting 50 days. If on the specified closing day or the last time Mix.Rent extends the closing date (depending on the current circumstances), if the project does not receive a total amount of at least $1 million, the company shall return the deposits to the investors.

Bonus tokens distributed in accordance with the day of investment, are to work as follows:
  • June 30, 2018 to July 30, 2018:
  • 1 mix = $0.40, 1 mix = 0.00057 ETH + 25% Bonus
  • July 30, 2018 to August 30, 2018:
  • 1 mix = $0.50, 1 mix = 0.00071 ETH + 15% Bonus
  • August 30, 2018 to September 30, 2018:
  • 1 mix = $0.60, 1 mix = 0.00085 ETH + 10% Bonus
Distribution of Tokens

Use of assets

  • Private Placement To 25% Bonuses
  • Pre-ICO To 15% Bonuses
  • ICO To 10% Bonuses
Main team members

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Sunday, October 14, 2018

W12 - Collecting Funds Through Sales of Tokens without Initial Fees

Hello everyone, If you are interested in joining the W12 project, it is a good idea to read reviews that can help you get information that might help you in seeing their vision and mission, as follows:

About W12
W12 is a platform for the development and phased implementation of smart contracts related to obtaining cash guarantees at ICO, crowdfunding and charity. Kopek is allocated a smart contract to the team after successfully completing the next stage of the road map.

The main idea of ​​this project and that is why he was personally interested in me. The fact that about 6 billion dollars collected by ICO-projects in the previous year entered the pockets of criminals. 96% bursts intentionally or technologically or generally do not go now on the road map, for reasons there is no reason - grandmother is accepted and spent. And that is very painful for investors who have trusted this ICO. And this problem does not only concern the ICO. A similar situation is observed in crowdfunding, and in charity. And the amount is only room.

So, what is w12.
This is not a blockchain, exchange or next market or other fashionable words for project ideas. He only distributes funds to those who will attract them as a task. As payment of salary, or payment for certain jobs, and rightly so. At present, the situation in the ICO area is similar to the situation when you bring the car to the repair shop to repair it, pay for everything, and remove the nut screw (it makes more sense to pay when you work). So W12 functions as an administrator, who provides finance for the work done, or for "material" as needed.

Each payment is in accordance with the KPI, which the project is obliged to make the next stage. If there is a difference from the roadmap, the depositor has the opportunity to decide whether to allocate the next investment in the project or return the remaining funds back to the depositor.

One of the few problems is that the price of tokens without shame falls when entering the exchange. And all of this is because too many tokens are divided for services that are responsible for development, gifts, advisors, airstrips, etc. In addition, the separation process itself is not well regulated. This is how dumps occur and prices of tokens fall. And as a result, depositors lose their money. In many cases, over time, prices go up and are much higher than the original, but this happens less and less.

In W12, the main role will be played by specialists, they will inform clients about the risks they observe in certain financial projects.

Metric token

Name of Token: W12
Smartcontract: Ethereum ERC-20

ICO "W12" Start stage: November 1, 2018
ICO "W12" Stage: December 21, 2016
ICO "W12" Symbol: ETH
ICO "W12" Platform: Ethereum ERC20
Hard cap: 30,000 ETH
Price: 1 W12 = 0,00035 ETH


You can find out more about the platform or participate in their crowd sales through the following links:

Bitcointalk user name: Aray80

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